Summary: Castiel protects Dean.

Rating: PG-13
Genre: General

Warnings: None
Characters: Dean Winchester and Castiel (mention of John, Mary and Sam)
Spoilers: Season 01 Episode 01

Disclaimer: I do not these characters neither do I know the actors portraying them.

Author's note: The second instalment of this series.

Chapters: 1

Words: 572

Begun at: 09 December 2008

Ended at: 10 December 2008

Status: Complete

Castiel felt as if his soul was torn away from him and knew young Dean Winchester was in trouble. He immediately went to earth not caring to hide his true form behind the veil he usually did.

His true form would be overwhelming sometimes even deadly to a mortal but since Dean was a guardian he would be able to look at him without anything happening to him.

Dean was in agony and Castiel could feel the pain as it was his own. Once he was in Dean's bedroom he quickly found Dean, who was on the bed, clearly in pain but not making a sound. A demon stood over him, his arms stretched in front of him trying to rip the soul out of Dean's body.

Castiel didn't waste a second and quickly advanced on the demon. The demon almost had Dean's soul, there was only one thing he could do, "Dean, will you allow me to take your soul?" He knew the boy didn't quite understand what it meant but all he needed was a confirmation. Dean's nod was confirmation enough. The soul immediately went to it's new owner; Castiel.

Castiel turned back to the demon, who looked ready to strike him, trying to get the soul back. Castiel released his energy, glowing brightly

The demon's smug look disappeared from his face as he felt his skin starting to burn away.

Castiel wanted to smile for now it was the demon that was screaming in agony but didn't. When he couldn't hear the screams anymore he called his energy back, after making sure the demon was indeed dead he turned back to Dean, who was laying unmoving on the bed. He kneeled down and gently caressed the child's face giving the soul back. Although the soul was still his he wanted Dean to have it back so he could grow up to become the man he's meant to be.

"Are you all right?" his true voice floated through the room making it sound as if it was coming from everywhere.

The boy opened his eyes, his soul was still visible in them, then nodded, never taking his eyes of the beautiful being in front of him. "Who are you?" he asked amazed.

"I'm an angel," Castiel replied, slightly impressed by the boy's courage.

"O" was all the boy had to say to that.

"Dean, you have to listen carefully," Castiel began, he had been so focused on saving Dean's soul he hadn't heard the cry of his other charges and Mary Winchester was in trouble. Knowing he was too late to save Mary he could send Dean on his right path. "You have to go to your brother's room and take you brother outside. I'll protect you."

Dean nodded, he didn't understand why he needed to take Sammy outside but he felt the need to protect Sammy grow stronger and ran out of his room almost bombing into his father.

"Take your brother outside as fast as you can. Don't look back. Now Dean, go," his father told him handing Sammy to him. As he ran all the way downstairs he felt a presence next to him, he couldn't see anything but he knew he was safe.

Just as he reached outside he felt the fear whelm up, the presence was gone but than his father ran up to him taking both him and his brother into safety. He smiled, it had been his father all along, he realised as his father took Sammy from him and then hugged his boys close. Yes, his father had saved him, hadn't he?

The End

10 December 2008