When I first saw you,

You were like,


A cold, weeping angel,

Standing in the rain.

Axel glared daggers at the unoffending blank wall before him. With a sudden curse and a sharp, angry exhalation, he threw himself backwards onto his bed, staring angrily at the ceiling, desperately wanting to break something. It was at that precise moment that the unfortunate Demyx chose to skippingly enter the room. Les than a minute later, he fled in tears, straight to the most sympathetic shoulder in the entire castle.

"Hey, Dem, what's up?" Marluxia half-rose from his chair when he saw how distraught his friend was.

"Mar-Marluxia, Axel's gone mad." He sobbed, flinging his arms around the startled pinkette's neck and burying his face in his shoulder.

"What did he do this time?" Marluxia sighed, sinking back down onto the arm of the chair.

"He-he just started yelling at me and throwing his chakrams around. I just asked if he wanted some ice cream a-and he got all mad." Marluxia raised a slender pink eyebrow.

"Did he say anything about why precisely he was angry?" he enquired, feeling a very small amount of sympathy for the distressed Demyx. He never could quite bring himself to care about anything particularly, especially where the pesky blonde and irritating redhead were involved. Probably because he wasn't supposed to actually feel anything. But this sounded interesting, and Marluxia was bored. Demyx shook his head, calming down now that he was outside the radius of Axel's wrath.

"He just started swearing and yelling something like 'No, you –beep-beep-beep-beep- I don't want any of that –beep-beep-beep-'s –beep-ing ice cream!'" Marluxia smiled at the mulleted blonde's censoring. He only did it when quoting someone. Marluxia wasn't even sure he realised he was doing it. He patted Demyx's head absently, noting in passing the blonde's shy smile and sudden hug, before he pulled away to skip out of the room, back to his normal, exuberant self.

"Thanks, Marley! Love you!" he called, glancing over his shoulder. Despite the fact that Demyx said that to most people, a faint blush coloured Marluxia's cheeks. Then he fell to pondering the dilemma of Axel and Roxas' latest argument. He sighed and decided it might be more comfortable in the long run to find out what was happening now, rather than waiting for a spontaneous fireball to singe his eyebrows off again. He was rather protective of his eyebrows since the last one. Sure, this was assuming he wasn't burnt to a crisp now, but Marluxia had an insatiable curiosity. He sighed again, already regretting getting involved, even if he hadn't yet. In the long run… He quickly opened a portal of darkness and stepped through into Axel's room. Luckily at that point, Axel was facing the opposite wall so he didn't notice Marluxia's abrupt appearance. Marluxia stepped closer on silent feet, feeling a small surge of sympathy and concern when he saw that Axel's shoulders were shaking uncontrollably. He slowly stepped around the bed and sat down beside Axel, who didn't look up, even when the mattress sank slightly as the skinny pinkette joined him, tentatively sliding his arm around the redhead's shoulders. He didn't say anything, waiting instead for Axel to speak when he was ready. He realised that crying was, obviously, a way of expressing emotion, and he'd always thought he was the only who realised that Xemnas was lying to keep them from focusing on anything other than Kingdom Hearts. He felt a small smile creep across his face at the thought that he wasn't alone in feeling emotions, whether real or shadows, but quickly suppressed it, feeling now was probably not the time to be caught grinning. He heard Axel whispering something, and strained to hear what it was, only to find him repeating,

"Why? Roxas, dammit, why?" over and over again, or words to that effect.

"Did you have another fight?" Marluxia asked softly, half-turning to face his friend, letting his head drop to the side so he could see Axel's tearstained face. Axel sniffed and gave a short bark of bitter laughter. He wiped his eyes roughly with the back of his gloved hand and replied,

"I suppose you could say that."

"What happened? You want me to talk to him for you?" Marluxia offered, not liking seeing one of his friends so distressed. Well, except Demyx, who was always either weeping or laughing. Axel chuckled again.

"You'll have to find your other then, won't you?"

"What?" Marluxia stared, uncomprehending. Axel sighed and raised his head to meet Marluxia's eyes.

"He's gone." He said simply. Marluxia blinked, shocked into silence for a moment before leaning over and wrapping his arms around Axel's skinny body.

"Oh, Axel." He sighed sadly, feeling the redhead begin to cry again. He gently stroked his friend's spiky red hair, feeling a sudden ache inside him, as though someone close to him had died. Or how he imagined it would feel if someone close to him died. But then, he supposed, someone had.

Please don't leave me,

My weeping angel,

Your cries break my heart,

Do not let these tears fall,

It is wrong,

Angels shouldn't cry.