Summary: One should really stop staring at his nemesis, calling him handsome won't help either.

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He's handsome

Those dark reflective eyes glancing deeply inside his own clear ones with so much intention, some could mistake it for passion.

He's so dastardly handsome

Those strands of silky black falling straight in front of his eyes whenever he runs after a target, mostly himself whenever he pulled a prank and caused to enrage the black-haired boy. He was so easily angered, -and it made him seem so gorgeous-

He's so damned handsome

Dreamily, he glanced at his nemesis and pondered over these interesting facts. He noticed faintly that the object of his attention frowned slightly and wrapped his arms tighter around his naked waist.

"What' you staring at, dobe?"

"Nothing, teme!"

"Then go back to sleep!" Nuzzling closer and squinting his eyes closed, Sasuke returned his journey to the dreamscapes.

Naruto smiled in contentment, his hands getting tangled in Sasuke's satin-like hair and his lips coming closer to kiss him softly on top of his head.

He was just so handsome

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