Falling and drowning,

You said you would be there for me,

You said you would save me,

Pieces of my life go missing,

As they have disappered too,

You have gone and taken them with you.

Though my body lies limb,

Each reaction detached from conscience,

It still made sense,

For me to love you,

Like an incredulous fool,

Thinking, considering,

That I would be good enough for you,

The more you gave,

The more out of balance we became,

How is it I endend up,

Being caught in a losing battle?

My love for you wound more entwined,

Each day with my life,

Wrapped together so tightly,

Till you became the reason I would die,

Also,the reason I would survive,

You made me see the world,

With completely, re-awakened, resurrected eyes,

You gave me hope,

When I couldn't see the light.

My heart it beats,

As the aches soar through my veins,

Merely exsisting,

Ceasing to live,

You are outside my reach.

My human make-up,

So weak,

So fragile,

Maybe, afterall I was ill-equipped,

To deal with being,

the same as you.

It is said opposites attract,

But how can they be when they are attacked?

If one is easily abstractly distracted?

I know for definite now,

It never made sense for you,

To love,


A helpless,



The epitome of me.