Here is a story I've been sitting on ever since I first watched DBZ, and that was back when it was first shown on Cartoon Network. Man, that was a long time ago. And now that I've gotten myself into a DBZ mood again, I decided to sit down and write out this story. I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter 1

The Z Gang could sense what was approaching Earth, but only those who have been on Namek could tell how it was. They were positive that it was Frieza. They all stopped what they were doing and began to gather for the fight ahead. Even Bulma decided to follow them, wishing to see Frieza, since she didn't get to see him on Namek. The group watched as Frieza's ship flew right over them and landed near by, but still out of the range of vision. Because of this, the gang went to get a better look, but also to remain hidden and undetected. Which means, they had to do this the hard way, walking by foot and climbing and scaling cliffs and mountains with the bare hands.

As Frieza and his father, King Cold, were now outside of there space craft, with their forces that they brought with them. Frieza just barely gave a select group of his soldiers their orders as they started to fly off, but they were cut down by someone who came out of nowhere before they could get too far. The one who did this just landed on the ground just a ways from the ship, showing himself to Frieza and the rest of his warriors. It was a young man with light purple hair and blue eyes, who just put his sword back in its sheath, which he had strapped to his back. The young man knew who he was standing in front of, but he didn't seem to be scared of Frieza at all. As a matter of fact, he seemed rather confident. But Frieza and his father were unimpressed with the young man's declaration of destroying him and his father. So, Frieza sent the rest of his soldiers to surround and take out the young man. But the soldier to take the first few shots at the boy proved useless, for the young man deflected every shot as if it were nothing. After that, the young man attacked, with the help of his sword, once again cutting down the rest of Frieza's men. This feet got Frieza's attention.

As the Z Gang were working on getting to a point of a better view of what was going on, they could sense the young man over by Frieza, but they had no idea who it was. They could sense that he was much stronger than Frieza. So, they automatically though of the worst, with Yamcha suggesting that they should go back home.

With some small talk between the young man and Frieza, with the young man telling Frieza he should think better about attacking him, and Frieza not seeming to concerned about the warnings he was getting. That is until the topic of Goku was brought up, and the young man declaring that only one of them will be there waiting for Goku to come back to the Earth, which the young man said that Goku's arrival would be soon. The youth decided to end the small talk by letting Frieza know just who he was messing with. So, the next thing Frieza knew, the young man was transforming into a Super Saiyan, which practically terrified Frieza. Frieza's scared expression quickly changed to that on anger, and attacked the boy in front of him. Once the smoke cleared from Frieza's attack, his scared expression appeared once again when he found the young man untouched. Then just as quickly, the expression of anger returned. Out of anger, Frieza attacked again, this time throwing a much more powerful attack at the young man. But the young man ended up stopping the attack, while skidding back for a little bit when the attack first hit.

The Z Gang just no arrived on a cliff side with a good vantage point to see what is going on. And what they saw surprised them.

The youth decided to give Frieza a third chance to try and hit him with everything that Frieza had, confident that Frieza wouldn't win. With that, Frieza rose into the air, to perform the attack that destroyed so many planets before. Even with the attack coming straight at him, the youth wasn't even frightened one bit. As a matter of fact, the youth actually caught the attack with his bare hands, and at the same time, mocking Frieza. This made Frieza fire another energy attack at the youth out of anger. But it didn't get to far, as it was pulled towards the huge energy ball the youth was no holding, which made it explode. This made Frieza and his father think that he destroyed the boy. But they didn't know is that he was just fine, and standing on a cliff behind them. This gave the youth a chance to charge up an attack of his own, first getting Frieza's attention, once he had it; he fired his attack at them. But Frieza was able to dodge the attack by jumping into the air. This distracted Frieza for a moment, halfway of vowing revenge, he realized that there was something behind him. Turning around he found the youth, with his sword, ready to attack again. With one swipe of his sword, Frieza was cut in half. This surprised King Cold that someone could do this to his son. With even more swipes of the young man's sword, he cut Frieza up into little pieces, making sure that Frieza would never have a chance at coming back again. He also threw in an energy attack for good measure. Now Frieza was nothing but dust. With Frieza gone, the young man turned his sights on King Cold. King Cold's surprise was now turning into anger and rage for what the youth did to his son.

The Z Gang was at a total awe and astonishment at how effortlessly the young man took out Frieza. At the fact that they noticed that the youth was a Super Saiyan, Vegeta took to the air, heading straight for the fight. Piccolo followed after Vegeta, then Krillin, followed by Gohan. Tien and Chiaozu were right behind them. And just as Yamcha was getting ready to follow them, Bulma went and grabbed onto Yamcha, wanting to go with him.

The youth and King Cold made their way back down to the ground, while never taking their eyes off of each other. The first thing that King Cold tried to do was offer the young man his son's position. But the youth denied the offer without a second's hesitation. Of course, King Cold tried to hand out the offer again to the young man. But the young man didn't even answer this time, keeping the same defiant look on his face. This made King Cold assume the answer was still a no. So, King Cold decided to ask if he could see the youth's sword for himself, up close. With a smirk, the young man decided to let King Cold see his sword. The youth threw his sword over to King Cold, still with that smirk plastered on his face. Once King Cold had the sword, he looked at it, saying that he admired the craftsmanship. Then he declared that the young man would have never defeated his son if it weren't for the sword. This statement did not affect the young man at all, the smirk remained. So, King Cold did what he wanted to do with the sword, he attacked the youth with it, thinking he had the upper hand on the young man now that he had the youth's sword. But King Cold was wrong; the youth caught the sword, as if it were nothing. With one energy blast, King Cold was dead, the sword still in the youth's hand. With another energy blast toward King Cold, he was blown into pieces. Then the youth directed his attention to the spacecraft that Frieza and King Cold used to get there. With one final energy blast, the ship was no more. With the ship gone, the youth sheathed his sword, then he noticed the Z Gang in the air, staring in shock at what the youth had just accomplished. With that, the young man let the Super Saiyan transformation go, going back to normal.

"I'm heading off to a place near here to meet Goku. Would you guys like to come?" The youth asked the Z Gang with a friendly smile. The youth seemed happy to see them. The Z Gang were shocked with this invitation.

"How weird, how does he know about my father?" Gohan asked, not really speaking to anymore.

"Come on, it's this way." The youth said, pointing off to his left. "Goku should be arriving there in a couple of hours." This still shocked the Z Gang, but Piccolo was starting to get suspicious of the young man. And Vegeta seemed to be getting angry with the fact that the young man could be a Super Saiyan. "Hey, follow me, I won't bit." The youth said, seeing that the Z Gang was not moving from their spot in the sky. "This way." Then the youth took off in the direction he had indicated earlier.

"Well, I'm going for it. He knows my dad!" Gohan stated.

"Yeah, possibly. But how? We've known Goku his whole life!" Krillin pointed out.

"I'm in, he seems pretty cool to me." Tien said. "Plus he saved us from Frieza. He can't be all that bad. I say we go."

"Well, I don't trust that guy. No way." Yamcha said.

"You don't trust me either." Bulma stated. "I say go."

"Definitely." Vegeta agreed that they should follow the young man. "I've got to find out who he is."

With that said, Gohan was the first to take off after the young man, followed by Piccolo.

"You're all nuts." Krillin said, as the rest of the Z Gang took off following Gohan and Piccolo, Krillin still followed them, despite what he said.

The young man lead them a little ways away from the battle zone. When they all finally landed, the youth noticed that the group was still staring at him like they still didn't quite trust him. So, he cautiously took a capsule container out of his jacket pocket. There was three capsules in the container, taking the one farthest to the right, clicked the button on the top, and threw it out in front of him. With a poof of smoke, what appeared to be a fridge appeared, but Yamcha wasn't to convinced, being on edge, thinking that the youth was up to something.

"How about a cold drink?" The youth offered, trying to lighten the tenseness in the air around them." Goku's not due to arrive for two more hours. It's pretty hot and dry out here."

"Well, I don't see why not." Bulma stated.

"Yeah!" Gohan agreed, as he ran off toward the fridge.

"Wait, Gohan." Krillin said, trying to get Gohan to think about this some more.

"Chill out, Krillin. They're just sodas." Bulma said, as she followed Gohan to the fridge. With Bulma and Gohan enjoying their drinks, Krillin decided to join in. But Vegeta wasn't looking to happy about any of this.

"Have we met? You look so familiar." Bulma asked, standing next to the young man.

"Ah, no, sorry." The youth answered.

"Excuse me mister, but how do you know my dad?" Gohan asked.

"Actually, I haven't met your dad before. I've only just heard about him." The young man replied.

"Then how do you know he's going to arrive at this spot in two hours?" Krillin questioned.

"Well, that's uh…sorry I…I can't say." The youth replied, seeming to be sad that he couldn't tell them anything.

"Why not? I'll tell you. Because you're up to something!" Vegeta accused. "Tell us now tough guy, who are you?!"

"I wish I could. Sorry." The youth replied looking away from Vegeta.

"But you defeated Frieza and that big guy; you were a Super Saiyan weren't you?" Gohan asked.

"Yes…yes I was." The youth answered, sounding a little sad.

"That's a lie!" Vegeta practically yelled. "Look my friend, Kakarot, the one you call Goku, and myself are the only Saiyans left. Kakarot's kid there is half Saiyan. So, if you count him that makes three of us. There is no way that you could have Saiyan blood!" This rant did not faze the youth at all; he just continued to look off into the distance.

"Yeah, but, we saw him. He just defeated Frieza and that huge guy, all by himself." Gohan stated.

"Well, I'm calling him a liar, not a weakling." Vegeta pointed out, clearing up what he said so Gohan would understand better.

"Hey, you got our logo on your jacket." Bulma stated, just now noticing as well as trying to change the subject. "That's my dad's company. Are you of our employees?"

"No, not exactly, just a fan." The young man replied, looking like he really wanted to say something else other than what he did say.

"Oh, I see. Well, tell me your name and I'll recommend you to dad." Bulma said.

"I…uh…can't do that. I'm sorry, I know it's strange." The young man replied, once again staring off in the direction he was before Bulma noticed the logo on his jacket.

"Oh, mystery man." Bulma said, sounding like she might be teasing the young man.

"Is his shoe size a mystery too?" Tien said sarcastically.

"Yeah, why can't I have a secret name? That's not fair." Yamcha said, also being sarcastic. "I bet ya you have a secret spy decoder ring too."

"Knock it off you guys. You're all jealous. This guy just beat Frieza single handedly. So there." Bulma stated, defending the young man.

"Right." Gohan agreed.

As time passed, Tien and Chiaozu ended up by themselves off to the side. The youth sat alone on a rock. Vegeta also sat alone on a rock facing the youth. While Yamcha, Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin were on the other side of the clearing that they were in. Piccolo was the farthest from the group, standing on a rather large rock, almost a small cliff, not even facing the group.

"What are you looking at?!" Vegeta demanded, noticing that the young man was looking over at him.

"Oh…uh…nothing, it's just that I…uh…like your shirt." The young man quickly replied.

"You would." Vegeta said, not at all impressed.

"Hey, Piccolo, do you mind if I ask you about something?" Gohan asked, walking up to Piccolo.

"What's that?" Piccolo said, letting Gohan know he can ask his question.

"Well…uh…when Dende and the other Nameks left to resettle on that new planet, you could've gone with them. I was wondering why you chose to stay here with us, they're your people." Gohan asked.

"Well, I might join them someday. But for now, I feel like my mission is here on Earth. Sometimes connections between people run deeper then where they're from or what color skin they have." Piccolo stated.

"Hey, now check this out. Is it me or do those two kind of look alike?" Bulma asked Krillin.

"Well, now that you mention it. I can kind of see a resemblance. Well, I mean, just in looks. That other guy seems pretty nice. But Vegeta has the personality of a stump." Krillin replied.

"Well, he's a prince." Bulma pointed out.

"So what?" Krillin said, thinking that that didn't matter.

"Princes have to act cool, like the world isn't good enough for them." Bulma stated matter of factly.

"Vegeta seems more agitated than bored, like he's got a bad case of hemorrhoids or something." Krillin pointed out.

"Why do you keep looking over here?" Vegeta demanded, catching the young man looking at him again. "Haven't you ever seen a pink shirt before? If you like it that much you can have it."

"No…no thank you." The youth replied, turning his attention away from Vegeta.

"Then knock it off, kid!" Vegeta warned.

"Maybe Goku met this guy somewhere out in space, Chiaozu. He has been gone awhile." Tien said.

"But, he told Gohan that he hasn't met Goku." Chiaozu pointed out.

"But, how can he know the exact spot that Goku is going to land two hours before he arrives?" Tien asked.

"Maybe he's wrong. Maybe Goku's not coming." Yamcha stated, still not totally trusting the young man.

"Well, the only way to find out is to wait two hours, right?" Bulma said.

"Yeah." Yamcha replied.

"Well, how long has it been?" Bulma questioned.

"One hour." Yamcha answered.

"Well, then just chill out for one more hour!" Bulma yelled.

"Well, you can find another ride home!" Yamcha yelled back.

"FINE!!" Bulma practically screamed.

After some more waiting, and Krillin playing with his empty soda can, the noise agitating Vegeta further, the youth checked his watch.

"Hey…ah…that's it, two hours have passed. Goku should be arriving any second now." The young man said, getting up off the rock he was sitting on and taking a couple of steps forward.

"Really?!" Bulma said excided.

A couple of seconds after Bulma's outburst, the Z Gang could start sensing someone coming. They all could sense it was Goku. Yamcha admitted that the young man might just actually be right. Gohan was really excited to have his dad back home. With an explosion where Goku's ship landed, signaled that Goku was officially back.

"Last one there is a rotten egg!" Krillin declared. With that declaration they all raced off.

"Hey, wait for me!" Bulma yelled out, they guys being faster than her.

"Wow, check it out!" Gohan said, amazed at the crater that his father's ship had made. "What a creater!"

"Yeah, no kidding! Boom, what a landing! I hope he has some airbags in that baby." Krillin agreed.

"Why? To protect the ship from Goku's head?" Yamcha said, joking around.

"Yeah, really." Tien agreed.

As Goku climbed out of the ship, he was surprised to see everyone there waiting for him. "Hey, guys." Was all Goku had to say. With that one little greeting, everyone, except Piccolo, Vegeta, and the young man, started to cheer with their excitement of Goku being back.

"What took you so long, Dad?" Gohan asked with excitement.

"Welcome back to Earth, Goku." Tien greeted.

"Where did you get that outfit?" Vegeta said to no one particular.

"How did you guys know I was coming?" Goku asked, flying out of the crater, still amazed they were there waiting for him.

"This guy told us." Bulma stated, gesturing to the young man. "He's a mystery man. I think he might be a fan of yours."

"He knows all about you, Dad." Gohan added.

"But, how?" Goku asked, looking at the young man Bulma pointed out. This confused everyone.

"He knew the exact time and place of your arrival, Goku." Bulma stated confused, as Goku finally landed at the top of the crater.

"That's impossible! We've never even met." Goku said.

"That's what he said. But, he must have been tracking your ship in outer space." Bulma suggested, making the youth look away from Goku.

"Really?" Goku said, confused. "I dunno, Frieza tried to do that, but I could sense his energy level as he passed me. He sure was in a hurry to beat me home. But, my gosh, what in the world happened here you guys? Who defeated Frieza?" Goku turned his attention to Piccolo. "You, Piccolo?" Then Goku turned his attention to Vegeta. "Or was it you, Vegeta?"

"Neither of us did. It was this guy, he did it with ease." Piccolo answered, looking over at the young man. Goku turned his attention to the young man before him. "He turned into a Super Saiyan and picked him apart."

"What? A Super Saiyan?" Goku repeated, surprised. "I can't believe it. That's outstanding! Can you imagine, a Super Saiyan at his age? Fantastic!"

"Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?" Vegeta asked, getting Goku's attention. "You, your son, and I are the only Saiyans still alive!"

"Well, if he says he's a Super Saiyan, then that's good enough for me." Goku happily said, crossing his arms.

"Oh, honestly, Goku! You take things way to lightly sometimes." Bulma stated.

"No I don't." Goku simply stated. This made the young man smile a little at there antics.

"Goku…" The youth said, gaining Goku's attention. "Could I have a word with you?"

"With me?" Goku simply asked.

"Yes, just the two of us." The youth explained. This statement surprised the others.

"Alright then." Goku agreed, following the youth as he started to walk away from the group.

"Hey! What exactly is this guy trying to say?!" Yamcha yelled out after Goku.

"It's ok guys. I'll be right back." Goku cheerfully said, both him and the young man flying further away from the group, trying to get out of ear shot. Yamcha, Vegeta, and Piccolo did not like this idea one bit, but they had no choice but to go along with it.

The young man chose a spot on the other side of the crater to talk, thinking it was a far enough distance to not be over heard.

"Thanks, man." The youth thanked Goku, as they landed on the other side of the crater.

"Hey, no problem, but shoot, I should be thanking you for beating Frieza. I had a chance to finish him, but I was only fooling myself thinking that he might change." Goku said.

"Not him. He was out of control and you were supposed to stop him. But when he landed and you weren't around, I had to step in. I didn't think you'd make it." The youth explained.

"Yeah, his ship was a lot faster than mine, and he gained two hours on me. I knew he was going to hurt the people here. I was about to make my move, but then you came along." Goku stated.

"And just how were you going to make a move when you were two hours away in space?" The young man asked.

"Well, thanks to a technique I learned I could've been there in seconds." Goku boasted.

"Are you serious?" The youth asked.

"Yeah." Goku nodded. "It's called Instant Transmission."

"You mean time travel?!" The young man asked surprised and some what disbelieving.

"No. You dematerialize and travel as a mass of light. You'd be surprised how much ground you can cover going one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second." Goku explained.

"No kidding? I had no idea you had that ability." The youth said surprised.

"Yeah, the people on Yardrat taught it to me. They weren't very strong, but they knew some amazing techniques. And I think they liked me because I could eat as much as they could." Goku explained.

"Man! What a bummer. If I had known you didn't need my help with Frieza, I could've waited and come to you while you were alone and avoided the risk of meeting all the others." The young man said disappointed.

"The risk?" Goku repeated. "What do you mean?"

"Ok, I don't mind answering that question. But first, let me ask you something. Can you transform into a Super Saiyan at will?" The young man asked, becoming serious again.

"Well, at first I was able to, it happened spontaneously, but now I can control it." Goku answered.

"Alright then, can you show me right now?" The youth asked. The question surprised Goku. "Please, Goku."

"Ok." With that agreement, Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, just as the youth asked him to do. "Are you satisfied?"

"Yes, I am. Man, how awesome. I've forgotten what it feels like looking from the outside in. Of course my sister can become a Super Saiyan too, but she's blond to begin with, so it's just a different color of blond when she transforms." The youth stated.

"So, what's next, friend?" Goku asked, sounding a little more serious than he did before.

"Now we'll both be Super Saiyans." The youth simply stated, transforming into a Super Saiyan himself.

"We're exactly the same." Goku said, surprised.

"Lets find out." The young man simply said, confusing Goku as to what he meant. With split second timing, the youth grabbed his sword out of his sheath and charged at Goku. But the youth stopped his sword just short of hitting Goku in the head. But Goku didn't even flinch. This surprised the young man. "Why didn't you try to avoid it?"

"I searched your feelings. So, I knew you'd stop." Goku explained. This made the youth lower his sword.

"Yes, I see. Well, this time I'm not going to stop. Got it?" The young man stated, preparing to attack Goku with his sword again.

"As you wish." Goku simply answered, raising his right hand, holding up only his pointer finger in front of his face, indicating that he was only going to use his finger, kinda like the youth was only going to be using his sword. With that silent declaration the youth charged at Goku once again. No matter how the young man attacked Goku with his sword, Goku stopped every blow with only his finger. Satisfied, the young man jumped back to where he was standing before he attacked, tossing his sword into the air. After tossing his sword into the air, the young man let go of his Super Saiyan transformation.

"Awesome, everything I've heard is true. You're good…no…you're great!" The young man said, amazed. With that said, Goku to let go of his transformation. The youth then leaned to the left allowing his sword to gracefully fall into its sheath that was on the young man's back. "Man, those same moves turned Frieza into cold cuts."

"Yeah, well, your heart just wasn't in it this time." Goku stated.

"I feel like I can trust you, Goku. I had to know that for sure." The young man explained. "Sorry about all the secrecy, but I really need your word that you won't tell anybody else what I'm about to say."

"Well, I've never had a problem keeping secrets, but sure, you have my word." Goku promised.

"Thank you. My name is Trunks. This is going to sound really strange but I'm not from this time. I traveled here in a Time Machine twenty years from the future." The young man, now known as Trunks, explained.

"Really?" Goku asked, surprised. "Front the future? That's incredible!"

"Yes, Vegeta was right. Only he, yourself, and Gohan have Saiyan blood. And my sister and I get ours from him. He's our father." Trunks explained, looking over at Vegeta.

"WHAT?! You're kidding?!" Goku practically shouted in disbelief. "Wow, you're absolutely sure that Vegeta is your father?!"

"Yes." Trunks nodded. "I'm half Saiyan, half Earthling."

"You're serious!" Goku said, realizing that Trunks was not kidding. "Vegeta's son…my gosh." Goku turned his attention to Vegeta. "Yes…yes…I can see the resemblance. Wow."

"My sister and I will be born two years from now." Trunks continued to explain.

"No kidding?" Goku said, laughing at the irony. "Vegeta is going to be a Dad. Wait, sister?"

"Yes, my sister, Serenity. She's my twin." Trunks answered.

"Amazing, not only is Vegeta going to be a father, but he's going to have twins. That's incredible. Man, would've ever thought…" Goku started to ramble but was cut off by Trunks.

"Goku, I didn't come here to tell you that. I have to talk to you about something." Trunks said, gaining Goku's full attention again. "In three years on the morning of May 12th at 10 am, a horribly destructive duo will show up on an island nine miles southwest of South City. They have dreadful power, even by our standards. They're monsters, Goku. That's the best way I know to describe them. They're monsters! Once this pair surfaces, the Earth and everything you know will be gone for good."

"What's the deal? Are they aliens?" Goku asked.

"No, they're both androids created right here on Earth. Their creator is Dr. Gero. Dr. Gero, the master mind responsible for the old Red Ribbon Army. Do you remember?" Trunks explained.

"Yeah, I defeated them! Are you sure it's the same guy?" Goku asked.

"It's him." Trunks assured.

"Wow, but how?" Goku asked. "He lived?"

"Thanks to you." Trunks pointed out. "Yes, that's one battle you're going to wish you fought to the very end. Look, I'm sorry to say that, Goku. I know you're a good person, but letting Dr. Gero escape was a mistake that will come back to haunt you and everyone you know. He's probably working on those monsters as we speak. I'm still not sure where his laboratory is. If I knew, I'd be paying him a visit instead of you. It's hard to describe these creatures, Goku. They're unlike anyone you've ever faced. Nothing even comes close to rivaling the technology that gave them birth. It's mind boggling how strong they are."

"What's his plan? What's Dr. Gero trying to accomplish with them?" Goku asked.

"No one really knows. The moment they were able to think for themselves, they rebelled. And they've had their own twisted merciless agenda ever since then. There's no rhyme or reason to what they do. They're machines of destruction, man eaters. Their first act after being born was to turn on their own creator, Dr Gero himself." Trunks explained. "These androids are ruthless; they delight in causing pain and chaos. Living on Earth in my time is like living in a nightmare, always running and hiding and looking for a way out."

"Ah, man, gosh. You defeated Frieza in a flash, and yet, from what you're saying, these androids are even stronger than you." Goku summarized.

"They are, for sure. Hunting me, and my sister, down is one of their favorite hobbies. But it's usually two against one. They seem to like to hunt me down the most. There's not much we can do against them but run."

What? But what about all the others?" Goku asked. "I mean, aren't they helping you?"

"They can't. They're dead." Trunks grimly answered. "Three years from now, the Earth's Special Forces will be gone. My sister and I are all that's left. We're doing the best we can. They are all gone. Vegeta, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaozu, Piccolo, they are all going to lose their lives against the androids in a horrible battle. There will only be one survivor. That's my master and best friend, Gohan. He narrowly escapes from that battle, but then thirteen years later, they finally got him. That was four years ago, my time. And, as you already know, Piccolo is gone, so there is no chance to reviving anyone with the Dragon Balls. Making the Time Machine also cost us many precious lives. So many have suffered at the hands of those beasts! Darn them! Man, they're just far too strong!"

"Wait a sec. Hey, Trunks. What happens to me? Do I die in the battle as well? Goku asked.

"Uh-uh. You die before it." Trunks grimly answered. "Not to long from now you are going to catch a new virus that attacks the heart. You are going to die from it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It's a radical virus; you will start hearing about it soon. Not even a Super Saiyan can beat it."

"What a bummer, being killed by a stupid virus." Goku said, disappointed. "What a waist! Darn it! I want to fight those androids! I don't even get to take a crack at them."

"You mean after everything you've heard, you still want to fight them? Aren't you scared of them at all?" Trunks asked.

"Well, sure, a little bit. All challenges are scary at first." Goku answered. "Maybe I can make a difference!"

"A guy like you probably could, you're a true warrior. My mother and Gohan were right about you, Goku. I really can trust you. I'm glad I came." Trunks said, then reached into the other pocket of his jacket. "Here ya go. Take this, man, for your health."

"My health?" Goku asked, looking at what Trunks had in his hand.

"It's an antidote." Trunks explained, giving it to Goku. "There's no cure now for that nasty virus you're going to get, but in my time there is. Take this when you get sick and you'll be fine."

"You're kidding me?! Wow! Awesome! It's purple too. I'll bet its grape flavored." Goku said, happily.

"I shouldn't be doing this, Goku. Because it's going to change history, but some history should change. Things are pretty bad. We're living in fear, with no way out. It's terrible. But you can make a difference, Goku. My mother told me that you could. And now I believe her." Trunks explained.

"Your mother knows me? Am I going to meet her? Or do I already know her now?" Goku asked.

"Now." Trunks simply answered.

"Oh, wow! I know your mom, huh? That's bazaar. Does she live by me or something?" Goku asked, surprised.

"She's standing right there." Trunks answered pointing over towards the group.

"Bulma's your mother!?" Goku asked while laughing. "Wow, Bulma and Vegeta, huh? Unbelievable. I thought Bulma was going to end up marring Yamcha. But, man, Vegeta?"

"They don't stay together long. It's…um…more of a passion kind of thing. You know how stubborn they are. Yamcha and my mother are going to break up. He finds someone else and my mom, she falls in love with my dad. Of course he can never admit that he loves my mother." Trunks explained.

"No shock there. I know them, and man oh man; they're the feistiest two people I know." Goku agreed.

"I don't remember my dad. So, it's really great to get to meet him. He's a cranky guy, but he's impressive." Trunks said, looking over at Vegeta. "I know its bazaar, but they'll find their way to each other pretty soon, but if they get wind of it, it might not happen. Promise you won't tell them, Goku. Or my sister and I might not be born."

"Hey, not a problem." Goku agreed.

"Well, look, I better be off. My mom's worried sick about me. She needs to know that everything went ok." Trunks said.

"Yeah. Please tell her that I send my love. And thanks for this. You're great!" Goku said, indicating he was talking about he medicine that Trunks gave him.

"Hey, you've helped me in a lot of ways. I should be thanking you." Trunks stated.

"Me?" Goku asked, a little confused as to what Trunks meant. "What did I do?"

"Well, I felt alone since Gohan died. He was the last person who understood me, my power. But meeting you has inspired me, Goku. It's been like finding a long lost brother. You take care." Trunks explained.

"You too. You're a brave young man, Trunks. Now that I've met you, I'll be with you in spirit no matter where you go." Goku said, with a smile. "You shouldn't feel alone, Trunks. After all, you still have your sister and Bulma."

"Right, I'll keep that in mind." Trunks said, with a smile. And with a thumbs up, Trunks ran a little ways then flew off, leaving them all behind, his job being done.

Once Goku rejoined the rest of the group they immediately wanted to know what they talked about, but Goku wouldn't tell. So, Piccolo decided he would tell them instead. Goku instantly got worried, so Piccolo insured he wouldn't tell anything that would put the boy in danger. So, Piccolo told them what is to happen, but none of them believed it, until they saw there mystery man in some kind of machine, floated in the sky. The boy gave one last wave to the group below him, then he disappeared, back to his own time. Then the group decided that they would train for the upcoming fight against the Androids. Then they all headed off in there own directions for the next three years. And so, the training began.

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. I think this is the longest chapter I have ever written…16 pages. I dunno if any of the chapters to come will be this long or not, so don't get to use to it.

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