I was hoping to get this out before the semester started, but that didn't happen. But, I guess that happens when you free time gets sucked up by getting ready for college, and then having said college classes getting in the way.

Chapter 6

After a little while longer of flying towards Ginger Town that they felt Krillin coming up behind them.

"Oh, good, I'm glad I found the two of you." Krillin said, once he was in hearing range.

"So glad you could join us." Serenity said, though, coming from her, it sounded like it was bit of teasing.

"We've been sensing all kinds of stuff coming from Ginger Town…" Krillin started to explain, but Serenity cut him off.

"You're not the only ones who have been." Serenity said, stating that they too have been sensing it as well.

"…And we thought the two of you could use some help." Krillin finished his explanation.

"Thanks." Trunks said.

"We were kind of thinking the same thing." Serenity clarified.

"We're not sure what to make of any of this." Trunks admitted.

"Ah…anyone else feel that?" Serenity asked, just as she started to sense something else coming from Ginger Town.

"Yeah, I noticed it too." Trunks confirmed. "Its huge, but I can't figure out who it is."

"Just what is going on?" Serenity said, voicing her thoughts aloud. "Why are we sensing all of this coming from Ginger Town?"

Just then, Krillin started to laugh a bit. "I think its Piccolo!" Krillin said in way of explanation, as he continued to laugh a bit in excitement. "He did it! Yes!" If they weren't flying right at that moment, Krillin would probably be jumping up and down in his excitement.

"Isn't this power too different to be Piccolo?" Serenity asked, thinking that what she was sensing was too different to be coming from Piccolo.

"What did he do?" Trunks asked. "It must have been pretty radical to have changed this much."

"Your exactly right, Trunks." Krillin happily said. "He's united with Kami."

"United?" Serenity repeated, then it hit her what Krillin was referring too. "Oh yeah, that's right."

"You told us about this before." Trunks said, the thought coming to him at the same it did his sister. "You said that Piccolo and Kami were originally one being."

"That's right." Krillin said, encouraging Trunks to continue.

"And if they ever reunited, they would be even stronger than a Super Saiyan." Trunks concluded.

"Yep, that's right!" Krillin said, still happy by the turn of events. "This is the power of a Super Namek!"

"Super Namek…" Trunks said, rather amazed by the concept of it all. "This is just amazing."

"It sure is." Serenity said, just as amazed as her brother was. "He sure has gained a lot a power from the merger."

"Yeah." Trunks agreed.

After that, the trip continued on in silence. They were almost there when something made itself known to them. An explosion, that they could hear and see, and it came from exactly where they were heading. The explosion cased all three of them to stop in mid-air and just stare at the magnitude that it must have been for them to actually be able to see it.

"That blast…just…wow." Serenity said, she just couldn't find the words to say what she wanted.

"Well, looks like the battles started." Trunks mumbled, just amazed by what he was seeing.

"No kidding." Serenity agreed with her brother.

"I just hope Piccolo wasn't on the wrong side of that blast." Krillin commented.

With the display that they had just saw, encouraged them to keep on going. Hoping that Krillin was right, and that was Piccolo, as well as hoping that he was alright. And they still were wondering what was going on. After all, they were still sensing people that they knew coming from Ginger Town, people they knew weren't suppose to be there, or alive for that matter.

"Wait, that's…" Serenity started to say, surprised by what she was sensing again.

"This can't be right…" Krillin said, sounding a bit frustrated.

"I'm sensing Goku again." Trunks said, just as surprised as his sister was.

"Krillin, Goku is still back at Master Roshi's place, right?" Serenity just had to make sure.

"Yeah." Krillin answered. "Gohan even checked, to make sure himself."

Serenity couldn't help but worry after Krillin said that, as her bad feeling continued. No one said anything else as they continued on to Ginger Town. For awhile, the trip continued on in that silence. That is, until Krillin finally decided to ask a question.

"Hey, Trunks, Serenity." Krillin said, getting their attention. "Do either of you have any idea what this thing could be that Piccolo is fighting?"

"Other than the only hint is that it's probably the thing that came out of that run down time machine." Serenity pointed out, she really didn't know what else to tell him.

"Sorry." Trunks answered. "All we found was the egg it hatched from and some skin, it obviously shed at some point. There was no telling what it was or where it came from."

"Other than it used the time machine to come back into the past." Serenity added. "We don't know if it came on its own or not."

"Do you suppose it's possible that it's because of this creature that we have been sensing the power of Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Freeza and his father?" Krillin asked.

"I wouldn't doubt it." Serenity answered.

"Yeah, I think so." Trunks answered, along with his sister.

"I was afraid the two of you were going to say that." Krillin grumbled in frustration. "I hate to admit it, but it would seem that we are probably going to have one heck of a fight on our hands."

"So, how about we not think about it for awhile, then." Serenity said, it was safe to say she was teasing again. Mainly to try and get everyone's minds off of such depressing thoughts.

Though, Serenity really didn't expect the silence that followed. And that silence stayed, until they finally reached where they were going. They had finally reached Ginger Town, only to discover that there was hardly anything left, the place was in ruins. Instead of heading straight for the ground to land, they stayed in the air, to take a good look at what was going on, before they just jumped in on everything.

"Well, I was right, there's Piccolo, and he's merged with Kami." Krillin said, as he looked down below them.

"Forget Piccolo." Serenity said, looking at something different. "Is that what I think it is?" That got Trunks' and Krillin's attention.

"She's right, it's up there." Krillin said, indicating that he saw what Serenity was seeing, and…whatever it was…was standing on what was left of a building.

"I see it." Trunks confirmed, that he, indeed, saw what they were seeing. "Look at it. I think your right; it has to be what came out of that egg shell, and that skin."

"The creature that used the other time machine." Serenity added, not really liking this still. "That's what I was afraid of."

With that said, and the assessment of what is going on, done, they heading down towards the ground. Heading for Piccolo, and landing near him.

"Is he the one that killed everyone in Ginger Town?" Krillin asked, directing his question to Piccolo.

"Yeah, he's the one." Piccolo answered. "Just watch out for his tail. That's how he killed all of them."

"Why is it that I feel Goku's and Tien's power coming from it?" Krillin asked.

"And why have we been sensing the other's coming from here, as well?" Serenity added.

"I'll explain all of it later." Piccolo answered. "We need to destroy this thing first."

"So, you really think you can defeat me?" The creature asked, with a bit of a laugh. "You think it will be that easy? Don't flatter yourself."

"It…spoke." Krillin said, seeming to be rather surprised by that.

"Who ever said it couldn't?" Serenity absently commented, not really expecting an answer.

"I wouldn't worry." Piccolo said, he seemed to have a bit of a smile. "Under the circumstances, with the four of us here, he doesn't stand a chance, and he knows it."

"You're certainly right, that I have no choice but to retreat." The creature said, agreeing with Piccolo's assessment. "For now."

"I'm not letting you escape!" Piccolo said, taking a step forward, seeming as if he were ready to keep fighting. "You can't escape by using the Kamehame-Ha, especially if that's the best you can do."

"Kamehame-Ha?" Krillin repeated, a bit surprised by what Piccolo said. "The only way he can do that, is if he studied under Master Roshi!"

"The Kamehame-Ha isn't the only thing that I know, Krillin." The creature stated. "If I wanted to, I could even use the Spirit Bomb."

"That's impossible." Krillin said, in disbelief. "And how does he know my name?"

"So, tell me, how is your friend Goku doing?" The creature asked, changing the topic, and directing its question to Krillin.

"You'll see soon enough." Was all Krillin gave for an answer.

"You should feel honored; eventually you all will become a part of the perfect being." The creature stated, as if it were a fact. Just after the creature finished saying that, it started to rise up into the sky. "But all of you are just going to have to be patient. After all, I have a prior engagement that I need to take care of first, and it would be rude to keep them waiting." It rose up into the sky, until the sun was practically at its back; make it a bit hard to see it. "But here's a parting gift to tide all of you over until then." The creature laughed a bit, as it got into a rather familiar position, while the sun was at its back, which surprised everyone still on the ground. "Solar Flare!" Those on the ground may have recognized what the attack was going to be, but were still were caught off guard enough to be caught up in the blinding attack of light. And while the four of them were left reeling from the effect of the blinding attack, the creature flew away, escaping. Things went on like this for awhile, being blinded from that attack, trying to see again and bring the world back into focus.

"Damn it…" Serenity said, trying to look around, even though it was a bit fuzzy for awhile.

"He got away." Trunks said, also trying to look around, even though he knew the creature wasn't there anymore because he couldn't sense it there anymore. It didn't take much longer for everything to be in focus again.

"What I would give to have Master Roshi's sunglasses right now." Krillin absently commented, seeming to be reeling from the blinding attack. It would seem he was the only one out of the four to still be feeling the effects of it.

"Hey, Krillin." Piccolo said, a bit of frustration in his voice, as he turned his attention to Krillin. "That was Tien's Solar Flare technique wasn't it?"

"Yeah." Krillin answered, still dealing with the effects of the attack. "It's a great move if you're looking for a quick escape. It isn't all that difficult of a technique either. Goku and I can even use it." This just seemed to frustrate Piccolo even more.

"That coward!" Piccolo practically shouted, before taking to the air. The other three followed him into the air, not long after he took flight. It would seem that Krillin could, once again, see clearly. Once in the air, they really didn't go anywhere once in the air. Just using the higher point of view to look around, hoping that the height would help in their search.

"I don't see him anywhere." Krillin said, as they all continued to look around in the air.

"He's even suppressing his energy. He can even do that!" Piccolo said in frustration. "We need to find him, quickly, or more innocent people will be killed!" As he said that, they all headed back down to the ground. "Damn it. I can't stand it!" Piccolo yelled out in frustration. Though, it would seem that it was more than just simple frustration, as you could start to see his power form around him, making the wind whip around the area. "I got careless! How could I have let him escape? I should've taken care of him when I had the chance."

"Incredible." Serenity mumbled, in amazement of the power she was sensing and seeing from Piccolo.

"He's out of control." Krillin commented, a bit surprised by what he was seeing.

This continued on for a little while longer. The three of them just standing there, watching Piccolo in shocked amazement. While Piccolo ranted and raved in his frustration, his power continuing to lash out in his anger. Then, all of a sudden, Piccolo stopped. His ranting stopped, his power lashing out stopped. Then he looked up into the sky near them. That caused the three of them to look up as well, wondering what Piccolo was looking at.

"Vegeta." Krillin said, surprised to see him there.

"Father." Trunks and Serenity said together, at the same time Krillin spoke.

"Namek!" Vegeta said, as he landed, the tone of voice he was using making it sound like he was giving an order. Which he probably was. "I demand to know what happened here!"

"Fine, I'll tell you." Piccolo answered, as Vegeta walked up closer, to stand in front of Piccolo. "But, let's wait for Tien first." Piccolo then turned around, turning his back to Vegeta and the other three. "He should be here shortly. I'll tell you everything once he gets here."

"Fine, then." Vegeta agreed to those terms. "But, in the meantime, answer me this. How are you, really? Are you really Piccolo? There is no way that the real Piccolo could have such incredible power." Vegeta waited for a moment for Piccolo to answer, but all he got was silence. That seemed to anger Vegeta a bit. "Answer me, now!"

"I'll tell you." Trunks spoke up, from behind Vegeta. That caught Vegeta's attention, as he looked at Trunks over his shoulder. "He needed to get stronger to fight the Androids…"

"So, Piccolo went and merged with Kami." Serenity finished what her brother was saying.

"What?" Vegeta said, he seemed to be a bit surprised by this. "Merged? Piccolo merged with Kami? That's all he did to gain that kind of power?" That last sentence seemed to a bit mumbled, more like it was a thought that he had spoken aloud. And it was after that, that silence reigned for awhile, as they waited for Tien to get there, with Vegeta being lost in his own thoughts as they waited.

"Hey, look. I can see Tien." Krillin announced, once he spotted Tien in the sky, flying in their direction. It didn't take long for Tien to make it over to them, and land right near Krillin. Once Tien landed, Krillin turned to look at Piccolo, who still had his back to all of them. "Um, Piccolo…I mean…What do we call you now?" Krillin seemed a bit flustered as to what to call Piccolo since he and Kami had merged. "Anyway, Tien's here."

"Krillin, just call me Piccolo." Piccolo said, turning back around, so he could look at them all. "I hope you all pay close attention, I'm going to tell you everything once, and this information could make the difference between if we live or die." Piccolo paused, making sure he had their attention before he continued. He was pleased to see that he did. "Vegeta and Tien may not have seen him, but what I have been fighting here in Ginger Town is a creature, that is an Android, and it was created by Dr. Gero's computer."

"What?" Krillin and Tien yelled at the same time, the both of them were rather surprised by this. Heck they all were rather surprised by this revelation.

And the further Piccolo's explanation went, the surprise started to turn into shock. Piccolo told them about the creature searching for the Androids, partially that of Androids 17 and 18, so that it could absorb them, and gain even more power from it. But the major shock came when Piccolo told them the reason why they were sensing everyone in one place; the shock was the fact that a part of the creature having parts of the greatest fighters to grace the Earth, imbedded within the creature.

"Are you serious?" Krillin said in disbelief.

"You're saying that he possess the cells of both myself and Kakarrot?" Vegeta asked, still a bit surprised by all of this, also wanting to make sure he had the facts straight, as well as trying to see if he understood this right.

"That's how it is." Piccolo answered, before getting back down to business. "We have to choices. We can either track down and destroy Cell or find Android 17 and 18, because if we destroy them, then Cell cannot absorb them and reach his final form." Piccolo paused for a moment, looking at everyone there, making sure they took all of that in, before continuing, "I say, we go for Cell, since he'll be easier to find. Whatever we do, we must do it quickly, because there will be no stopping Cell once he's complete!" This revelation seemed to surprise Tien, Krillin, Trunks, and Serenity. Vegeta, on the other hand, seemed to be angered by this.

"Complete?" Serenity questioned, wondering how exactly Cell would do so. "So, that's why he's used the time machine? What I don't quite understand is, is that Android 17 and 18 still exist in our own time."

"Yes, that is the reason he stole Trunks' time machine and traveled here." Piccolo explained. "Where for the last four years he has been living underground, developing into the monster you saw today. So, you see, this Cell will try to find the other Androids at all costs. Uniting with them is the only way he can ever become complete."

"Great, just great." Krillin said, not sounding to enthusiastic about all of this. "Well, once again it's up to us to stop him, isn't it?"

"But, how do we find him now?" Trunks asked, voicing his thoughts aloud.

"Good question." Serenity commented, knowing what her brother was thinking. "Especially now, since Cell knows that Piccolo is stronger than him before he becomes complete. I would think that Cell would try to suppress his energy, so we can't sense him."

"Yeah." Trunks agreed with his sister.

"Well, we better figure something out before he finds those Androids!" Tien said, not liking what the alternative would be if they didn't. "Or we'll be in big trouble!"

"And not just us, Tien." Piccolo said, pointing something else out. "This monster is a danger to every planet in the universe. Remember, Freeza and his father are both apart of Cell now!" Krillin was the only one that seemed to show he was rather terrified by the prospect of that reminder.

"Big deal. A part of me is, too." Vegeta said, sounding as if this wasn't all that pressing to him. "All you seem to have are worthless strategies. I say, let him become complete. If Cell destroys the Androids, he'll save me the trouble! And fighting one battle is much simpler than fighting four. I don't care how powerful he becomes. I'll still beat him."

"Hold on, Vegeta. You shouldn't be taking this so lightly." Piccolo said, not liking what Vegeta was saying. "The Androids alone were more than we could handle. And if Cell absorbs their power, he'll be stronger than all of them combined!"

"Do not question my ability, Namek!" Vegeta yelled, fed up with what Piccolo was suggesting they should do. "Not unless you want to find out how powerful I really am!" Vegeta paused to let what he was saying sink in for Piccolo. "I do not fear this new challenge, rather, like a true warrior, I will rise to meet it!" Vegeta paused again, probably for a bit of dramatic effect this time. "Yes, I am now a Super Saiyan, but I won't stop there. I will ascend past that of a Super Saiyan!" This declaration seemed to surprise Tien, Krillin, Trunks and Serenity.

"Go beyond a Super Saiyan!" Serenity questioned aloud, though she said that rather quietly, mainly because of her aww at the thought of it, as well as the surprise of the concept of it.

"How can he get stronger than a Super Saiyan?" Trunks questioned, also saying it rather quietly, for the same reasons as his sister.

"I'm sure Kakarrot will try to do the same." Vegeta said with confidence, choosing to ignore the quiet mumblings of the future versions of his children. "Don't you think? Now, if any of you would like to take on Cell or the Androids while I'm away, be my guest. I'll be back to finish the job once you fail." With that said, Vegeta took to the sky and left, leaving a rather good size dust cloud in his wake.

"Sometimes he really gets on my nerves." Piccolo said, once the dust settled down. "He's going to try to surpass the Super Saiyan state…is that…is that even possible?"

"I don't know." Serenity answered. "I've never really thought of the concept of it before."

"Hey, Trunks, Serenity." Krillin said, gaining their attention. "Explain this to me again. Tell me what would happen if we went back in time and destroyed the Androids before they woke up?"

"Well, it might help the future of that world, but it wouldn't change anything that's already happened here." Trunks answered.

"So, if that's how this time travel stuff works, then it wouldn't do us any good to destroy the unfinished Cell back at Gero's lab, right?" Krillin said, thinking that this point was useless. "It wouldn't affect the Cell of the future, now, would it?"

"Right, not the Cell from our world." Trunks answered, confirming that Krillin was right in his thinking.

"Even if all of this is true, which I know it is, we should still go and destroy the unfinished Cell that resides here in this time." Serenity suggested, trying to point out that they shouldn't turn a blind eye to something that they thought would be pointless to do, after all, there could still be some good coming from it.

"Right." Trunks agreed with his sister. "At the very least, we should prevent another Cell from ever being born in this world."

"Alright, listen up." Piccolo said, taking charge again. "You three go to Dr. Gero's lab." Piccolo was referring to Trunks, Serenity, and Krillin, when he said that. "If you think it will help. I'll stay here and try to track down Cell."

"Right." Tien said, agreeing with that plan. "I'll give you a hand."

"If, for some reason, you can't find Cell, you should head back to Master Roshi's." Krillin suggested. "I mean, if nothing else, you might be able to find him on the TV news station."

"Yeah." Tien agreed with the suggestion. "Good idea."

"Well then…" Krillin said, turning to look back at Trunks and Serenity.

With that said, the three of them took to the sky, heading back to what was left of Gero's lab. The flight over to the lab started off rather silent, that is, until Trunks couldn't hold his thoughts in anymore, and just had to voice them.

"To be stronger and go beyond a Super Saiyan, I never even considered that to be a possibility." Trunks said, voicing his thoughts.

"You're not the only one, I never considered it either." Serenity said, trying to comfort her brother a bit by stating he wasn't alone in the matter.

"I'm not sure I believe it either." Krillin said, throwing in his two cents on the matter. "But, if it's possible, Vegeta and Goku are just the guys to do it."

Trunks and Serenity didn't say anything to that, but Serenity did notice the look her brother was giving her. Serenity gave a slight nod to her brother; she knew what he was thinking. If it was possible, they were going to achieve it too, right alongside Goku and Vegeta. After that, the rest of the flight to Gero's lab was quiet.

"It's cold!" Krillin mumbled, once they got to what was left of the lab, as the wind was blowing.

"Well Krillin, this lab is located in the mountains, so of course the wind is going to blow and make it cold." Serenity commented, picking on Krillin a bit for complaining on how cold it was.

"Hey, Trunks, Serenity." Krillin said, ignoring what Serenity had just said, and getting back to business. "How do the two of you suggest we go about finding the entrance to the basement under all this rubble?"

"Krillin, I think you better stand back." Trunks vaguely answered. Serenity turned to look at her brother with a smirk on her face; she knew what he was thinking of doing.

"Huh?" Krillin said, looking over at Trunks and Serenity, he was a bit confused by what Trunks meant by that.

Just then, Trunks and Serenity started to take small energy shots at the rubble around them, hoping that would clear the rubble away enough to see an underground entrance. Krillin watched the two take shot after shot for awhile, then he finally got the hint of what they were trying to do, and joined in. And the three of them continued like this for quite awhile, before stopping and taking a look around. As the dust settled, Serenity noticed Trunks heading off in a certain direction. She watched for a moment, before following him. Serenity followed him until he stopped.

"Did you find something?" Serenity asked, coming up behind him.

"Yeah." Trunks answered, letting his sister have a look, as he turned towards Krillin. "Krillin!"

"Huh?" Krillin said, turning towards Trunks, and noticed that Serenity was near him and looking at something. "What is it?" Krillin then started to walk over to the two. "Did the two of you find something?"

"I think this is it." Trunks answered, sounding confident in his assumption.

"I would have to agree." Serenity agreed with her brother. "This is most likely it, the entrance to the basement of Gero's lab."

"Take a look." Trunks offered, once Krillin came up next to them.

"Well, what do ya know." Krillin said, taking a look for himself. "That's it."

"Then, what are we waiting for?" Serenity asked, more than ready to jump down the shaft they had found.

"Yeah, let's check it out." Trunks said, agreeing with his sister.

"Ok." Krillin agreed, as he gained a determined look on his face, preparing himself for whatever they could find down there.

With that said, the three of them headed down the shaft, with Trunks going down first, Serenity right behind him, with Krillin being the last down. As they landed at the bottom, the three of them just stood there for awhile, trying to get use to how dark it was in the basement lab.

"Watch your step, and be careful." Krillin advised, looking over at Trunks and Serenity.

"Right." Trunks and Serenity said at the same time, as the two of them started heading into the rest of the underground lab, Krillin followed behind the two of them.

They continued to walk straight ahead from where they had originally landed. It didn't take too long for them to come across something. A door, a closed door. The three stopped and just stared at it for a moment. That was, until Trunks and Serenity headed for the door, Krillin watched the two for a moment before he followed them. Trunks and Serenity pushed on the door once they got to it, slowly opening it. The first glimpse they got was that it was dark here too. The three of them just stood in the doorway for awhile, as they took in what was around them. Serenity glanced at her brother as he started to follow the wall, looking for something. And she only gave him nothing more than a glance, as she turned back to looking to see what was around them. Serenity closed her eyes for a moment, as the lights came on. She should've figured that was what he was looking for. Serenity looked over at her brother after he had turned the lights on. She couldn't help but notice the look on his face, now that the lights were on. This made her look back to what was in front of her to see what her brother was looking at, and the same look formed on her own face at what she saw. A look of surprise and maybe a bit of disbelief. Serenity barely registered the fact that her brother had walked up to stand next to her, that is, until he spoke once he came to a stop.

"This must be Dr. Gero's master computer." Trunks said, almost softly, as he was still taking in what was before him.

"It would seem so, wouldn't it?" Serenity agreed, taking a glance at her brother, as he stood next to her.

"This thing is the brains behind the Androids and Cell?" Krillin said, in a bit of awe and surprise.

"It would appear so." Serenity answered, not even bothering to look over at Krillin.

"Trunks, Serenity, we should destroy it!" Krillin suggested, getting a bit upset by the idea that a computer was the cause of everything that had happened. "It's responsible for all of this mess!" This caused both Trunks and Serenity to look over at Krillin. Serenity continued to look at Krillin as Trunks started to walk over to something else.

"We should look around first, to see what else we can find, before we destroy it." Serenity advised, still looking at Krillin.

"I…I guess so." Krillin said, a bit thrown off balance by what Serenity said, but quickly recovered, what she said did make sense.

"Come look at this." Trunks said, a bit softly, but Serenity and Krillin still heard him, as they turned their attention to Trunks. "There's something inside of this."

"Did you find something?" Serenity asked of her brother as she started to head over to him, she couldn't really tell what he was standing in front of. The only thing she could tell was that it looked like a big container with some kind of green liquid inside it.

"What is it?" Krillin asked, following after Serenity.

"Is that what I think it is?" Serenity asked, once she was standing next to her brother.

"Yes, I believe it is." Trunks answered. "This has got to be Cell, still in his larval form."

"Or at least, what will become Cell." Serenity clarified.

Krillin on the other hand, seemed to be rather shocked by what both Trunks and Serenity said. It didn't take very long for that shock to change to anger, as what was said sunk in. "That thing is made up of cells from all of the greatest fighters of the world!" Krillin stated, obviously upset. "It has Goku's cells, and even some of mine! Just looking at it disgusts me!"

"Lucky you, right?" Serenity said, teasing Krillin a bit. But, deep down, she would have to agree with Krillin, it was a bit of a disgusting thought. She was just teasing him a bit to try and lighten up the mood.

"I wouldn't say 'lucky'." Krillin said, with a bit of an annoyed look on his face. "I would say it's more along the lines of just plain gross."

"Yeah, I'd have to agree." Trunks said, not taking his eyes off of the tank that held the growing thing that would, eventually, become Cell. "Especially, since we know what this would become."

"Yeah." Serenity agreed with her brother. "Eventually, this thing will outgrow its tank."

"After that, it won't be long before it sheds its skin in some sort of bazaar metamorphosis." Trunks said, continuing the explanation.

"And then, it will continue to grow." Serenity continued.

"Yeah, it will grow into an evil monster." Trunks commented.

"Yeah." Serenity agreed, then continued with what she was going to say before her brother's comment. "Then it will grow to become Cell, and then it will start to suck out the energy of others."

"As he approaches his perfect form." Trunks said, finishing what his sister was saying.

Serenity watched as her brother turned his attention back to the computer after he was done talking. She knew what he was thinking when he did that. "And all because of that computer." Serenity commented.

"Yeah, it's all because of this computer." Trunks agreed with his sister. "Which is programmed to carry out Dr. Gero's master plan."

"Sounds about right to me." Serenity commented.

"Come on, Trunks, Serenity, let's just blast that thing and the lab too." Krillin suggested, getting ready to do just that.

"Not just yet." Serenity said, getting in Krillin's way, so he wouldn't do anything.

"But, why not?" Krillin asked, standing down.

"We haven't finished looking around yet." Serenity answered, not really watching as her brother walked off again.

"Hey, Sis." Trunks called out, to get his sister's attention.

"Yeah?" Serenity answered, looking over at her brother.

"What is it, Trunks?" Krillin asked, also looking over at Trunks.

"I think I found what you were hoping we might find." Trunks answered, speaking more to his sister than to Krillin.

Serenity headed over to where her brother was looking at something that was on a small table, that looked like it was being used like a desk. "Please tell me those are what I think they are." Serenity said, with a bit of hope in her voice, once she got a look at what her brother had found.

"What?" Krillin asked, again, from where he was standing. "What is it?"

"Yes, it is." Trunks answered, still just talking to his sister. "I still can't believe it."

"All of it?" Serenity asked, wanting to make sure he was seeing the same thing she was. "It's all there?"

"Yeah, all of it." Trunks answered. "It's all here!"

"What? What's all there?" Krillin asked, starting to feel like the two were ignoring him. Which was most likely possible, after all, the two of them were the future versions of Bulma's children. "Trunks, Serenity, what is it that you found?"

"Well, it looks like the designs for Android 17." Trunks answered, not taking his eyes off of what was before him.

"Android 17?" Krillin questioned, a bit surprised by the answer he got. "Ya know, that thing scares me. I think it's those eyes of his. There's something about them that's just…creepy."

"Yes, I think this could be our lucky break!" Trunks said in excitement, ignoring what Krillin had said.

"We really should get these over to Mom quickly." Serenity suggested. She was just as excited about this as her brother was.

"Yes." Trunks agreed with his sister. "And from studying these, we might be able to find out what Android 17's weakness is!"

"Yeah." Serenity agreed with what Trunks said, you could hear that bit of hope in her voice again.

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Krillin said, agreeing with what was said, you could tell he was hopeful too. Then Krillin got an idea, as he started to head over to join the two of them at the table-turned-desk, "Hey, are there any more plans over there? Ya know, like maybe Cell's?"

Trunks and Serenity picked up what they had found to see if there was anything else of importance lying underneath it. "Nah, the rest of this stuff…" Trunks began to say.

"…doesn't look like it can be of any use." Serenity finished what her brother was saying, while at the same time, interrupting what he was saying. That caused Trunks to look at his sister, and all he got in return was a slight smirk. "We really should get going." Serenity suggested.

"Yeah, we got what we need." Krillin agreed, as he came up to stand next to Trunks. "What do you say we blow this place to dust?"

Trunks and Serenity turned to look over at Krillin when he said that, a small smile on both of the twin's faces. "Yeah!" Both Trunks and Serenity said at the same time, agreeing with Krillin. And that's exactly what the three of them did, after Trunks rolled up and secured the plans they had found. So, energy blast after energy blast, they proceeded with destroying the underground lab and everything within it. Trunks and Serenity deliberately saved the computer and the tank for last.

"It's payback time!" Trunks yelled out, as he aimed for the computer and the tank, getting ready to destroy it.

"For all the suffering you caused us, and everyone else, in the future!" Serenity yelled out, joining her brother in getting ready to destroy the computer and the tank.

The two of them spared no expense as they shot energy blast after energy blast at the computer. In a weird way, it was probably a way for the two of them to relieve some pent up frustration. After a while of that, the two of them turned directly to the tank and, together, released one final blast, but this one was a bit stronger and bigger than the other blasts they were using to destroy the underground lab. The combined blast completely destroyed the tank and what there was of the Cell within it. Serenity took that moment, as they were done firing off blasts, to take in the destruction of their handiwork, but was only allowed a few moments to do so as Trunks tuned to Krillin.

"Krillin, this place is coming down!" Trunks stated, mostly getting his sister's attention when he said this. "Let's get out of here, quick!"

"Yeah, okay!" Krillin instantly agreed.

"Right." Serenity agreed as well, after taking a look at how things looked directly above them. That's when she agreed her brother was right, the place really was unstable and was falling apart. That's when the thought hit her that maybe they went a bit overboard on destroying the place, but then the thought went away two seconds later, they didn't go overboard, if anything, things weren't destroyed enough.

With everyone in agreement, all three of them ran back to the door that lead into the actual lab, ran back down the bit of tunnel that lead to the lab, and flew back up the tunnel-like-hole they found that lead them there. Doing all of this fast enough to avoid the fire, and the explosions that followed after the fire. Once the three of them flew out of the hole they found, they ended up staying in the air, just in case the explosions tried to reach past the underground lab.

"Oh yeah, that was a blast!" Krillin shouted, rather excited, as the three of them just hung around in the air, looking down at the hole that worked as the entrance to the underground lab.

"Emphasis on blast." Serenity commented, referring to the fact that they blasted the place to pieces. That's when a thought hit her, she looked over to her brother, catching his attention, the two of them shared a smile and nodded. They weren't done yet. "I don't think we destroyed it enough, do you?" Serenity asked Trunks, pretty much making a show of this. She was trying to hint to Krillin what they were up to.

"No, I don't think we did." Trunks agreed. Then the two of them looked over to Krillin, seeing if he got the hint.

Krillin looked at them for a moment or two before it hit him. "And now, for the grand finale!" Krillin announced, charging up a blast. Trunks and Serenity smirked to each other, charging up their own blasts. As one, the three of them threw their energy blasts at the whole that lead down into what was left of Gero's lab. After a couple of seconds of waiting, the rest of the lab exploded, sending much of the excess explosion exploding upwards into a pillar of destruction. And quite the explosion it was, it ended up creating a massive cloud. But, the three of them moved out of the way before they could get caught up in all of that. They stayed for a little while, to insure that there was really nothing left of the lab before they left, on their way to Bulma's to give her the designs they had found.

"Finding the plans for Android 17 was a really lucky break!" Krillin said, with some excitement, not to long after they started to head for Bulma's.

"Yeah!" Trunks and Serenity agreed, as the two flew next to Krillin, with Trunks still holding the designs.

"Krillin." Trunks said, after a moment or two.

"Yeah?" Krillin answered back, showing that Trunks did have his attention.

"I want you to take these plans to our mother." Trunks explained. "I'm sure she'll be able to figure them out."

"Uh, sure." Krillin answered, not too sure why Trunks was asking him to do this. "But, aren't the both of you coming with me?"

"Father…" Was Serenity's quiet reply.

"Yeah." Trunks agreed with his sister. To Serenity, this just confirmed that the two of them were thinking the same thing.

"What does Vegeta have to do with anything?" Krillin asked, still a bit confused.

"Everything." Was Serenity's only answer. So, Trunks went on to explain.

"We're going to find our father and train with him." Trunks explained. "If he really is able to go beyond that of a Super Saiyan, then maybe he can show us how to as well."

"Listen, Trunks, Serenity, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think Vegeta will let the two of you to train with him." Krillin stated, trying to break it to them gently. "He's very…independent." Krillin hesitated there for a moment, trying to find the right word to use.

"Yeah, got that impression already." Serenity mumbled, not really talking to anyone specific.

"Yeah." Trunks agreed with his sister, then turned his attention back to Krillin. "I really don't want to go, and I'm pretty sure Serenity feels the same way."

"Yeah." Serenity agreed, when her brother said that.

"But," Trunks continued, as if his sister didn't say anything. "I think we should, Krillin."

"Exactly." Serenity said, she agreed with what her brother was saying, and knew where he was going with this, because, she felt the same way.

"You see, he's our father, we have to prove to him that we're worthy to fight alongside him." Trunks explained, once again acting like he didn't hear his sister, as he continued to explain his reasoning to Krillin. "And, if we train with him, maybe we can convince him of that."

"And besides, there's the fact that if we train against each other, we should be able to get stronger faster." Serenity said, adding in her two cents. "Even father should know that much."

"There's that too." Trunks agreed.

"Alright." Krillin, reluctantly, agreed with them. "If it's something the both of you really have to do…"

"Yeah, we have to." Serenity said.

"You take care of these, Krillin." Trunks said, as he handed the design plans to Krillin.

"I will." Krillin said, as he took the plans from Trunks.

"Wish us luck?" Trunks asked, as if he wasn't too sure if he should've asked to begin with.

"The both of you will need it." Krillin said, with a look that said they would need more than just luck.

"Yeah." Trunks and Serenity said together, agreeing with Krillin.

With that said, Trunks and Serenity parted ways with Krillin, heading in a different direction. Now it was time to find their father, and convince him that training together was the best way to go about this.

It was quiet between the two of them for quite some time as they flew, on their way to their father. After some time, Serenity finally looked over at her brother, and noticed that he seemed to be lost in thought again. Serenity just watched her brother for a few moments as they flew. And he was diffidently lost in his own thoughts. And knowing her brother, he was probably still dwelling on that one mystery of theirs that they had pretty much figured out already. Serenity mentally sighed before she decided to snap her brother out of his thoughts.

"Stop thinking and dwelling on it so much." Serenity said, effectively snapping Trunks out of his thoughts.

"Thinking and dwelling on what?" Trunks asked, playing innocent.

"You know very well what I'm referring too." Serenity said, in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

"I just can't help thinking about how this timeline could've changed so much from what we know should happen." Trunks said, with a sigh, he knew that his sister was right.

"And?" Serenity said, looking for him to say and admit to something else.

"And, you're right." Trunks admitted. "We should be focusing on what's going on right now. Focusing on defeating Cell, and finding the Androids before Cell does." Trunks paused for a bit before mentioning the next thing on this mind, and Serenity waited, knowing he had more to say. "And training with father to go beyond a Super Saiyan."

"Exactly." Serenity said, once she knew her brother was done speaking. She was happy that her brother realized that there were more important things right now than dwelling on past events.

"And if we gain the power that goes beyond a Super Saiyan, then we'll have the power to save the world of our own time." Trunks commented.

"Yeah." Serenity agreed. She liked the prospects of that idea.

Silence once again descended between the two of them as they continued on their way to where Vegeta is. Which didn't take them to much longer to find him.

When they did find Vegeta, they found him standing near a cliff, just staring out at who knows what. The two landed a good distance from where Vegeta was standing. No need to get him into a bad mood right off the bat. The two of them just stood there watching their father for a few moments before either of them said or did anything.

"Let me go first." Serenity said, breaking the silence.

"Right." Trunks agreed with his sister's request.

With her brother's agreement, Serenity rose into the air, and headed over to her father.

"Don't even bother." Vegeta said, the second Serenity landed right behind him. He didn't even bother to look at her when he said that.

"Bother with what?" Serenity asked, playing innocent.

"You know what I'm talking about, girl!" Vegeta said, not really buying her innocent act.

"Really?" Serenity said, acting surprised, continuing with her innocent act. "Do I really know?"

"Be gone, girl!" Vegeta said, still not looking at her. "You're bothering me!"

Serenity didn't move from her spot though. She didn't say anything to that comment either. Serenity just stood there, looking at her father, for a few or more minutes. It was almost as if she were waiting for him to say something more, or maybe hoping that he would change his mind. Who knows what the real reason was behind her just standing there, maybe there wasn't a real reason for just standing there, but it was clear that nothing more was going to happen anytime soon. Serenity mentally sighed after a few more minutes of standing there, and rose back into the air, making her way back over to her brother.

"Just further proves that mom was right." Serenity mumbled, as she landed next to Trunks, then looked over at her brother. "You're turn. Though, I don't think you will get a different result."

"I can at least try, right?" Trunks said, looking at his sister with a slight smile.

"And try all you like." Serenity commented, walking over to a small bolder to sit on while she waited, as Trunks made his way over to Vegeta.

Serenity just sat there and waited, watching her brother try in his attempt to get through to their father. She didn't bother to try and listen to what the two were saying; she was curtain that her brother's attempt wasn't going to be any different than her attempt was. Though, it did look like the two of them were arguing, even though Vegeta still didn't even bother to look at who he was talking to. So, Serenity decided to just sit there and wait, getting the feeling that it was going to be a long wait.

It was another ten minutes before Trunks gave up and went back over and joint his sister in waiting. He didn't say anything when he came back. What he did do was just sit down on the ground next to the bolder his sister was sitting on. And that's the way things stayed for quite some time. That was, until they got an interruption.

At that moment, Trunks and Serenity sensed someone instantly appearing behind them. The two of them turned around at the same time to see who it was.

"Goku!" Trunks said in surprise.

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