Holiday Photo

A Shino x Hinata Christmas Fanfic

Chapter two

Running the brush, once more through her long, midnight hair. Hinata laid, the ivory handled, brush gentle down on the small table. A small, exasperated, sigh leaving her lips. Looking up she stared into the pale eyes that reflected in the round ornamental gold mirror.

"You can do this Hinata!" She whispered, out loud to the empty bedroom. Her eyes locked on the mirrored lips that mimicked her words. The weight of today already crashing her courage.

"Oh hell…what was I thinking?" She fumed, turning away from her reflection. "This will never wor…."

The sound, of knocking catching her in mid rant. Taking a deep, even breath, then another she brushed her hand, nervously down the sides of her lavender dress. The soft silk, rustling, slightly as she made her way to the door.

Her soft, moonlike eyes catching the glow of twinkling lights that wrapped around her doorway. Blinking warmly, in the cold afternoon air.

Her body froze in the small doorway . Her hand trembling with excitement, as she leaned against the frame of the door, staring up at the man she loved. Tall, like most of the Aburame men, Shino filled the doorway with his silent presence. Captivating and mysterious behind, dark sunglasses and long, forest green coat. His thick, dark hair dusted with wet snow. A few, curled locks falling forward, over his brow, without his hitai-ate to hold it back.

For one brief moment their eyes met, holding one another's. Only the chill of cold air brushing past her cheek waking her from her trance.

"Oh…Shino… come in before you freeze."

With the skill of a trained shinobi. Shino moved silently through the door, shaking the snow from his boots before entering.

Even though the small apartment was alight with holiday decor and the scent of cinnamon. Shino only noticed Hinata. His eyes, following her as she moved, gracefully around the room. Setting out a tray of holiday cookies and steaming hot tea.

"Shino come and drink something warm." Hinata fussed, nervously, pausing when her pale eyes fell on his wet coat.

"Shino you're soaked…let me take your coat…"Her eyes not missing his slight hesitation. "Please Shino… before you catch cold." Taking a step closer, she leaned forward, her delicate hands reaching out. Fingers tugging at his dark tan scarf.

Shino could swear his heart skipped a beat, maybe two, before thrumming loudly against his chest. He wondered if she could hear it. Suddenly concerned she would sense his rushing heart and now vibrating kikaichu. Shino quickly unzipped his coat. Taking a step back, his arm holding it out from his body. He could not risk his emotions slipping further if she touched him again.

However, in his haste their hands met, briefly, as she reached for his coat. That simple touch causing their eyes to lock, together. As if, time itself had suddenly froze, by winter's cold touch . Like the very ground outside.

The sound of commotion, followed quickly, by an even louder pounding on the front door. Breaking the silent spell that had surrounded them.

Opening the door, Hinata was greeted by a very unhappy Kiba. Pushing past her, shaking the snow off his fur lined, leather jacket. The cold, wet drops spraying the walls and floor. Shino could only roll his eyes at his best friends utter lack of manners.

"Alright, Hinata we're here!" Kiba huffed, throwing his jacket on the nearest piece of furniture. His hand pulling at the red tie at the collar of his crisp white shirt.

"Can we just hurry up and get this over with?" His thumb, jerking over his shoulder towards the doorway. "Poor Akamaru is dying of embarrassment!"

As if defying his master's words. Akamaru proudly pounced through the door. A set of reindeer antlers haughtily displayed on his head.

"Traitor!" Kiba growled, under his breath. Ignoring Kiba, Akamaru happily trodded over to Hinata. Head held high an almost human smirk, filling his doggy face. With his wet, cold nose he gave Hinata's hand a gentle nudge' hello'.

"You look very nice Akamaru." Hinata giggled, ruffling his furry ears with her hand. Making the small bells on his antlers jingle softly.

"Hn!" Kiba's golden eyes, narrowing at his furry friend. "I'll remember this later Akamaru." His large hands once more reaching for his stiff, collared shirt and the tie that was annoying him. His hasty, tugging movements sending the scarlet red tie askew.

"Stupid… pain in my ass tie!" His hand jerking the satin fabric once again. Shino rolled his eyes behind his dark lenses once more at his friends behavior. Though In some strange way, he found pleasure in Kiba's obvious torture by the small slip of red fabric. To him it was karma's way of sweet revenge for all those childish bug comments Kiba made to him, over the years.

"Kiba let me help." Hinata smiled, sweetly. Leaning in, her small, porcelain white hands moving around his collar. Smoothing it down, before turning the red tie straight. Her fingers sliding the knot tighter.

"Kami-sama Hinata!… Are you trying to cut off all my oxygen?" Kiba cried out. His clawed fingers, pulling the tie loose once again.

"Kiba…" Hinata frowned, her hands lying flat on his chest. Shino felt that uneasy sensation, stir within him as he watched Hinata take a step closer to Kiba. His kikaichu hissing low, rolling under his pale skin. He knew how unbecoming it was, for him to be jealousy of his best friend. However watching, Hinata's beautiful, delicate hands pressed against Kiba's chest. Her curvaceous and gorgeous body so close to Kiba's. Shino couldn't help the surge of jealousy that flowed within him. How many nights had he dreamed of those same soft, delicate hands pressed against his own chest? Her naked skin so close to his. Her breath warm and inviting against his face.

"Kiba stand still!" Hinata fussed, her fingers once again tightening the knot.

"But…Hinata!" Kiba groaned, trying to pull away. Only to have Hinata swat his hands away.

"You enjoy torturing me don't you Hime?!" Kiba whined, the slits in his golden eyes narrowing. His eyebrows pulled into a sour looking frown.

"Quite acting like a baby…it's not that tight!" Hinata retorted. Shino snorted, slightly, with laughter. Before covering it with a cough. Except for Hinata's close proximity to Kiba body, Shino was truly enjoying Kiba's torture and unhappiness.

"You shut up… bug boy!" Kiba hissed, eyes narrowing further, as he studied Shino's amber and green sweater.

"Okay Hime, now I know you like torturing me! How come stuck- up… bug- butt, over there doesn't have to wear a damn shirt and tie...and I do!" His finger pointing, accusingly at the tall, smirking Aburame. Quickly swatted, his hand Hinata let out a loud 'tsk'.

"Because Kiba…Shino is wearing a turtleneck sweater. " Hinata deadpanned, as if any person on the face of earth would know the answer.

Kiba just blinked at her. Mouth opening and closing yet unable to come up with a reasonable answer without looking, even further more like an imbecile.

Hinata let out an aggravated sigh. "You should know Kiba… as his teammate and friend that Shino can not have something like…" Her voice growing exasperated."…Well like a tie… constricting the tenketsu points, around his neck. Pale eyes narrowed, giving him an annoyed look. Like he had suddenly one the prize as the biggest idiot in all of Konoha.

Shino's eyes widened, for a brief second behind his dark sunglasses. Caught off guard once more by just how well she knew him and the needs of his kikai. Making his heart light knowing this fact.

Kiba's eyes widened then narrowed. Seeing the corner of Shino's lip curl up, with what he could only perceive as amusement, at his expense.

"Bug breath!" Kiba sneered, his fangs showing. Before he could lurch forward and throttle Shino erasing that know-it-all smile, that sat on his smug Aburame face. Hinata gave his tie a sharp tug. Kiba's head jerked downward, shock evident in his eyes.

"Play nice Kiba!" Hinata whispered, warningly. There was no way, she would allow Kiba's ego to ruin this day.

Turning with a smile on her lips. She felt her heart flutter, as she took in the growing smirk of amusement on Shino's lips. How she enjoyed seeing his face. The perfect curve of his mouth and the small cleft in his chin. The only thing she wished, was to see those dark, emerald green eyes. Still hidden behind dark, shaded sunglasses.

Hinata became so lost admiring Shino's facial features. She didn't realize just how long she had been staring at those warm, inviting lips. Not, until she heard Kiba clearing his voice. Blushing brightly as he nudged her with his elbow.

"Come on Hinata…quit daydreaming at Sh…." Her foot, suddenly pressing down on top of Kiba's causing him to sputter.

"Ow!…Damn Hinata what is your problem?!"

"Oops…sorry." Hinata gasped halfheartedly. A mock sorry filling her face.

"Oh whatever…let's just get this damn picture over with. Where is Ino's camera anyways?" Kiba asked, his eyes looking from Hinata to Shino and back again. A sudden realization, flashing in them.

"Oh…" Hinata blushed, brightly. "I'll go get it."


"Alright what's up with you two?" Kiba asked, eyeing the doorway that Hinata had left through, before turning to face Shino.

"I have no idea… what you are referring to Kiba." Brisling, slightly at the catch in his own voice. His mind still caught up in the vision of Hinata. Her angelic beauty, wrapped in a dress of pale lavender silk. The hem of her dress fluttering, softly around her. Brushing against the curve, of her milky, white legs as she moved. The bodice seemed to form a second skin over the perfect curves of her feminine body. Making his blood boil with need. His fingers still, tingling with the desire to brush across her soft, satin like skin.

Kiba's loud voice once again breaking the vision in his mind.

"If I didn't know better Shino… I would swear you two were…"His words trailing off as his smile turned into a sly, knowing smirk. "You can't keep those sunglass covered eyes of yours… off of her. Hinata seems to be just as…"

"Lower your voice… Inuzuka!" Shino's voice intoned, darkly.

"I'm right! You do have a thing for our little Hime." Kiba grinned, wider, letting his fang show.

"Let it go Kiba!" Shino's calm exterior, weakening. Fear growing heavy in his heart, that Hinata would walk in at any moment.

"Fine…fine…whatever. "Kiba smirked, as he watched Shino's lips press into a firm line. "Though if you two did…"

"It would never happen!" Shino replied sharply, cutting his words off, abruptly.

"I wouldn't be so sure bugboy. Hime hasn't looked at that moron Uzumaki, for some time now."

"Hn…that means nothing."

"Well…you two do.. spend a lot of time together." Kiba gave a knowing wink. "Alone," He added, ignoring the frown, growing over the top of Shino's dark glasses.

"Kiba!" Shino hissed, icily, with warning.

"What?" Kiba replied, with mock innocence. "I actually think you two would make a great couple. You are probably the only guy around here… who I actually approve of being with her. Anyone else… but you bug breath and I would have to kick their sorry ass…"

"I got it!" Hinata called out, appearing in the doorway. Her pale eyes traveling from Kiba's obnoxious smirk to Shino's furrowed brows, lips pressed in a firm line.

"Did I miss something?" Hinata asked, confused.

"Well Shino?…" Kiba taunted.

"You didn't miss anything Hinata." Shino cut in, taking a step in front of Kiba. "Where would you like us to stand Hinata?" Shino asked. Dismissing his obnoxious teammate who was grinning widely. Taking the camera's tripod from her arm.

"Oh…ano…the tree. We should stand, in front of the Christmas tree!" Her hand, motioning to the brightly, ornamented tree standing in the corner. Within a few moments Shino had the tripod and camera set up and ready to go.

"Do you want me to set the timer Hinata? Or would you like the honor?"

"Oh, would you please do it.. Shino." She replied softly. That sweet, gentle voice reminding him of a mythical enchantress. Like the one's in the Aburame clan fairytale books. He fondly remembered his mother reading to him, when he was a small child.

"Akamaru! Get your ass over here." Kiba grumbled, moving to stand by Hinata's left side. "You are not getting out of this… if I can't…you can't!" Akamaru didn't need to be told, twice. His tail wagging happily as he moved to sit between Kiba and Hinata. His tail once again, swishing wildly, nearly taking a few ornaments with it, as it moved back and forth with happiness.

"Now Kiba don't forget to smile." Hinata reminded him, as she ran her hands down the side of her skirt, erasing any wrinkles.

"Geesh… Hinata! Like it's not bad enough already… now you want me to smile too?" Kiba grumbled, halfheartedly. Trying to hide, the teasing grin that curled at the corner of his mouth. Only to have it, grow wider as Shino approached.

"I wouldn't worry about me Hime. You should be more worried about bugboy."

"Shino?" Hinata asked, her eyebrow rising.

"Of course Shino…" A devious, smirk now filling his whole tattooed face. "He seems to be having trouble keeping his Aburame shaded eyes forward."

"Huh?" Hinata face growing perplexed.

"Shut it dog-breath!" Shino's teeth, clenching tightly to control his emotions. Right now he would love to just once, not act like an Aburame and shove his fist straight into his friends gut. Instead, he steadied his breathing, moving to stand next to Hinata's other side. Just being near her set his anger, scurrying away.

"Shino… is something wrong?" Hinata's head turned, soft eyes gazing up at him. That simple, shy ,gaze sending his heart pounding.

"I'm fine Hinata." Unable to hold back the small smile that she brought out in him. It was rare for an Aburame to smile in public. It was something saved for family and clan. However, Hinata could bring one to his mouth, with just a simple look. Similar to the way, his own mother could set his father grinning, like a fool within seconds. Just thinking, of his parents happy marriage. Had him once more, wishing he could share that same peaceful joy with Hinata.

The sound of two sharp warning beeps coming from the camera bringing him back to earth and the reality of his dreams never coming true.

"Okay everyone smile!" Hinata muttered, through her smile. The camera gave two more quick warning beeps, the flash flickering with the shutters click.

Akamaru hearing the click, quickly set off towards the scent of Hinata's famous sugar cookies. Which now sat forgotten on a nearby table. His dog like mind not caring what cute holiday shape to choose from. He just gobbled the first one he could reach.

"Alright…I am so done with this damn noose!" Kiba growled, loudly. Tugging off his tie, like it was an anaconda strangling the very life from him.

"Thanks again Kiba." Hinata smiled over at him. A small giggle following as she watched him wrestle with the scarlet tie.

"Yah…well happy birthday and Christmas all in one Hime…" He smirked, his tone coming out like the typical smart-ass he was. He was Kiba and there was no way, he would admit today, in front of his stuffy friend that he still planned on buying something nice for Hinata. How could he not, she was like his unofficial sister and friend. The girl, was just too damn sweet for him not to get her something special. Though he refused to admit, she had him wrapped around her little finger as Hana always teased. Hell, if anyone was wrapped around those tiny, porcelain fingers. It was definitely his buddy Shino.

Looking over, he took in Shino eating one of Hinata's cookies. Even with his dark shades on Kiba couldn't help but see how the Aburame followed the dark, haired Hime as she moved. Nor could he miss the quick, shy glances, Hinata sent to the bug wielder.

How had he ever missed the signs all this time? It was obvious, those two were head-over-heels for each other. Maybe, instead of buying her some silly bobble or trinket from the market, he could figure a way to get his two best friends together.

'They really do make a perfect couple…both quiet types.' Tapping his finger, to his lips, in thought. 'Kami knows… Shino needs someone to help pull that damn stick-out-of-his-ass. Hinata is like the only person I know who can make that uptight bug…relax and even laugh.' Kiba thought to himself. Holding in the chuckle that just screamed to come out.

'Yep I can see those two tying the knot. Hinata would be much happier in the Aburame clan… then she ever was with those damn cold Hyuga. Hee hee….I can even be best man!' As soon as that thought filled his mind, another one struck him with fear. 'They just better not expected me to wear… any stupid… stuffy… monkey suit!'

"Kiba… would you like a Christmas cookie?" Hinata asked, concern on her face. Kiba was not one to stare blankly into space. Well, at least not for as long as he had currently been doing. The self satisfied smirk on his face was actual becoming quite disturbing.

"Oh?" Catching himself and his wandering thoughts. A wide smile still gleaming on his face.

"Thanks Hime… I will take a few for the road since… I…um… need to head home soon." He smirked, giving Shino a knowing look. Only to have Shino return his smirk with a slight scowl.

"Oh.. Hey… Hinata could you be a sweetie and print an extra picture for my mom. I told her that you would." Kiba asked stuffing his pockets with a few cookies.

"Oh okay...but why?" Hinata replied, curiously. Before slipping, Akamaru another sugar cookie.

"Well you see… if you do that. Then I can get out of… any further stupid photo's this holiday that mom and Hana want to take." His voice, heavy with relief. Followed by a content sigh, knowing that he had gotten out of another close situation.

"Akamaru! Quit begging sugar cookies from Hinata-hime. You know, how pissed-off Hana gets when you have too much sugar. Remember last time how obnoxious you were. You're just lucky she didn't skin you alive after you chewed all the shoes in her closet." Kiba scolded, the large nin-kin. Akamaru gave a pitiful whine, nudging Hinata's hand. Eyes giving her his trade mark, sad puppy-dog look.

"Oh Kiba…just one more." Hinata pleaded as Kiba rolled his eyes at his furry friend.

"Hinata, stop spoiling Akamaru…if you want to spoil someone… it should be me." Kiba smirked, leaning over and pressing an innocent kiss to Hinata's cheek. Pulling back, he had to hold in the laughter that threatened to explode from his mouth. Even with dark shades, Kiba could sense the cold glare coming from his best friend.

He knew teasing the Aburame heir was cruel; after all he was his closest friend. Then again he was an Inuzuka. Being obnoxious and playful was in his genetic nature and just maybe, his teasing would help push the stubborn Aburame into finally revealing his feeling for their shy Hime. Kami-sama knows Hinata needed a guy like Shino. With Shino as her husband Kiba would never have to worry about his shy teammate and surrogate little sister. He knew how faithful Aburame men were with their woman. Once married they were devoted for life to their spouse. Hinata would never be left wanting for anything.

Even though Shino could talk like a walking encyclopedia of insect knowledge. Boring beyond belief in Kiba's mind. It was still better then that idiot Uzumaki or his dark and brooding teammate Sasuke. Kiba just prayed that their kids all took after Hinata's great looks and not Shino. Just the thought of mini, scruffy haired Shino's had him snorting with laughter.

As if reading Kiba's mind, Shino's eyebrows drew into a sharp frown, over the top of his dark glasses.

"Let's go Kiba…now!" Shino muttered under his breath. Moving the tattooed shinobi forward, towards the door. Ignoring the grin and persistent knowing looks Kiba kept sending his way. Taking a step back he leaned closer. Muttering under his breath to Shino. "Tell her how you feel dumbass! Before you lose her to someone else."

"Bye Hime!" Kiba called out quickly. As Shino gave him another hard shove out the door. He barely caught himself before falling face first into the snow. The sound of the door closing hard behind him, ringing loudly in his ears.

"I guess Akamaru… we will just have to wait and see if those two can get past their shyness." Kiba smirked, pulling his leather jacket closer. Akamaru giving him a agreeing bark.

"Oh an Akamaru… get rid of those stupid antlers… now! I'm embarrassed to be seen anywhere… around the village with you wearing those dumb things. " Akamaru gave an unhappy whine but shook them loose from his floppy ears. Leaving them behind, on top of the freezing snow. Trotting unhappily behind Kiba as they made their way home.


"Hinata… I will meet you tomorrow for tea at our usual time." Shino stated promptly. His voice coming out in an uncomfortable gruff tone. As he tried to keep his eyes focused, on the task of retrieving his green coat. Hoping to make a hasty retreat.

' How can that stupid Inuzuka act as if…my revealing how I feel to Hinata…was just as simple as watching a spider spin it's web. Kami Kiba is a baka and I am just as stupid to listen to him.' Shino argued, inwardly. Letting Kiba's relentless teasing and goading get the best of him.

"Shino wait!" Hinata cried out. Her loud outburst causing him to drop his coat and whirl around.

"Hinata what is wrong?" Dark, covered, eyes dropping down to watch her wide eyed, stricken face.

"Ano…n…nothing…I…I…oh… s..see.. I…w..was ..w..wondering…"Her small voice, trailing off. As she tapped her long, dainty, fingers together. Pale eyes, staring down at the floor. As if the carpet itself held all the mysteries of the universe, in it's simple weave.

Shino's eyes, widened with deep concern as he watched her poke her fingers together. A habit she had long ago out grown. Concern flickered in his chest, holding his beating heart. It had been years, since he had witnesses Hinata this flustered. Something. very serious, was going through that pretty little head of hers.

His mind raced for just what that something could be. Just what could cause her to revert back, to such a display, of nervous behavior. Not to mention, her stutter. It seemed to have also returned with a vengeance.

"Hinata what's wrong?" Worry filling his voice. Sending, her head, darting up at the tone.

"Ano…I ..I…was just w..wondering if you…I…I.. mean if…w…we could…" She stuttered, as if she was still ten years old.

"Hinata?" Shino called out, concerned. Her breath, catching, at the touch of his strong hands on her shoulders. That simple touch causing her words to come rushing out.

"I want a picture of you and me.. together..just us!" Her hand quickly covering her mouth, shocked at her own voice.

Shino found himself stunned, mind reeling as he tried to comprehend just what was truly going on.

"A picture…us…"All he could manage to get out, as she rushed from his grasp and over to the camera.

"Yes…I…I…can set the timer." Her voice faltering, nervously. Hands trembling, as she furiously fiddled with the camera's timer settings. Still Shino said nothing, Even after she had finished with the timer. He had still not uttered one word. Leaving her standing, near the tree, feeling utterly humiliated and stupid. Heart pounding, wishing she had never said anything.

'Just what the hell had I expected?' She thought ruefully, chastising her stupidity. 'Did I really think that if I convinced Shino into staying? Posing for a holiday photo… just the two of us…alone…. He would instantly understand… that I am head-over-heels, crazy in love with him. That I day dream… constantly of his fingers, heating my skin… in places no other man has.' Hinata closed her eyes, tightly. Feeling the heat rise to her cheeks with embarrassment. Growing ever warmer by the minute.

'Sure Shino is a genius but honestly… how the hell did I every consider that he would figure out my true intentions? He isn't some damn mind reader.' Eyes still closed tightly, she fought the urge to slam her head against the wall a few times.

'This has to be the craziest… most fruitless idea… I have ever come up with, in all of my twenty-two years!' For the first time in her life. Hinata actually wished, she would just pass out and end this horrible mistake of an evening.

"Okay." He replied faintly, causing her dark lashes to flutter open. Pale lavender eyes watching, as he moved to stand in front of the tree with her.

"Okay…"She repeated.

Shino found his heart thumping, loudly against his ribs. As he watched a tender smile grow on her soft, luscious lips. His kikai vibrating under his skin as she moved closer.

'Hinata you can do this! No more shy little Hinata…you're a damn woman now!' She cheered herself on, even as her hands trembled slightly.

Her name caught on his lips as she removed the sunglasses from his face. Something was happening, his mind was ringing with alarm. Yet the sensation of her fingers brushing the skin on his cheeks as she pulled away his glasses overloaded his mind.

Hinata's breathe caught, soft lavender eyes captivated by the sight of his jade colored eyes. Eyes so dark and mysterious they reminded her of a dark forest. Like the pine trees of Konoha, that now stood outside covered with winter's new snowfall. Eyes so deep and soulful they took her breath away, every time she saw them.

"Shino…why do you hide them? "She asked, taking another step closer. "Do you not see how amazingly stunning they are?" Her eyes never leaving his. It was then as he gazed back into her eyes that it finally began to sink in.

No he had to be wrong, yet the facts stared up at him. The truth reflected in those pure eyes. It was love reflecting back at him. Him the odd, strange, Aburame heir of the village.

How long, had he prayed he would see her gazing up, sweetly at him with those perfect lavender moonstone eyes? Eyes that were now filled with unabated love. He found his feet taking a single step closer to her. As his heart fluttered and spun with the weight of what he was doing. Yet fear still held him from moving another step. In the end he didn't need to be concerned, as her small feet moved her closer.

"Hinata…" Her name whispered, so softly, she swore he was saying the name of a Goddess. With a courage like she had never felt before she continued.

"Shino do you believe that there is one person out there in the universe… One who holds the other half of your soul? "Her pale eyes gazed up with an unending love, held gentle within them.

"Yes…"He breathed. Hinata watched as emotions flashed and flickered in those deep emerald eyes. His feet taking the last step. Leaving only a hairsbreath of space between their flushed skin and warm lips.

"Shino… I believe you are my other half." She whispered. Her lips so close they seemed to ghost over his. "Shino I had to tell you before I lost my courage …even if you do not feel the same. Shino I…I.. " He could feel her dainty body, tremble with the fear of rejection and he could not stand the thought of her doubting. Even if he was wrong and this was some illusion, caused by a brain aneurysm in his head. He still reached up, his hand cupping her flushed cheek.

"Hinata… I have always known you where the other half of my soul. For you have held my heart since we were just young genin. I couldn't imagine life without you."

"Oh…Shino!" Her eyes, glittering with unshed tear, tears of true happiness. "I have loved you for so long…I was just too frightened to say. Frightened you would never see me… for more then just your teammate…a friend." Her hands, moving to press against his chest. Trembling fingers, grasping the wool of his sweater, holding on tightly. "I love you Shino!"

"Kami, Hinata you have no idea how long… I have wanted to hear those words, come from your lips." His warm hand, leaving the soft curve of her cheek, twinning in the silky strands of her midnight locks. His head, tilting as he broke the air between them. Lips taking hers in a slow, tender kiss.

His free arm wrapping around the curve of her hip. Hand pressing against the curve of her back, bringing her body closer to his.

Neither noticing the flash of the camera. So lost in the kiss, a kiss that was long overdue.

When her hands slid upward, to wrap around his neck. Shino broke their magical kiss. Causing her long, ebony lashes to flutter open in surprise.

"You know that rare butterfly that enchanted me yesterday?" He asked softly, nuzzling her nose affectionately

"Yes…"She replied, breathlessly.

"That butterfly was you…Hinata." His lips, brushing a feathery, light kiss across her forehead.

" I have watched over that sweet, shy… butterfly for so long. Watching with pride as it grew into a strong kunoichi." His electrifying lips, sensually moving across her flushed cheek. Sending a intense chill, down her spine.

"Then I was amazed… even awed as this breathtaking… embodiment… of feminine perfection. My sweet, innocent, butterfly became the most gifted, medical nin… in all of the fire nation." Her head tilted back, automatically, with the delectable touch of his mouth along the line of her jaw. Her breath caught, shuttering, as his lips continued to move upward. His voice dropping even lower, as he reached the curve of her ear. The tone of each word, darkened with lust and need.

"I was enchanted by your beauty…your gentle kind ways.. and the incredible warmth… of your heart."

His loving words, making her heart flutter. The torrid touch, of his warm ardent lips against hers causing heat to pool between her legs. Amorous passion flowing through her veins.

"However… I feared… if I ever tried to capture you… my little butterfly… I would lose you forever." His sultry, voice continuing to whisper, lovingly, against the curve of her ear.

"So I continued to watch over you. Telling myself, that I was blessed… to just be near you. Leaving the night… as my only time, to hold you within my arms… as I dreamed." His heated, lips ceasing its sensual ministrations to gaze, lovingly into her pale eyes. Eyes as beautiful as the snow outside, glittering in the sunlight.

"Then make you're dreams come true!" She whispered, seductively, fingertips playfully teasing the curled hair at the base of his neck. Her actions causing the corner of Shino's mouth to quirk upwards, at her unusual forwardness. It was as if revealing their hidden love had broken the shy chains that had been holding her over the years. With her chains gone, he also felt his own emotionally controlled and reserved Aburame ways, begin to slip away.

Staring down at her beauty he watched, captivated as she moved closer. Her full breasts pressed against his hard chest straining the buttons of her low cut silk dress. The sensual vision of the tops of those creamy, soft, breasts. Her warm breath, feathering against his lips enticing him like sweet nectar. Sending him over the edge with desired need.

With a fiery passion his lips found hers. Lips soft and yielding under his. As her lips parted their tongues meet. Entwining like lost lovers, savoring one another's unique essence.

With one hand holding her lithe body to his. He let his other hand move, tantalizingly slow, over the sensual curve of her hip. Fingers circling upward, over the chiffon silk and the heat of her skin underneath. Past the dipped curve of her waist, to finally brush against the underside of her breast. The sensation of his exploring touch, causing an inhaled gasp to leave her throat.

Kami how he enjoyed how her body reacted to his smallest touch. His fingers undoing the tiny pearl buttons impatiently, like a present Christmas morning. Eager to feel her satin skin against his rough shinobi hands. He cupped her soft, ample breast in his hand. His calloused thumb brushing across tentatively. It was better then any gift he could have received, as she mewed against his lips. Her nipple puckering like a flowering bud under his touch.

Hinata couldn't help but arch her back. Pushing her aching breast further into his caressing hand. His touch more electrifying then chakra. Leaving her desiring, an even more scintillating touch. Her delicate hands coyly moving past the woolen threads of his sweater to savor the feel of his skin against her palms.

So lost in the feel of her soft, supple, skin under his fingers and the delicious sounds that slipped from her throat. He was caught off guard by the touch of her soft hands as they slid under the edge of his sweater. Her touch like a warm winter fire. Gentle, healing fingers dancing like a flame across the muscles of his back. Before moving slowly, around to slide along the line of his pants. As her fingers dipped into his waistline Shino broke the kiss.

"Hinata wait…" His breath tumbling out, heavily as he attempted to take a step back. Oh how he hated doing this. In fact it was pure torture, leaving her irresistible touch. However. he knew if things continued he would not be able to control himself. His reserved Aburame ways gone forever now when it came to her.

'What if this was to much… too soon?' He thought. He would rather fall upon a kunai then hurt her.

As if reading his mind her hands reached out, fingers holding him from pulling away. A tender, smile appearing on her kiss, swollen lips

"Shino." Dark eyelashes closing halfway over pale lavender eyes. "I have waited long enough. I know what is in my heart… it is you Shino."

"Hinata…"Shino breathed, enthralled. Eyes widening as he looked down at the once innocent, shy Hyuga smiling seductively up at him. Her hands pressing against his chest, feeling his kikai vibrate under her small hands in excitement.

"I want you Shino…all of you." She breathed, softly before pressing her lips against his. Only to gasp into their shared kiss as her feet left the floor.

Finding herself cradled in his arms, she gazed into his dark eyes as he carried her down the small hallway, towards the bedroom. No longer were they the mysterious eyes of an aloof Aburame that she had wished for but the alluring eyes of the man who loved her.

"I love you…"She breathed, eyes dreamy with desire.

His face breaking into a tender smile as he gazed down upon her." …And I love you my butterfly."

Reaching her bedroom door Shino paused. "Hinata my beautiful…" His voice teasing but sincere. "..You know after we pass through this door, you will have to become my wife."

"I wouldn't have it any other way. " She replied without hesitation. Gentle arms wrapping, tightly, around his neck. Her ample breasts pressing seductively against his firm chest. As her silken lips moved against his ear.

" Shino…to be your wife is my, very own… dream come true!"


The End


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Japanese words….



Kami, Kami-sama…God


Hitai-ate…ninja headband


Hinata's b-day…Dec 27

Shino's b-day…Jan 23