The Master Six


My name is Gavin McCallister.

Or, my guts and glory code name is Shooter.

I first invented a blowgun that could shoot little darts at amazing speeds, usually into pokemon to help mine win a fight.  The darts all carried some kind of special liquid in them, like tranquilizers.

Over time I have created handheld guns and automatic machine guns that also shoot the darts.  But I still like using the long, hollow tube I put to my lips and blow, my blowgun.

Right now, my friend Heather is hunting a boy named Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is apparently the person who burned down her town, killing her Aunt Janet.  I don't know what Heather will do to him, but whatever it is, he deserves it.

Right now, I am standing at a counter in the restaurant across the street from the Game Corner waiting for The Master Six's order.

That's my team over there sitting at the booth.  Look at them.  Heather and I gathered them, and we worked them into a fighting team.  Each with their own personality, each with their own motivation.  But together, we are a team, and we've just come from our first battle against Team Rocket.

I watch them to see what they will do, how they will react to their first battle.

Zak, Psycho, has two straws sticking out of his nostrils and another one attached to his hat.  He's trying to impersonate a Seel to make everybody laugh.  The people in the booth behind him scoff a little.

If only they knew.

Rodney, Specks, and Amber Lynn, Velocity, are laughing so much they're falling over.  Which is good, a team that laughs together stays together.  Right?  There is a bond forming between them, and it makes me happy.

But Rodney and Amber Lynn weren't Zak's targets.  No, he knew they would laugh; he wanted to get Lindsey to laugh.


There is a mystery for you.  We don't know how she got her "powers", and at times that scares me.  Of course, we don't now how Zak got Mew, but Lindsey's mystery is a little more important.  But, I'm sure we'll find out someday.  She fought well back there, and that's enough for me.

Zak's connection to Lindsey is a little scary though.  The two of them joined together, which might mean something.  And Zak seems to really care about her.  He was really broken up when he found me in the Game Corner and told me he lost Lindsey.  No jokes, he was worried.  Then, he went mental when he found her about to be operated on in some makeshift laboratory.  There's something between the two of them.

There we go, Lindsey laughed.


"Here's you order," a voice spoke up behind me.

"Thank you," I answered as I gave the lady my money.

I started back to the booth.

Heather would be here soon, and I would have to tell her that we were still a team.

The Master Six were created to find the murderer of Heather's hometown.  That was accomplished.  So then now what do we do?  We stay together, that's what.

We're a team now.

And nothing.

Will break us up.

"Hey Gavin!" Rodney calls to me when I draw near to the booth, "c'mon man.  Sit down and give with the food."

I smile inwardly to myself.


The End