I thought it would be a good idea to write a kind of where are they now piece especially, seeing as how the concept has not been attempted here with a Magnum story….So, this in mind there are some things to know before we get started. First of all, this story takes place five years after the finale episode of Magnum Pi titled "Resolutions part I and 2 which left us with Rick getting married and Magnum finally being reunited with Lilly while deciding to rejoin the navy and leave Robin's nest for good.

Chapter 1

September 5, 1993

The sun shown through the window of his bedroom and kissed him on the cheek as if to say rise and shine sleepy head, time to get up and greet the day. Magnum had been accustomed to waking up this way ever since he and Lilly had moved in five years ago. As he got up out of bed and looked around the room their was an heir about this day that seemed to send the message that nothing but good could come out of the time between light and dark.


At the sound of his daughter's voice, Magnum smiled while meeting her gaze.

"Are you alright?"

It amazed him how quickly Lilly had learned how to speak English but then again she had always been bright and that quality continued to increase day to day. At eleven years old, Lilly Katherine Magnum was turning into a beautiful young lady with the wisdom of the women who had come before her especially her mother.

"I'm fine honey just a little tired. What are you doing up so early?"

"My stomach woke me up."

"Oh really?"


"Okay, let's get some breakfast."

After wrapping a robe around himself to keep warm Magnum took Lilly's hand and the two made their way down the hall towards the kitchen. That was something he would always miss about Hawaii….tropical breezes, ocean spray on his face and of course warm weather.

In the kitchen, Magnum poured Lilly a bowl of cereal and himself a cup of coffee. There was a time when Lilly had loved sitting on her daddy's lap while she ate breakfast but as time went by she had become much more independent but still in need of love and attention.

"Papa. Why did we leave Hawaii?"


"Why did we leave Hawaii?"

This question floored magnum as he tried to contain himself in front of his daughter. This was not the first time Lilly had asked him this but the answer was always the same.


"You always say that papa and it never makes any sense to me. I understand that that's when you decided to rejoin the Navy while becoming a full commander but…"

"But why didn't we stay there where it was warmer instead of where we are?"


Magnum thought about this for a moment. In truth, the only reason he had decided to leave Hawaii was to make some changes in his life while getting a chance to reconnect with Lilly after being away from her for so long. However, how could he explain this to his daughter without bringing up too many memories?


This being said, Magnum shrugged and sipped the rest of his coffee while Lilly could only stare at him from across the table with a look of disbelief covering her face.

(What do you think? This is my first Magnum Pi story so any feedback would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you Wicket forever.)