"C'mon Mom I want a bedtime story!" Erin cried to his stepmother.

Angel smiled and shook her head in defeat and sat next to the boy on his bed, "Alright alright, what do you want to hear?" she asked.

"Tell me a story about the immortal people," he said excitedly.

She nodded and began her tale, "Well at the beginning of time God made Adam and Eve, they were the first of us. Though they weren't really apart physically, they were emotionally and mentally. They were special. God had made it this way so that they would stay in his Garden forever together but not quite. One day a snake came along, he was the first of 'them' to ruin what we are. He went to Eve, innocent and unknowing Eve and took her to the Tree of Knowledge. She knew the fruit was forbidden by her Creator, but the curiosity she had was overwhelming. So she took that fateful bite.

In a rush the knowledge came to her. Everything she wasn't supposed to know. About her Creator, about herself and Adam, and what they were. In haste she went to Adam and made him taste the fruit. After he changed he looked at her and understood.

When God came to them to see them in the bushes He asked them why they were hiding. And quite honestly they replied that they wore no clothing. God knew they had eaten the fruit and was dismayed. As you might have heard God made Adam and Eve mortal beings. In a way He did. When they are close to the other in all ways they would turn mortal, grow old and die. But if they stayed away from each other they would live forever with abilities far beyond mortal comprehension.

You see, God was mad at them for betraying Him and His heart. But He was mostly mad at Himself for His folly. Because He could not turn back He cast Adam and Eve out so they could live imperfect lives however they chose in the world He created.

After a few years separation from the other they came back together so they could love and live long and happy lives. They worked for their food and lodging in life. They had children. And eventually they grew old and died while their descendants carried on the immortality and its curse to later generations," Angel sighed sadly as she look upon Erin's face, "And now me and Hancock are the last of our kind and will be for a very long time."

Erin smiled and understood her pain with a child's mind. He bade her good night and kissed her on the cheek. Angel kissed his forehead as he went to sleep and stood. She turned around to see her husband leaning against the door way with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"That is definitely a new spin on the story," he chuckled.

She smiled warmly and gave him a kiss, "It's the truth, dear, just like what I told you about Rasputin."

He laughed quietly and led her to their bedroom to turn in for the night, still puzzled at the way the world was and the manner of beings in it and beyond it.