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A Word of Caution: This story contains strong language as well as sexually explicit activities. If you feel that you could be offened by either of these, it is best for you to turn around right now.


"Oi, king! You gonna let me out anytime soon?" The grating voice crept through Ichigo's mind as he tried to focus on his homework.

"For the hundredth time, no! There aren't even fights to be fought right now!" Ichigo picked up a book and threw it across the room in frustration, "There aren't even any hollows prowling around to kill!"

"Oh! So touchy today king!" There was an echoic laugh, "If you're really itching for a fight, you can always come in here for a while. I'd be glad to take care of all your needs," Ichigo couldn't shake the feeling that his hollow sounded too amused, "Ya know?

"Shut up, you're nothing but a nuisance; you just want the title of king," Ichigo huffed and bent over his homework, his scowl in place as he tried to focus on the numbers swimming all around the page, "No one's home for once and I have to get this done. I spend too much time not in school; I can't neglect my homework too."

"Hm? Are you still talkin' to me king?" Another ghostly laugh.

"No I'm not!" Ichigo slammed his eyes shut and rubbed his temples. The silence came back quickly and he turned his attention to his homework once more.

The tension was too much though and Ichigo threw all of his homework off the desk. He could feel the inner hollow in his mind, but the strange creature was keeping his mouth shut. Something about the place was too quiet though. No obnoxious father, no stupid shinigami, just him and his inner hollow sitting there in silence. Ichigo heaved a heavy sigh.

"Stop sitting around, I can feel you just focusing on me. It's annoying."

"I'm not doin' nothin' king. I'm just sittin' here in your head, being bored," For once, the voice didn't sound like it was mocking him, "I get bored when the old man is away."

"Zangetsu is gone? Where the hell is he? I thought you weren't allowed to leave my head!" Ichigo grabbed his head as if trying to prevent the other occupant from escaping.

"Stop that, you look stupid! He can leave, I can't," He lowered his voice to a whisper, "Or really, I can't leave you at any rate."

"What?" Ichigo furrowed his brow a little.

"Oh nothing to worry your pretty head over king. And no, I don't know where the old man is! I don't keep tabs on him," The echoic voice waited a second before addressing the teen again, "You sure you ain't got time for little ole' me? You're agitated, I'm agitated, you should come on in here and we can…waste some excess energy!" The voice laughed gleefully, "No one has to know king!"

"Fine," It really didn't take Ichigo long to make up his mind. He'd come to terms with his hollow a while ago and while they still bickered and fought sometimes, the white duplicate was no longer trying to take control seriously.

Ichigo heard a noise that sounded a bit like a cry of victory from his hollow, but it quickly disappeared and the voice faded entirely. Ichigo couldn't help but roll his eyes before he laid back on his bed and closed them; he'd learned a while ago that it was safest to be lying down when he went into the mindscape.

"Kings here! King, king, king!" Ichigo opened his eyes and looked around. The ebony clone was running around the sideways buildings, his pure white Zangetsu in his hand. Ichigo couldn't help but smile out of the corner of his mouth. The only thing that ever changed here was the sky, which was now heavily darkened by the clouds which threatened them by snapping a flash of lightening every once and a while; the by-product of his built up energy and frustration.

"Alright, let's do this!" He growled ferociously, swinging his zanpaktō down from his back and bringing another flash of light across the sky. There was a cackling that seemed to resonate all around him and then Ichigo found the wind being knocked out of him.

Something large and fast had collided with his back and before he realized it, Ichigo was kneeling on the ground, his hands holding him off the ground. Both of them were now empty.

The sky darkened considerably and Ichigo spun around, rising to his feet as quickly as he could. He turned just in time to see the hollow throwing the twin Zangetsus to one side, their opposite wrappings around each other.

"The hell? Why'd ya do that you stupid hollow?" A little frown passed over the ridiculously pale face, almost as if the hollow was disappointed.

"We don't need swords king," The albino suddenly dove at his unsuspecting victim, his hands outstretched, "I want to kill you with my bare hands this time!" The manic grin was now set in place.

Ichigo barely had time to get his hands out in front of him before their hands were locked together. They were each pushing against the other until finally; they sprung backwards, sliding on the glass windows.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" As if in response, the hollow dove at him, one hand shaped like a spear head, the other spread out, "You really are out of your fucking mind!" He dodged the hands just barely, the other's blunt nails scraping the side of his face, leaving a little jagged cut.

"Ha ha! King, you're slipping!" Ichigo wheeled around and dove for his duplicate. The white eyes widened as Ichigo's fist collided with the other's cheek. Ichigo couldn't help but smile; that shut the fucker up for once. His fists continued to make contact with the hollow until, after a few seconds, the white hands came up and held Ichigo's fists about two inches from the inversely colored eyes, "You really think that hurts me? You are a fool! You think too much!" With a sharp tug of his hands, the hollow pulled Ichigo to him and slammed their foreheads together painfully before planting a firm kiss on the other's lips.

"What the hell!" It only took Ichigo a moment to recover his senses, reeling backwards and almost tripping, "Why's you do that?!"

There came a noise like a scoff form the other and the hollow threw up his hand, "I felt like it king. Besides," He smirked widely, "You liked it. I know you did."

"I fucking did not!" Ichigo barreled forward, his entire body rigid and primed to attack. As he came within a few inches though, he suddenly found the tables turned. The Hollow was bearing down on him, the pale hands coming down on his shoulders. Catching Ichigo off guard, he took no time in landing the teen on the glass, holding him in place by his shoulders?"

"You're stupid king! I know everything about you, did you know that?" He tossed his head back and laughed, "I am like you in so many ways king! I know what you need!" Ichigo twisted his hips in an attempt to throw the hollow off him.

"Stop this! I am in control in this world! Stop being weird!" Moving his hips had not helped him any. The cackling albino moved his knees in closer and trapped the teen with them; his body leaning over Ichigo's. The smirking face just a few inches from the others.

"King," Ichigo was now paying rapt attention, amber eyes locked with snowy ones, "Shut up."

Ichigo was stunned as the inner hollow came crashing down on him. He didn't move, but with each passing second, his body seemed to relax more and more. Before he even knew it, Ichigo had shut his eyes and started kissing back, unable to believe something so messed up could feel so perfectly wonderful.

When the two pulled apart, it was mostly because they had both run out of breath. Ichigo looked up at the face above him and realized that it was like looking into a mirror, the only major difference being in color, "I told ya that was what you needed, moron," The ghost like figure made a move to get off Ichigo, pushing himself up off the shoulders, when the teen made a move that could have very easily been the wrong one.

Ichigo grabbed the hollow by the neck and pulled him back down, shocking both of them with his aggressiveness.

He picked the kiss up this time, practically tearing into the hollow with his mouth. The white body having been pulled down so roughly was lying almost flush with Ichigo's now, the place where their shirts opened, touching a little. The brief touch of cool skin on warm sent a spark of excitement through both of their bodies and seemed to kick their brains into one-track mode.

"I want…more…of you…baka king!" The albino managed to get out in breaths during the kiss. He wasn't really asking permission though as he was already pulling the black sash off his waist.

"Wait," Something clicked back into place in Ichigo's mind, "No, stop. We are not doing this!" The hollow just frowned at him, the sash now in his hand.

"That's not gonna happen king. You need this as much as I do right now." The white hakama was hanging a little loosely on his hips as he talked, "I decided before you even came in here that I was not going to lose this fight!" In a flash, cool white hands were pulling Ichigo's hands up above his head. Ichigo tried to twist out of the grip, but their strengths were equal in every way and the hollow had the upper hand in this situation.

"Stop it! Don't you dare, you –" It was too late. Satisfied with the tight knot holding Ichigo's hands above his head, the hollow picked him up and carried him to the pole where the boy had first seen Zangetsu, "I am the king! I will defeat you!"

"Shut up," Ichigo froze. The hollow had placed him face down and was kneeling over him as he tied the extra belt cloth tight to the pole. The teen immediately tried to pull his hands free but the damage had been done. He rose to his knees, only to find that this put him directly under his inner self, his backside now pressed against the other's lower stomach. Two pale arms snaked around his waist and began toying with the knot if his belt. Ichigo could feel the other's breath on his neck as he talked, "Don't worry king; I'll take good care of you. You'll be in so much pleasure that you'll be screaming my name by the end."

"No I," Ichigo couldn't find the right words as he felt a certain blue tongue caressing his ear at the same moment a cool, dry hand crept down into his uniform pants, "I don't even know your name," He realized how incredibly stupid that sounded after the words had left his mouth.

"You can call me Hichigo, king," There was a low rumbling laugh from behind him, "Hell, you can call me whatever you want," As he said that though, his hand found what it was looking for and he wrapped long fingers around the carrot top's shaft, the flesh jumping a little at his touch.

"No! I take it back! Get off me you bastard! I didn't ask for any of this! I just wanted to fight!" Ichigo did not speak for his hardening member though and the hollow just chuckled quietly.

"Sex is a fight king," He bit Ichigo's neck a little, leaving a faint pink mark, "Or, well, it is when you do it with me."

Ichigo opened his mouth to say something else, but it was immediately drowned by a groan. Hichigo had bitten into the skin at the back of Ichigo's neck, at the same moment his hand tightened around Ichigo, "See king; I'll take real good care of you."

The black shinigami pants were soon off and being tossed to one side, leaving Ichigo's bare knees resting against the hard building under him. If Hichigo had been listening, he might have heard the half-hearted 'stop' form Ichigo's mouth, but he hadn't and so he didn't. The hollow pulled back a little, keeping a hand slowly stroking Ichigo and shook his own pants down. Then both of them were there in just their shirts, the fabric wide open at their chests.

"Now just relax king," The echoic voice was almost soothing, "I'm not going to go slow and gentle on you. Not gonna insult your honor like that," Ichigo opened his mouth to ask what the hollow meant when he suddenly felt a finger pushing against the tightened ring of muscles. The action only caused Ichigo to tense more.

"What are you doing? Don't go sticking things where they don't bel-" He was cut off by his own cry of pain; the hollow hadn't been lying. Ichigo tried to take a few deep breaths, getting used to the feeling of the slim digit now stuck a few inches up into his body.

"You gotta relax king or I'm just goin' to go for the goal and skip all preparation."

"I'm sorry, I guess I just wasn't prepared to have your fucking finger up my ass you bastard!" Apparently, Hichigo took the sarcasm as a sign that he was ready to go on, because he spit a little at the junction between his finger and the other's skin and then started pushing a second finger in. Apparently, all bedside manner was completely lost on him and Ichigo let another coarse cry escape his throat, "Damn it hollow! Damn you!"

"Give it a rest king," The warm breath was back on his neck as the fingers began to flex back and forth, pulling little noises from Ichigo's chest, "Besides, I want to hear you later when you're really crying out loud. Crying for me to go harder…faster."

"Shut up," Ichigo tried to growl it out threateningly. His attempt failed though as a ripple of pleasure forced a pleasant sigh from his lips. Hichigo smiled widely as he uncurled his fingers and scissored them a few times before quickly pulling them out.

"I think that's gonna be enough for you king," A hand crept down and gave the teen's cock a few slow strokes, "In fact, I think you're beginning to enjoy this," The flesh was shock hard in his hand.

Ichigo tried to turn his head to see what was going on behind him, but with his hands tied, he could only catch a glimpse of the white thighs shifting by his. Then, he no longer had to wonder what was going on. Something larger and warmer than the fingers prodded him gently in the backside. He opened his mouth to protest when a cool hand covered his mouth.

"I would save your breath if I were you. What I did just now was not enough to prepare you for what's next," Ichigo thought about it for a few seconds before he nodded. Hichigo took that to mean it was okay, and with a muted grunt, he pushed into the still resisting hole.

The hollow had been right, he wasn't prepared for that. For a long minute, the pain was so great, it seemed to dry up whatever cries or words had been in his throat. He kept thinking to himself how the albino could possibly be this big, realizing that if everything else pointed to it, Hichigo was the same size as him.

"King?" A hand lifted his chin a little and he could see the lines on the palm, "You okay? I didn't expect you to be so quiet."

"Wha?" Ichigo froze and tensed; he could feel the hollow still impaling his body, farther in than before, but the pain had subsided a little, "I'm fine!" He snapped, shifting his body a little. Wrong choice, a little stab of pain reminded him.

"Oh good," Even not being able to see him, Ichigo could hear the enormous smile plastered on Hichigo's face, "That means we can get started on the fun stuff."

"Fun…stuff?" He could hear the manic chuckle and then there were two cool hands on his hips and the hollow began to pull out quickly. Ichigo hissed a little, but tried his hardest not to move. Tried and failed quickly as the hard cock thrust in at a different angle, hitting the nerves that had been scraped earlier by the fingers. As soon as those stars of pleasure went off in his brain, Ichigo's elbows slipped and his fell forward, a little moan filling the area around them. It felt like a fire had been lit in his cock and as Hichigo pulled back out and rocked back in, it only increased the burning pleasure coursing through his veins.

"God!" Ichigo muttered it under his ragged breath, but the hollow still heard him and chuckled, his breath a little heavy too.

"So my spoiled king does like it!" He gave a particularly hard thrust that caused Ichigo to toss his head up and make the most delicious howling moan.

That was a trigger and suddenly Ichigo was a very active member in their activity. He thrust his hips backwards into every stroke, causing Hichigo to smile and groan a little. The boy was a fast learner. The hollow crept a hand around the teen's side, tickling the tight muscles on his stomach before reaching the raging hard-on. He gave it a few light tugs while slowing their motion to a gentle rocking, and then moved his hand up to the pert nipples on his chest. One small pinch and he could feel the muscles of Ichigo's ass tighten around him.

"More!" The day had come where Ichigo Kurosaki was begging for his white duplicate to give him more of something he hadn't wanted at all in the beginning. Of course, who was Hichigo to deny him that? Laying his chest against Ichigo's back, he thrust forward lightly a few times before using both hands to grab the dusty pink nubs and give them a hard twist. Ichigo's entire body locked up, his mouth half open in a silent sound, his eyes darkened. Hichigo sat back and enjoyed the feeling of being clamped down on.

In a few seconds, he released the nipples, letting the blood rush painfully back to them and moved one hand back to the throbbing dick, running his hand expertly over it, moving the skin back and forth slowly. This brought Ichigo back to life with a moan.

"King," Hichigo thrust his hips a little to get the other's attention, "I want you to cum for me. I want to hear you cry out and say my name over and over again," His tongue lapped at the other's ear, "I want to feel your cum all over my hand," He stroked up and down Ichigo's shaft, his thumb rubbing the head in delicate circles. Then he got up and jerked his hips back before ramming them forward again. He grunted as Ichigo moaned. He repeated the process, harder this time, and gained the same reaction.

"Hichigo," Ichigo pressed his face into his arms, muffling his voice, "I need to…" He couldn't even bring himself to say it. The hollow just smirked and gave a particularly hard tug on Ichigo's cock, drawing a muddled groan. Hichigo repeated the motion, hoping for better results. He was pleased when he got them.

With his fingers wrapped around the base of Ichigo's head, he could feel the pulsating beat just moments before Ichigo shot. The creamy liquid splattered onto the glass of the black windows beneath them as Ichigo's entire body shuddered uncontrollably; his muscles spasming wildly. Hichigo tossed his head back and growled as the muscles in Ichigo clenched, sending waves of pleasure through both of them every time they contracted. Without any other warning, the hollow moved both of his hands to Ichigo's hips, digging his blunt nails into the skin there. He pulled the teen back to meet him as he thrust in one final time and released into the warm cavern.

They stayed that way for only a minute, until their bodies had come down from their high. As soon as Hichigo regained his senses, he pulled out slowly, with a slight squelching noise and listened.

Ichigo had made a quiet grunt when the hollow had pulled out, but his breath had evened out and as Hichigo moved, he could feel the other sliding downward.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you king," He stuck a hand under the tan body, keeping him off the building by supporting his stomach. He felt Ichigo tighten just because of his voice, his body going back on the defensive. A little hurt at the reaction, Hichigo untied the belt from the pole and held Ichigo's wrists in his other hand. Then, with one hand on his stomach and one holding his wrists, Hichigo picked up Ichigo and carried him a little ways away from the puddle of milky liquid, before setting him down on his side and lying down behind him. He wrapped one arm around his waist, shifting his robe out of the way a little.

"King?" Ichigo turned a little and caught a glimpse of the snowy eyes looking at him, "Gonna be mad at me?"

"Untie my hands" The hollow was a little shocked by the demanding tone, but listened and untied the black belt, letting the teen's hands fall away, "Not mad," He muttered after his hands were free. Ichigo immediately set to getting up, pulling away from the twin, "I'm going home."

Ichigo got up and moved slowly to pick up his discarded pants, pulling them on and wincing just a little at the movements.

"King…" He made a move to get up, but Ichigo shot him down with a look. His amber eyes travelled over the marble body, confirming to himself that the hollow was indeed his exact duplicate. Ichigo turned his head in disgust, frowning. How could two bodies, made identical opposites, feel like they fit so perfectly together? How could something so wrong, feel so right?"

"Later," Ichigo moved as quickly as possible to his sword, not looking at the hollow as he untangled their blades. As soon as it was on his back again, he closed his eyes and opened them again to stare at his ceiling.

Ichigo couldn't hear his inner world anymore, but he knew that by now, the light clouds that had been gathering before he'd left were pouring down on his hollow and washing away all evidence of what had happened. The teen curled up onto his side, ignoring his minor aches and pains, and shut his eyes; this time, welcoming the blackness of sleep.


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