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Chapter One

One day while Joey was at work, he felt his cell phone vibrate; he took it out and saw the he had a text message, it said, "Guess who?"Joey stood there looking at it and then he turned it off and went back to work.

On his way home that evening, he was walking because his car was in the shop, and he took out his cell phone to call Yugi to see if he wanted to join him for dinner, when all of a sudden he got another text message and it said, "Come on, guess."

He then ignored the message, called Yugi, and said, "Hey, want to have dinner with me?"

Yugi chuckled and then he said, "Sure, where do you want to go?"

Joey said, "How about going to The Purple Dragon?"

Yugi said, "Alright, I'll meet you there in an hour, is that alright?"

Joey told him, "That's fine, I'll see you then." As he was about to put his phone back in his pants pocket, he got another text message, it said, "Why won't you play, are you chicken?" Joey shut his phone and tried to think who would be sending him text messages, he couldn't think of anyone, so he just went to the Purple Dragon to find Yugi.

They had a delicious dinner and Yugi could tell that something was bothering Joey, so he asked, "Joey, what's wrong?"

Joey told him, "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

Yugi knew his friend wanted to tell him, but for some reason he was afraid to, so Yugi decided to leave it alone. They talked about things, and when they were done, Joey paid the bill and they walked outside.

Just then Joey's phone began to vibrate, he took it out and opened it, and the message read, "If you won't play, then maybe I'll find a way to make you, who is that person with you at the Purple Dragon, is he a good friend?"

Joey shut his phone and he started looking around the area and his actions made Yugi a little apprehensive, he said, "Joey, what's going on, come on, we're friends, we tell each other things all the time."

Joey looked at Yugi and then he said, "I'm getting text messages, I don't know who's sending then, but the person is trying to get me to figure out who they are, the person even knows that we're at the Purple Dragon."

Yugi then nodded and he opened his link with Yami and he said, "Yami, someone's been sending Joey messages on his cell phone, Joey's really upset by them."

Yami said, "Aibou, get him to come back to the Game Shop with you, maybe we can figure out who this person is."

Yugi then said, "Alright, I'll try, but you know how stubborn Joey can be."

Joey looked at Yugi and he said, "You've been talking to Yami haven't you?"

Yugi nodded his head then he said, "Yami wants you to come back to the Game Shop, he thinks that maybe he can find out who's sending you those messages, please Joey come back with me."

Joey didn't want to go with Yugi, but he knew if he didn't then Yami would come to his place and that could be dangerous, so he said, "Alright I'll come back with you, but Yugi if this gets to dangerous, I'm leaving town and don't try to stop me."

Yugi nodded that he understood and they walked back to the Game Shop. When the bell rang, Solomon came to see who it was and when he saw Yugi and Joey, he smiled and said, "Joseph, it's been awhile since you've been here, how are you?"

Joey smiled at grandpa and he said, "I've been busy working, I'm trying to save enough money so that I can ask Mai to marry me."

Solomon nodded and he said, "Yugi, Yami and the others are in the living room." Joey looked at Yugi and he said, "Yug, I can't let anyone get hurt, what if this person is or was part of that gang I was with, they could very easily kill all of you in a heart beat."

Just then, Bakura came out to see what the matter was and when he saw Yugi and Joey, Bakura said, "Wheeler, get your ass in here, the Pharaoh wants to talk to you."

Yugi looked at Joey to see if he'd go, but Bakura didn't give him a chance to bolt out the door, he grabbed hold of Joey and almost dragged him into the living room.

When Joey, Yugi and Bakura walked into the room, there sat Yami, Marik, Ryou, Malik and for some reason Joey couldn't understand Seto was there too.

"Wheeler, what the hell is going on, this maniac practically dragged me out of Kaiba Corp, can you tell me why?" Seto demanded to know.

Joey went over to the other side of the room and he said, "I really appreciate all of you for wanting to help, but I have to do this alone."

Then he looked at Kaiba and he said, "I'm sorry about what happened, today I got a text message, it said, "Guess who?" I don't have the foggiest idea who he or she is.

Then later I got another message and this time it said, "Come on, guess." Well I ignored that one too, but then I got another one and it said, ""Why won't you play, are you chicken?"

Then I began to get worried, here was someone sending me messages, and I don't know who the hell they are. I ignored the message again and I called and asked Yugi if he'd join me for dinner and we went to the Purple Dragon, when we were leaving I got the last message.

It said, "If you won't play, then maybe I'll find a way to make you. Who is that person with you at the Purple Dragon, is he a good friend?"

That's when it became personal; I knew then that I had to leave Domino so that this person would hurt none of my friends. If it's who I think it might be, and I pray that it isn't I can't let anyone else get hurt I just can't let that happen."

Seto and the others had never seen Joey this emotional before, all except for Yugi. Then Seto asked, "Why didn't you answer the first message?"

Joey shrugged his shoulders then he said, "Hell I thought it was Tristan or Duke, and I didn't feel like playing their dumb games."

Seto then asked, "What about the last message, did you try to find out who sent it?"

Joey then said, "I didn't want to confront who ever it was with Yugi standing there, so I just closed my phone."

Bakura then got up and walked over to Joey and he stood facing him and he asked, "Who in the hell do you think this moron is?"

Joey just looked at Bakura and he said, "You can threaten to send me to the Shadow Realm, but I can't tell you, I can't tell any of you, so please don't ask." Then Joey turned and walked out of the Game Shop.

When Joey started to leave, Seto stood up and he brushed against Joey, Joey never stopped or apologized, he just kept going.

Yugi looked at Yami and he said, "We can't let him go, Yami please help Joey please."

Yami went over to Yugi and he put his arm around him and said, " Aibou, no one is going to hurt Joey, you have our word on it, but you have to remember that Joey thinks that he has to do this alone, but he won't be alone, we're going to be there watching his back."

Then Yami, Marik and Bakura left the Shop and went to follow Wheeler, to make sure that no one tried anything.

Seto stood up and he said, "When Wheeler bumped inot me, I put a tracking bug inside the back of his shirt collar, I can track him no matter where he goes."

Yugi almost ran over and hugged Kaiba, but instead he just said, "Thanks Seto." Seto nodded his head and then he left to go back to Kaiba Corp., when he got into the limo, he took out his laptop, pushed a button and there was Wheeler walking towards his home. "Now all we can do is wait." Seto said to himself.

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