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Chapter Thirty-Three

When Joey and Seto went outside, Joey walked over by the bench and he said, "Today, I found out that in order to deal with some of my demons, I had to allow these demons to come to the surface."

Seto then asked, "What do you do then?" Joey closed his eyes and said, "Well with Thunder's help, I learned that when that happens, I could deal with them by punching a bag, that would release all the tension that the demons causes, if I don't allow them to flow out of my system it could be dangerous not only to me but those around me."

Seto walked over to Joey, he put his hand on his shoulder, and he said, "Whatever it takes, I'm here to help you, I love you and I won't give you up no matter how bad it gets."

Joey turned around and as they held each other, Seto lifted Joey's face and he kissed him. Joey returned the kiss and then as Seto lifted his head he said, "We'll get through this together, all you have to do is trust me that no matter what I can help."

Joey laid his head on Seto's chest and as he held onto Seto he whispered, "I love you too." Then the door opened and Helga came out and as she walked up to them she said, "Come here."

They both walked over to her and as she held them in her arms she said, "Today is the beginning of a new life for both of you. Both of you have to understand that neither of you are strong enough to get through this alone, so I'm here to say, that whenever it gets to hard, come to me or Roland, we will be there to help both of you."

Then Helga said, "Let's go inside, there is a young man in there that is scared shitless, he doesn't understand what's going on, so we're going to go inside and let him know, and then all of us are going to find a way to make all those damn demons disappear forever."

So they walked inside and as Helga closed the door, Joseph said, "Mokie come here, we have something to talk about."

That was three years ago, Joseph is now able to start living again, he and Seto are going to get married in another year, Thunder, Bubba and Brownie have told Roland that they will be there, and as for Roland and Helga, well they are the proudest father and Aunt.

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