Sorry this has been forever in the making. Life has a way of getting in the way. I hope you enjoy even though it's been a while.

Was I truly ready for this? This question that would be so monumental and life altering?

Edward cleared his throat, while down on one knee and pulled a Tiffany blue box from out of his pants pocket. "Isabella Marie Swan, I have loved you from the moment that you walked into my life, and even with the entire crazy— mind blowing—shit that has happened to us: the good and the bad that has not changed, nor will it ever. I want to prove to you that I can be the man worthy of your love, and show you each day for the rest of our lives how much I am entirely, completely and totally in love with you. I want to be with you—and only you—forever." He opened the jewelry box and revealed an enormous canary diamond ring. He placed the ring in between his finger tips and reached for my left hand.

"Bella, you are my everything—will you marry me?"

Here was undeniable, indisputable proof that Edward wanted me and only me. Forever. A small smile swelled from inside me, brimming at the surface until it almost busted forth. Rationally I knew this was the wrong thing to do…too fast…all of this was too soon. We were doing fine taking it slow, but my heart wanted to lay claim, and it appeared that Edward wanted to be claimed for the whole world to see.

"Are you doing this because you are leaving tomorrow and you want to make sure that you and I will still have each other when you get home, because, Edward, you don't have to do all of this?"

Edward jumped up to standing position, ring still in hand and cupped my face with his other. "Bella, if everything had not had happened the way that it did, I would have never left you and I know for a fact that you would already be Bella Cullen. There have been too many forks in the road. I want our future now and I am sick and tired of circumstances keeping us a part. I am taking charge of my own destiny—our destiny. Enough is enough. I was nothing before you. You showed me how to love—how to feel—and you can call me selfish and greedy but I want you and me to be bound to each other forever." He leaned in and lightly grazed his lips with mine. "I love you," he whispered.

"Say it again."

"I love you."

A lone tear dripped from my eye, releasing all of my inner joy. "Yes."

"You'll be my wife?" He took a step back and studied my face, his eyes searching mine for any hesitation. I would deal with that later.

"Yes…Yes… a thousand times yes." I leaped forward into his arms.

"Then this is yours." He proceeded to grab my left hand and placed the large jewel on my ring finger. "Perfect." He lowered his face to my hand and kissed the ring and the finger it rested on.

Edward beamed. He looked as happy as he did all the times he held our angel in his arms. This was true. It was heaven. It was how things were supposed to be when everything was right in the world.

The small trio of musicians started playing in the background as Edward grabbed a hold of me and drew me in near to him; we began to sway back and forth to the music while Edward softly serenaded me. During the second song he quit singing and pulled back slightly. "I don't want a long engagement, Bella."

"Okay," I half laughed. What did he mean by that?

"I'm serious. I'll be done with this stupid publicity shit in a month. And when I do—"

"So you want us to get married in a month?" I decided I was done with dancing; time to talk logistics.

Edward grinned. "The next day. I don't care if we run off to Vegas and we get married by freaking Elvis Presley in a drive thru chapel. So not technically one month—how about one month and one day?"

He thought he was funny. There was no way I could plan a wedding in one month. Oh forgive me, correction: one month and one day. "You're crazy. That is not enough time to plan a wedding."

"Only crazy in love with you," he remarked in a cheesy tone and I rolled my eyes in response. "Why do you think Rose is here? … Esme. Anything you want. You want a beach wedding—it's yours. Irish Castle? It's yours. Big Church wedding? It's—"

"I get it. Anything I want. But what about you—what do you want?"

"Oh, Bella, Bella, Bella." He leaned his head down to touch mine. "I'm already getting what I want: you."

He made his point loud and clear. It was whatever I wanted and on the plus side he was already preoccupying my biggest threat to planning a stress free wedding: Alice. The only stipulation was that he was to plan the honeymoon destination. Agreed.

I had so many other questions for him, but it seemed that everything else would have to wait until later as Edward's phone begun ringing. "Yes, Alice," he answered as he pulled me back in towards him and kissed the top of my head. He listened to her banter until he decided to stop her noise. "She said yes." And he hung up on her. "Now where were we?"

The night ended with Edward and I heading back to my parents' house and falling asleep while talking about all possible wedding scenarios until almost dawn. We lay up on my bed with Grace in between us, sleeping.

With all of our coddling over her we were only able to discuss—more like disagree— on one main topic: a prenuptial agreement. I wanted one. Edward didn't.

I thought it would be easier for him. He disagreed.

"Rose and Emmett don't have one and I know for a fact that Alice and Jasper won't either."

"That's different, Edward."

"How?" They're married…no prenup, they have kids…still no prenup."

"Edward," I whined.

"Bella, if we divorce, you can have it all. I am nothing and I want nothing unless I have it with you."

With that comment, I decided to table the discussion for a later date, after he had time to think things through a little more.

The morning came way too soon; which meant he would be leaving soon.

All the reinforcements showed up a little after ten in the morning, all packed and ready to depart. The car service arrived a short time later. I stood at the door with Gracie in my arms, asleep, while I was attempting to hold in the waterworks and say my goodbye to Edward.

He grabbed his daughter from my arms and kissed the top of her head. "Be a good girl for Mommy and Brenda while I'm gone." He held onto her for a few more moments before passing her off to Brenda, who proceeded to leave the room. He smiled his usual—all toothy, knees shaking, eyes glistening—smile. "Come here, almost Bella Cullen." He pulled me into him and hugged me tightly. "I will have my phone on at all times. Any time, day or night, press junket, interview thing or not and I am there. Do you understand?"

"Even if you're on Lettermen? Leno?" I wanted to see if he was up to the challenge.

He chuckled. "Especially if I'm on Leno. I'd love to exclaim to the world that my fiancé needed to talk to me."

"You are not serious."

"As a heart attack," he countered. I bet he would tell the whole world if he had the chance. Jasper yelled from outside that the car was all packed and I offered to walk Edward to the car. I gave the rest of them: Alice, Kate, Garrett and Jasper all a quick hug bye, before zeroing in on my fiancé.

My fiancé. I liked the sound of that.

"I'm going to miss you," I said while a couple of tears started dripping down my face.

He tilted my chin up so my eyes could reach his. "And I you, baby. But it will only be for a month and then it's you and me forever. Deal?"

"Deal," I half laughed before he wiped the wetness from my cheeks.

"I love you." He leaned into kiss me before I had a chance to reply. I savored his taste even more, hoping, but yet knowing it would not get me through.

"I love you, too."

And then he left, but not before having the windows down and screaming, "I'll see you in a month, almost Bella Cullen."

I giggled to myself as Rose came outside to escort me back into the house. "Ready for the fun to begin?" she asked sarcastically.