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Chapter 27: It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod, World!

Ebon Hawk's a running
Heading to the Star Forge
Looking for adventure
and whatever comes our way

Like a true Jedi's child,
We were born, born to be wild.
We can climb so high
I never wanna die….

Due to the intervention of Master Vandar, who had survived the massacre on Dantooine, and Admiral Dodonna responding in a timely manner to Carth's communication, the Ebon Hawk accompanied some small fighters into the poorly defended hangar bays.

No way was Jaden going to stick to the take-only-two members of her crew with her nonsense, nor was she going to limit herself to only canon characters. Everyone would have an important role to play in this epic battle. The fate of the galaxy rested on their shoulders—and it was heavy.

The main problem was she had too few Jedi to accompany the non-Jedi, so she turned to Hiro's guide and wished she could see him. As if on cue, he popped in, bowing as always. "You need my help, Jaden-san?"

She nodded. "I turned down Galen when he offered to help. I don't suppose you know any Jedi who could help us out?"

"Galen no leave. He is arriving in Rogue Shadow as we speak. Also I play K2, so I send you Visas Marr, the Handmaiden, and the Exile. Mine different from Cal, so still can come help. If you need more help, I can bring Atton Rand and Bao-Dur. And I have a friend, Peter Petrelli, that would like to help. He kinda like Jedi."

Jaden kissed him warmly. "Do you mind if I name my son after you?" she asked.

Hiro blushed. "I am honored, Jaden-san." He bowed again and squinted his eyes in that fashion that made her worry his head would explode. When he reappeared a moment later, the main hold of the Hawk was filled to capacity. Jaden met Hiro's Exile, who appeared to be Asian. General Kring, as he introduced himself, wore awesome silver armor and carried a double-bladed lightsaber. Atton Rand told her he liked ranged, but he could switch to melee and use his double-bladed yellow blade if the enemy got too close.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about!" she said enthusiastically.

She met Visas Marr, a willowy sex-kitten Miraluka with a voice that got to every male present. But what was up with her saying to the Exile at every two seconds, "My life for yours"? The Handmaiden was a tall, slender woman with short white hair and pale blue eyes, but Jaden could tell she was a good fighter by the way she moved. Bao-Dur was a species she'd never met and she carefully avoided his arm that glowed like a blue sun. He had broad shoulders and a build that did not fit with his ultra-quiet voice. All of them deferred to General Kring as if he was some kind of god.

The last was Peter Petrelli, who looked a lot like Atton Rand—a very intense young man who carried no weapons of any kind. What was Hiro thinking?

Hiro popped out again, as usual. Galen boarded the ship. There were too many men used to being in charge for the smuggler's taste. She got their attention with a loud whistle and announced that she was the only one in charge of this mission, and they would follow her orders or stay in the ship. If any of them were uncomfortable with that, they knew enough to stay quiet about it.

Jaden pulled out her 3-D map of the Star Forge. "Okay, right when we exit the ship, Dark Jedi will appear and fight the Jedi. Let the light side guys fight. It's the only fight they get to win, so let's not take it away from them." Her eyes scanned her strikeforce. "Our goal is to reach the central door. The elevator is locked."

"I could open it for you," Galen offered. "I'm pretty good with Force grip."

Jaden smiled at the young man. "So I noticed. No, I can use your abilities elsewhere." Then she made a "time-out" signal with her hands.

Cut scene. Malak paces, waiting to hear how the assault on the space station is playing out. An acolyte in silver upper armor that makes him walk like a penguin approaches the Dark Lord and informs him that strike teams are attacking. Malak tells him to have the new assault droids attack the interlopers as a way of testing their battle acumen.

Jaden lowered her hands. She and her band of fighters were now aboard the Star Forge. They moved through the central door to stand on a catwalk that split left and right.

"Either way we go, we'll encounter droids," she told them. "Jolee, you're the best at destroy droid, so you and Galen take them out for us."

The two walked away. Jaden watched with interest to see how they would handle the assignment. Of course, she and the others would back them up, but each member of the group had their own unique contribution. General Kring told her he could help out since he had destroy droid and was adept at throwing his lightsaber.

Jaden shook her head. The door opened and an explosion rippled toward the two Jedi. Galen leapt into the air, drawing his knees up, holding out his hands, and she saw a bubble appear to protect him and Jolee from the explosion. When the young Jedi floated to the deck, he thrust out his hands as if he was shoving something and the droids were lifted high into the air. Jolee shot his Force power into them as they hung there helplessly. It took three shots for Jolee to disintegrate the large red droids while Galen held them easily. The young Jedi tossed them to the ceiling like empty tin cans once they were smoking hulks. Pieces rained down harmlessly into the cavern below.

"Wow, that was impressive!" Carth and Atton remarked at the same time.

"Most impressive," Jaden agreed.

Galen and Jolee worked well together and soon all of the droids on Deck 1 had been cleared out. If this was the best Malak could do, Jaden was starting to think this would not be so bad after all. She was also starting to think that all of the troops she'd brought was overkill. Galen by himself would have been enough. His control of the Force was phenomenal.

They passed through another doorway (all the damn doors looked alike) into another large, open ramped area. There were droids, of course, and a defense turret. General Kring threw his lightsaber at the turret, taking it out, and Jolee and Galen destroyed the droids.

Cut scene- Malak requests progress report from silver penguin Sith lackey. Insert original dialogue.

Sith lackey, who is not important enough to have a name, looked nervous. "No, Lord Malak, the droids were unable to destroy them. It…your old master's sister is leading the attack."

"Ah, Jaden shows more initiative than I expected. It is just like Revan to let her take the fall. I know he plans on using her to tire me out before we have our own confrontation. I know he is here, although I cannot sense where. Send all of the troops and the apprentices after her and her pitiful little band."

Sith Lackey bowed. "As you wish, Lord Malak."

Peter Petrelli looked around nervously. "What just happened?" he asked Jaden.

"A cut scene. Don't worry about it. Happens all the time here."

"I see. Well, it's not any more confusing than when we go back and forth in time, meeting our future and present and past selves and trying to stop the end of the world."

Jaden's eyes widened. "Uh, suppose not." His universe sounded stranger than hers.

"I've got a really bad feeling about this," Atton said as they continued down the south ramp.

Jaden quickly went to the Icon screen and saved the game. She was glad she did when they were attacked by wave after wave of dark-sided minions blasting them with dark powers. Jaden regretted that Luce had taken back his mask because she could really use it about now. General Kring announced that he had something far better and dug into his own RPG bag, setting aside a pile of mis-matched gloves and gauntlets and brought out a special mask that he said would help guard against insanity.

Galen seemed unaffected by the dark energies and swept through the Dark Jedi like a dark tide; a sea of such fury and power, nothing could stand up to him.

"I'm feeling kind of useless here," Carth whispered to Jaden.

"You wanted me out of danger." She smiled up at him. "Did it ever occur to you I might want the same for you? Besides, do what Canderous and Swagger are doing--blast them from a distance. Seems to be working for the K2 crew, too."

Galen waved his hand and the huge door in front of them opened. Jaden smiled in admiration. "Maybe I'll have him fight Malak."

"I don't think you can deviate that much, sweetheart, much as I would like to know you don't have to face him," Carth said quietly. "What about your brother? Is he really going to let you fight that brute?"

"Tell him, yes. I am." Luce's voice in her head was cold and dark.

"Luce, I'm carrying Carth's child. Your nephew."

"Your misfortune, sis. We come to the end of the road here, Jaden. The path you choose will make all the difference."

"Where are you?"

"Waiting for you. I see Cal is here. Excellent!" He sounded almost joyful. "I have a very brutal, painful death in store for him."

Carth frowned when he saw Jaden's eyes fill with tears. She shook her head and would not give in to the emotion. There is no emotion. There is peace. Frack! Now I'm speaking the damn Jedi Code!?

"Sweetheart, what is it?"

"Luce is here…on this station. He--I thought… He won't help me defeat Malak, Carth."

There was no time for Carth to comfort her as yet another wave of armored Sith and Dark Jedi attacked. Jaden and Jolee stayed back to heal the front lines as the others pressed forward. Galen probably could've handled them on his own, but even he could get hurt, and strangely enough, he had no healing ability.

* * *

Darth Revan stood with his feet planted wide apart, his arms folded over his chest armor. He gazed down at Bastila, who was on her knees, eyes closed, using her Battle Meditation.

"You will let Jaden pass. You are not to harm her."

Her eyes opened. They were no longer beautiful but shot with streaks of yellow and there were pinpoints of red in the pupils. "Yes, master." She went back to her meditation, but Luce could sense the unrest in her.

"You have doubts, my apprentice."

"I do not doubt you, my Lord. Only myself. My doubts are my own failing, and I am dealing with them the best I can."

"Do you still love him?" When she did not answer, he gripped her by her shoulders and jerked her to her feet. "Answer me!"

She bit her lip. "You are where all darkness lies, Luce. And my life--my life--is yours."

"I don't want your life, Bastila. I want you to love me. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you on the deck of my flagship. It is why I forged the bond between us and Jaden. I trusted you to look after her." He released his hold on her and paced in a figure eight pattern. "I knew we would meet again. I gave you my memories so you would find me."

"Forgive me, Luce! I--what I feel for Cal—felt for him, is so different from what I feel for you."

He waved his hand for silence. "Just do as I say. Jaden's not to be harmed, regardless of what is canon."

Bastila sank back down to her knees and bowed her head. "Non-canon is what I am counting on," she whispered, almost in benediction.

Darth Revan strode from the chamber, his anger palpable in the air. Bastila shivered and closed her eyes to return to her Battle Meditation. It was up to her to win the battle that was taking place outside the Star Forge for her Dark Lord.

There was a shush as a door opened.


Her eyes flew open and she leaped to her feet. "You should not have come, Cal. I am lost to the dark side, forever." She stared into his golden-brown eyes. Behind him, Jaden stood with her arms slack at her sides.

Cal gestured that Jaden should stay where she was, and he took several steps toward Bastila. "I don't have to have the Force or to be able to read your mind to know there is still good in you." His voice was tender, gentle. "That's why I know you won't harm me."

"Cal, you don't know his power," she said helplessly. "I must obey my master."

"Do you…love him?"

Her eyes bored into his. "Passion is a part of the dark side."

"Passion is a part of love, Bas-mia." He ignored the red blades as she ignited her lightsaber. "Passion like we shared on Kashyyyk."

* * *

The remainder of the Republic fleet hung poised in space, ready to strike. It was hundreds of light-years from the Star Forge, but in hyperspace time was only a fleeting moment. The deadliness of their attack would not be measured in distance but in the precision of their strike.

Admiral Dodonna had held back a portion of the fleet, as was her procedure and battle tactic. Ships formed a diamond shape like the head of a venomous snake spreading its hood, and their commanders and captains waited for the Admiral's signal. A signal that did not come because the battle was not going well. Bastila Shan filled the pilots' minds with doubt and made them indecisive when it counted the most. Terror filled the minds of the personnel on the bridges of the capital ships, including the admiral.

Master Vandar was saddened by all the chaos the Padawan caused. He stood on the bridge of the admiral's flagship and watched the battle. He knew that, if something was not done soon—if Bastila was not stopped--the entire fleet was doomed.

* * *

Bastila trembled. Her lightsaber fell to the deck and the dead man's switch cut off the power. She began to cry, wringing her hands in abject misery.

"How can you love me?" she asked Cal. "And you," she added, pointing to Jaden. "After what I did to you, how can you care what happens to me?"

"It was a rotten thing to do, SG, but it had Luce's dirty fingerprints all over it, not yours. You are as much a victim as I was with the Jedi."

Cue music—Did you really think this would all be serious? Besides, Cal has a really good voice!

Well I'm not superstitious but I'm smarter than I seem
And I knew it was love, if you know what I mean
When I saw that slipper it occurred to me
The shoe fit her and she fit me

Cal finished rapping and knelt before Bastila, digging something out of his pocket and holding it up so she could see it. A glass slipper.

"You lost it that night at the costume ball." He removed Bastila's boot and started to put the slipper on her foot.

Gloved hands clapping loudly interrupted them. The slipper was torn from Cal's hand with the Force and flew into Luce's. He dashed it to the deck, where it smashed into tiny slivers. "How romantic," he sneered, pulling his lightsabers in one fluid motion, thumbing them on.

Cal backed away, freeing his double-bladed sword from its scabbard, pushing the button to send out the blades. He twirled it expertly--impressively. He was very good, Jaden knew, but they both knew he was no match for Luce—never had been; not even when he had the Force.

"Jaden, get her out of her." He looked so delectable, with a couple of curls dangling Byron-like over his forehead and his handsome features set in determination.

"No!" Jaden and Bastila cried out together.

Jaden activated her saber and Bastila retrieved hers. Furious at the betrayal, Luce put Bastila into stasis. He did not cast a glance at his sister as he slashed at Cal.

Cal was valiantly holding his own, but it was just a matter of time before one or both of Luce's lightsabers took his life. Jaden stared at the door that had closed behind them and sealed them away from anyone else.

She could not let Luce kill Cal, so there was only one thing to do. Cal had been beaten to his knees, his sword slashed in two. Just as Luce brought down a saber that would have gone through Cal's head, Jaden's blade intercepted and she pushed Luce back, using the Force.

"Jaden?" He was shaken.

* * *

Carth was frantic. "Get that door open!" It was a plea as well as an order.

Galen gestured for everyone to move away from the door. Then he planted his feet shoulder width apart and drew deeply upon the Force. Before he could do anything, he began to flicker like a bad holo as did the others from K2. They were fading! Right before he disappeared, Rand tossed his rucksack to Mission. "Use our mines on the door."

And then they were all gone. Only Carth, Mission, Big Z,Canderous, Swagger, Juhani, Jolee,HK, and T3 remained.

"Can somebody please tell me what just happened?" Carth was so distraught he could barely get out the words.

"Must be some of those glitches Jaden's always talking about. Maybe we had too many mods at the same time and the games froze." Mission shrugged. She opened Atton's rucksack. "Ooh, nice." She pulled out one of the deadly mines and crouched in front of the door. "Hey, it works!" she said as she was given the option to mine the door. "Stand back!"

* * *

Admiral Dodonna sent the signal to the balance of the fleet that she'd held in reserve. The battle had turned in their favor. Now was the time to strike! As one, the ships in the galactic ocean of stars and planets, so many light-years away from their target, entered hyperspace. Outside the cockpits of the smaller ships and the view screens of the capital ships, the stars streaked by, growing brighter and longer, as the armada roared at light speed, keeping up with the photons of the stars in the area and then soaring through the warp of hyperspace itself--disappearing in the flash of a pico-second.

It reappeared, coming into reversal, entering the battle against the Sith, their objective to destroy the Star Forge.

* * *

In the cold, dark room, hidden by the stormy light
A battle rages for the right, for what will become
In this place of the damned, warriors with lightsabers in hand
Fight for the souls of beings--of man.

Luce and Jaden locked eyes and sabers—sparks flaring in and out of the cutting edge photons, pushed to the brink by the power of the dark and the light battling for supremacy between the twins.

Choice, the double-edged sword. Luce watched as his sister lowered her blade. He could end it now—take her life—crush the Republic fleet by forcing Bastila to use her Battle Meditation, take the throne of the Dark Lord and millions would bow before him. But at what cost? The life of his twin?

He stared at the lightsabers in his hands as if they were something foreign to him. A black storm raged inside him. The one pure thing—the one burning star in the black abyss of his life had always been Jaden.

"I love you, Luce--even after everything you've done. This has to stop."

He squeezed his eyes shut as she entered his mind, trying to close himself off to her, but the effort left a cold sweat on his brow, as if Death's hand touched him there and left its shallow imprint.

He shook off the feeling of impending doom and glared at his sister. "Always the difficult one—always fighting me." He raised his hands, the red glare of the lightsabers highlighting the grotesque mask that covered his face. As if he read her mind and knew her revulsion, Luce undid the clasps and removed the mask, tossing it aside.

"Everything that has happened has done so according to my design." His voice was no longer filtered by the mask. "Bastila will use her meditation and the Republic fleet will be destroyed. The Star Forge will create an invincible armada. I allowed you and your friends to come onto this station. It was a trap! I have all of the Sith from Master Uthar's academy on this station, and they should be rounding up your friends right about now."

"Luce!" Jaden's lightsaber came back up. "You can't! T-that wasn't in the guide!"

He laughed harshly, his eyes glowing red. "I never follow the book. I never follow the rules. Did you forget about that, sis?"

Jaden's mind quivered with alternatives. What could she do to save her friends?

"B-but," she stammered. "You're the canon Revan."

"That just means I'm male, which is canon Revan, sis." He spun his lightsabers and his lips skinned back into a wicked smile. "There is a way you can save your friends, Jaden. I'll let them all go. I'll even let your fleet go. It will just postpone the inevitable, but I'll do it for you."

Jaden was pretty sure what he was about to say, but she had to ask," How can I do that?"

"Embrace the dark side," he said, his voice impassioned. "Stay with me. Be at my side. The Jedi stole all those years from us!" Lightning gathered in his hands and danced across the fingertips.

Jaden deflected it to the ceiling when he unleashed it. "I know you hate them for what they did to me, but they thought I was Revan!" She stepped back when he advanced. "I--don't do this to me, Luce! You're my brother! Carth is the man I love. They're my friends! And I'm pregnant." She realized as she said the last that her hormones were going wacko, causing strange forces to build inside her.

Lightning formed in blue forks and she did not know what to do with it as the feelings of a very new mother-to-be took her over and she could only think of one thing: protect the baby.

* * *
Fire all of your guns at once
and explode into space

The Republic fleet had emerged in formation and now bore down on the Star Forge. The Sith fleet that had been flying in perfect, regimental configuration and had come out from behind the massive space station in two gigantic flanking waves to surround the Republic ships from both sides, was faltering.

Admiral Dodonna seized on the moment. "Green group," she announced crisply. "Start your attack run."

It looked like Master Vandar smiled, if that wizened old face could actually rearrange the wrinkles into a smile. "Bastila has stopped using her Battle Meditation."

Alarms wailed, lights flashed, and klaxons blared on the bridge "Sith fighters coming in!" the deck officer announced.

"Red, blue groups, hold off those fighters." Admiral Dodonna caught the edge of the console as a detonation rumbled the frigate.

* * *

Lost on a silent station
Twins, rising stars
Locked in a saber duel
So close and yet so far.

Luce regarded Jaden over their locked sabers. "I added an extra boost to this station. I knew the fleet would think it was an easy target, so I had the technicians and engineers work for three years on a super weapon. The Star Forge itself is a weapon, sis!"

He gestured to the huge holo map in the command center. Jaden's mouth dropped open in horror as one of the capital ships winked out of existence. It was as if hundreds of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Jaden fell to her knees, her saber falling from deadened hands.

Dogfights of war
Never surrender
Dogfights of war
Kill the defender
Dogfights of war
Scream into battle…..

Savage dogfights broke out between the Republic and the Sith, and soon the ebony sky was aglow with red and green and blue laser bolts. Admiral Dodonna watched the small ships engage.

"Take evasive action," she ordered the larger ships as a huge blue stream of light issued from the Star Forge and vaporized another frigate. "Fighter pilots, get in close to the Star Forge. It only seems to target the larger ships."

She gestured to one of the officers. "Give them cover! We have to give the crew of the Ebon Hawk time." She sighed. "They're our only hope."

So you resigned yourself to failure, Jaden.
And I emerged the chilling stranger, Jaden.
To eradicate the problem, Jaden.
Unsheathe the blade within the voice
Use the Force, use the Force

And remember, you always have a choice.

Luce kicked her lightsaber across the metal plates. One of his sabers lowered to hover inches from Jaden's bowed neck. His hand trembled. He couldn't do it! He could not murder his sister.

"Go," he said softly. "Take them all. Leave this place. I won't stop you."

Jaden took the hand he offered to help her up. She was shaking and he drew her to him for a brief hug.

"Luce, you don't have to do this. You can come with us."

He shook his head and gave her a gentle push. Then he waved his hand and Bastila was released from stasis. Bastila and Jaden helped support the injured Cal. Luce used the Force to bring his mask back into his hand and placed it over his face, watching them as Carth and the others finally opened the door with explosives.

Carth looked at Luce, his face indecisive, his fingers twitching above the triggers of his blasters. But Jaden looked so broken; he went to her, putting aside the need for revenge once and for all.

"I… can't go yet," she told him. "I have to defeat Malak."

"He won't do that for you?" Swagger was outraged. "Hell, I'll fight him!" There was a bloody gash in his arm and blood streaked his face, but his resolve was strong.

She shook her head and treated him to a sweet smile. "No, Hiro gave me a secret power. I have to be the one to face him." She saw some of her crew had been wounded and concern writhed across her features. "Uthar and his Sith! Did they attack?"

Mission limped over. "Yeah, but we managed. Wasn't easy, but we had a little help of our own." She gestured to Larry and Lena and all the other Twi'leks Jaden had encountered on her journey. "Seems Captain Jaq made a few stops and they all wanted to come and help."

Jaden sent a troubled glance to her twin, who stood implacably, his arms folded over his chest. He seemed to be watching the battle taking place via the Star Forge hologram that showed the diagram and the position of every ship in both fleets.

"Is he…?" Carth looked troubled. "Is he going to try and stop us, Jaden?"

"Luce always has a back-up plan. I…have to go." She accepted a tender kiss from Carth and raced to the far door. As expected, Darth Malak appeared as she tried to go through the next door. He was holding two Jedi in thrall and murdered them as she approached.

"Where is your brother, Jaden? Does he think you can defeat me?"

"He's right though that door." She pointed. "Why don't you go ask him yourself, Baldy."

Oh, say did you see

Jaden use the Force on me?

At my hour of triumph

At the Twi'lek's last gleaming.

Malak sicced droids on Jaden and disappeared through the door behind him. Jaden artfully pressed the B button, taking herself off fight mode, then she bashed the door and saved herself from a major hassle. The droids ceased firing when their target disappeared.

Jaden found herself in the factory chamber. Darth Malak taunted her as she made her way across the vast expense between them. She tried to keep her mind clear and not listen to him, but she was horrified when she saw the Jedi he had entombed in tanks. She shuddered when he said he might take her as an apprentice, then decided she might be too difficult, so he would do the same to her. In limbo in a tank.

He approached and she knew he planned to kill her. But she had a secret power--a mod Hiro had told her he would download so she could defeat Malak in a truly unique Jaden-esque manner.

Malak twirled his lightsaber and she flung out her hand and saw him engulfed in a bright radiance, with sparkles that were so pretty they made her smile. Once the sparkles dissipated, Malak had disappeared. In his place was a tall Twi'lek in red leggings and red jumpsuit, dancing like the Twi'lek in the cantina on Upper Taris. Jaden swayed her hips, matching the new Twi'lek's steps.

She knew it was a fitting end to Malak. He had become something wonderful, and he had such nice lekku! He was a she now, but that was okay, too. Jaden linked her arm with the new Malak and smiled up at her. "I think I'll call you Lalak."

The door opened and Carth rushed into the room, skidding to a stop when he saw yet another Twi'lek. "There you are!" He looked around. "Did you kill Malak?"

"Malak is no more." Jaden grinned. "Carth, this is Lalak. She's coming with us."

He shook his head in fond exasperation. "Of course she is." He gestured impatiently. "Swagger, Canderous and HK are finishing off the droids. We should get moving."

They gathered their team and took the elevator down to the hangar. Jaden stopped short when she saw all the ships in the bay--Sparrow's Retreat, Ebon Hawk, Seeker. She saw Luce standing off to one side, but he did not acknowledge her when she tried to get his attention.

"He'll die if he stays here," she wept.

Carth pulled her up the ramp of the Hawk. "Maybe that's for the best," he said quietly.

Swagger raced to his ship, herding Twi'leks on board, and then took off, following the Hawk. Captain Jaq loaded Jedi and any stragglers and took off after the other two ships.

* * *

On the wings of death, by the hands of doom
By the darkest light, from the darkest moon
Crossing silent skies, over planets high
For we stand as one tonight

Within a few moments, the battlefield in space was a scattered red glow, spotted with puffs of smoke, blazing fireballs, showers of sparks that whirled like pinwheels, rumbling explosions—as the Republic fleet poured everything they had at the Star Forge.

And then night became day as shafts of light spiraled, becoming a grim, dazzling spectacle. Tumbling machinery, space-frozen corpses and an electron storm that exploded from the gigantic station, forming rings of glaring light. Admiral Dodonna had already withdrawn her ships when she realized the Star Forge was going to self-destruct.

There were cheers from all section of her ship, but her features were somber. What of the crew of the Ebon Hawk?

Then she saw not one, but three freighters appear out of the brilliant light and she knew she could join the celebration, too. The Sith had been routed, Darth Malak defeated, the Star Forge destroyed.

She did not see, right before the final explosion, a streak emerge from the hangar bay. Peter Petrelli, wearing a space suit, flew from the bay, carrying Revan, also in a space suit. Peter always did this in his own universe, so he did not know the harm he might inflict upon the galaxy by saving Darth Revan. He was only being one of the Heroes, after all.

He flew Revan down to the summit of the temple, smiled and then he flew away, switching to supersonic speed and using the power he'd usurped from Hiro to return to his own time. Revan shielded his eyes from the afternoon sun. He took off his mask and began to laugh. The Force, it seemed, had a wicked sense of humor.

In the shadows faces appear
Warriors wearing full metal gear
Join together one and all before the glorious light
Rise up, gather round, come and hear what is said
Use your senses open your mind don't you ever forget…

The Cross of Glory ceremony was over. Cal wandered the sand of the island, gazing out at the huge moon that took up so much space in the slowly darkening sky. There was a bandage on his head and his arm was in a sling. He finally found Bastila sitting in a crumpled heap on the sand, the waves brushing her toes. He sank down beside her and they shared the quiet for a moment, soaking in the beauty of the place.

"I had it all planned," he said softly, taking her hand. "I was going to put on your slipper from that magical night, but Revan spoiled it."

Bastila dug something out of her RPG sack. Yes, they all carry one! Moonlight glinted off the glass of the mate to the slipper Cal had lost. "I have the other one."

Cal got to his knees and she placed her bare foot on his thigh. He slipped the shoe on her foot and something happened neither expected. Luminosity filled the air about Bastila, dancing about her form, and when the air returned to normal, she was wearing the cream-colored gown with silver stitching on the hem and about the scalloped neck. The same gown she'd worn to the ball. She also had the jeweled headdress, and her hair was caught into an extravagant assortment of braids with beads and jewels woven into them, just as it had been the night of the costume ball on Tatooine. Yes, she had been Cinderella at that ball—and hadn't even known it! The lost glass slipper had also magically appeared.

Cal looked down and saw that his outfit had been transformed too. He was dressed in white pants tucked into light tan boots, a white shirt with very puffy sleeves, and a gold vest covered by a cream-colored waistcoat. There was a golden crown perched on his head. He was now Bastila's Prince Charming.

"I love you, Bas-mia. Will you marry me?"

He was pleased when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue velvet box that held a brilliant diamond—the one he'd seen at the Faire on Tatooine and had wondered if he would ever meet fair maiden to give it to. He smiled as she raised her beautiful face and he slid the ring on her finger.

"Cal, are you sure? I was so evil!"

He kissed her forehead and lifted her to her feet, holding her hands as the moon behind them turned them into silhouettes. "I love you, darling." He took her in his arms and kissed her. "That dress would make a wonderful wedding dress," he said after a few more passionate kisses.

"Carth and Jaden are getting married tomorrow." She strolled down the moonlit beach with him, holding his hand. "I…don't suppose…I mean, we..do you think?"

He laughed. "You are so adorable when you get flustered like this. Do you want to have a double ceremony, is that what you meant?"

She nodded, suddenly feeling shy and uncertain. He lifted her high in his arms. "Bas-mia, will you marry me tomorrow?"

She gazed down at his face. "Yes!"

* * *

Conceived and born was one of light
Rain and dark, the other born black night

Flowers were gathered and placed in urns. A canopy was strewn with rich silks, and the company that gathered to witness the union of Jaden Revan and Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan and Cal I'bur were dressed in their finest uniforms and clothes. Including the number of Twi'leks, the crowd almost outnumbered the stars that peeked down from a black velvet sky. The perfume of the flowers was sweet, the music was not so sweet, but the guests put up with it. The band, Synyster Sith with Alpha Cue, had been invited and they could not say no to their favorite smuggler.

Jaden was not all decked out like Bastila with her Cinderella complex. She was dressed simply in light smuggler's clothes. She had allowed Bastila to curl her hair and put flowers in it. Carth wore his dress uniform.

Before the ceremony, Carth asked Jaden to read the inscription on his ring. "What does it say?"

She smirked. "Easy. To the smuggler who stole my heart. What does mine say? I had Hiro get it engraved."

"Same initials." He thought a second. "Uh, to the soldier who stole my heart?"

"You're good Captain OJ!"

"Watch it, woman. In a just a minute you're gonna be Mrs. Captain OJ."

Admiral Dodonna performed the ceremony, telling the brides to repeat after her and then the grooms. Why, oh why, do they insist on having this part?

"If there is anyone in this company who objects, let him speak now or forever hold his peace." There was a collective silence. It was just being polite because nobody objected.

Except one….

I've been waiting for someone like you
But now you are slipping away.
What have you done now?
Why, Why does fate make us suffer?
There's a curse between us
Between me and you…

Darth Revan stood at the end of the aisle. He contemptuously waved his hands, freezing everyone in stasis. Everyone, that is, except Bastila. He strode down the path to stand before her. He freed Admiral Dodonna.

" Marry us," he said imperiously.

When she started to object, he used the Force to choke her slightly until she nodded her agreement.

Bastila tried to pull away as he grabbed her hand. "Luce, no! You can't force me to marry you!"

"I won't be," he said with supreme confidence, smirking down at her. "It was your darkness that drew me to you that day on the bridge. It was not mine that called out to you, Bastila. It was yours calling out to me, and I answered. I see Cal's destiny, and it is not with you. Your destiny lies with me. You belong to me, body and soul."

"Do you love me?" Her voice caught on a sob. "B-because Cal does!"

"Cal loves the idea of you, and although his feelings are true, you would soon tire of such a sweet, gentle man. You want me, a man of fire, a man of passion, to awaken it inside you. Yes, Bastila," he affirmed. "I do love you. I love everything about you, and I embrace the dark kernel within you. Only with me can you be free of the Jedi, of their Code, of their control over your life. Join with me, Bastila. The Star Forge has been destroyed, but it does not mean I have given up."

"Luce, I…"

"Marry me." He took Cal's diamond from her finger and replaced it with a ruby that glowed with the evil power of the dark side.

Bastila bowed her head, tears dripping off her chin. She was terrified when she saw her white dress had changed into slinky black. After what felt like a very long time, she took Revan's arm and nodded to Admiral Dodonna to continue the ceremony.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Luce kissed her and pulled her down the aisle. They were gone when the stasis wore off the stunned crowd. Cal gazed down at the engagement ring on the ground, and he did not even bend down to pick it up.

"Cal, I am so sorry!" Jaden was revolted at what her brother had done.

He shook his head sorrowfully, and then walked away with his head down, shoulders slumped. Admiral Dodonna pronounced Carth and Jaden husband and wife, and their friends gathered around to congratulate them, trying to put Luce and Bastila out of their minds.

The reception following the wedding fell flat. "Trust my fracking brother to ruin my wedding day and SG's life!" Jaden wanted to punch something. "Some light side ending this is."

"Well, gorgeous, it is in a lot of ways." Carth smoothed the hair from her face as a late evening breeze tossed it. "You didn't fall to the dark side. We're all heroes of the Republic. The Star Forge is destroyed."

"When you put it that way." She slipped into his arms. "But poor Cal's heart is broken."

"He's tough. He'll get over it."

Jaden sighed. Time to change the subject. "What should we name the babies? We're having twins, you know. A boy and a girl—at least, that's what I saw in my vision."

Carth's face blanched. "T-twins?!"

"Yeah, it runs in my family. Hell, Carth, it runs in this galaxy!"

"We have time to think of suitable names," he said gently as he took her hand and kissed it. "Love you, wife."

She grinned. "Love you, husband."

And the director or the manipulative gamer that has been running this whole show loaded the final mod into his computer and he smiled, pushing his glasses up his nose as he saw Carth and Jaden walk away together, the huge moon framing them.

Hiro raised his hands over his head. "E'tah! I did it! I did light side and dark side, canon and non-canon Revan, and mods from other games. I am gaming champion of the world!"