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He looked into his suit case and mentally checked off his list of things he would need for the tour. He had all the important things he would need, if he forgot something small, he can easily replace it. However,

truth be told he would not want to have someone run out and buy him a toothbrush in case he forgot his, it's just too embarrassing. Nor would he want to go buy it for himself, first off all, he would be on a tight

schedule so he wouldn't have the time to slip out, secondly, if he did, there is the chance that someone would recognize him and cause a fuss. He looked over the things he packed once again and concluded he

had everything. He zipped it up and moved it out of his bedroom, down the stairs to the front door. He went back into the room and into his walk in closet. It was time to pick out what he would wear the next


While looking, he came across a shirt that reminded him of the one she wore over her stained uniform. His thoughts then drifted from what to wear to how clever she was to put on the cafeteria lady's shirt.

From that alone, he would have decided that she was a competent girl, but he still couldn't figure out if she is strong or weak minded, competent or a good for nothing. Earlier she had been aloof in her greeting

to him and when he confronted her, she apologized but seemed so timid and shy, making him believe her to be weak minded. But not only ten minutes later had something happen to make him feel unsure. He

met her mother, Shiraki Yukari, the top actress in Japan. He was surprised when Yura called her mother, even more when Shiraki called her daughter and went on to scold her. The things she said to her

daughter contradicted her public image. After she had left, he turned to Yura and told her how annoying she had been for not talking back to her mother. He continued to believe that she was weak minded but

then she had to go and say something that made him unsure. She said that talking back would not have meant anything, she would work hard and show everyone what she is capable of. Her solution would

get better results than the solution he was thinking of doing had he been in her position.

"What an interesting girl" he thinks to himself before putting the shirt back into its place. At least that encounter answered the question he had about his brother's relationship with her. She is the daughter of

Onozuka Takayuki, and his brother is a big fan of his. "The idiot probably wants to marry her so he can be Onozuka's son." Now Haruka believed his brother was serious when he said he proposed to her, yet

did not even know her contact information.

He went back to his original task and quickly picked out something comfortable and wouldn't stick out too much. He did not want to be mobbed by rabid fangirls while at the airport. With that he went to bed

since he had to rise early the next day and it was just past midnight. Drifting off, he thought of the question that is Onozuka Yura. Yes, now he understood the relationship between his brother and her, but he

did not understand her. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he wanted to know more. The next time he sees her would be at the press conference.


Decided to do this because there is only two other Honey Hunt fan fictions and it makes me sad.