Chapter 8: Taking the Bait

Mal Verde was chasing after poor Number 400-4 as he ran through the Amazon jungle. The Mexican monster was catching up toward the Kids Next Door operative, whom was heading straight for the camp where his Brazilian counterparts were located.

"I'm going to get you!" laughed Mal Verde as he began to crush some trees that were in his way.

Yet as Mal Verde was continuing to head toward the tree house that housed members of the Brazilian Kids Next Door, Number 400-4 made it just in the nick of time. As he stopped to take his breath, Number 777, along with Numbers 362 and the remaining members of Sector V were ready to go with Number Infinity's plan.

"He's coming!" cried Number 400-4 as he was trying to catch his breath.

"You can rest now, we'll take care of this" replied Number 362, "alright, Kids Next Door, to your positions!"

As every Kids Next Door operative hid, Mal Verde finally made his way toward the tree house.

"Hmm, now where the heck could you Kids Next Door be located?" asked Mal Verde to himself, suddenly he began to sniff the air, and it was the smell of a burrito, "Hmm, something smells good, maybe I'll take a bit to eat of this first, and still have room for you kids later!"

The Mexican monster then changed his direction, from the tree house toward the large empty area which really hade a large burrito right for him. Poor Number 4, was still waiting for the signal to implement Number Infinity's plan. He was of course quite impatient, as he had been in the capsule container for at least three hours or so.

"When then heck are they going to give me that signal?!" cried Number 4, "I better get the heck out of here, or I'm going to crack!"

Suddenly, he could feel the capsule being lifted right up, as it was wrapped in a tortilla, filled with meat, Mal Verde lifted up the large burrito. Saliva from the monster was dripping down from above, which some of the saliva fell right on poor Number 3.

"Yuck, what the heck is this?!" cried Number 3 as saliva poured down in her hiding space.

"Quiet, you're going to expose our positions" replied Number 362 as she whispered back to her.

Mal Verde continued to take up the large burrito, and then began to swallow it whole.

"He's taken the bait" said Number 362 as she told Number Infinity who was on her communicator.

"Good, I'll signal Number 4 to send out the gas in the monster's stomach then" replied Number Infinity.

Back inside the capsule, Number 4 could feel that he was going all the way down. As he cleared the window on the capsule, after the meat that was on it, went away, he noticed that there were still a number of his fellow Kids Next Door operatives hanging on by a thread to prevent themselves from falling down into the acid stomach of the monster. As the capsule went deeper, Number Infinity then turned on a computer from his location, and a computer screen popped up next to Number 4's seat.

"Ah, good, I see the monster has taken the bait" said Number Infinity.

"Yeah, what the crude do you want me to do now that I'm in this thing, heading straight toward that green stuff down there?" asked Number 4.

"We secretly used one of these contraptions on a mission against an alien adult who was terrorizing our operatives on another planet" replied Number Infinity, "I'll guide you through implementing releasing the gas, which should send you straight out of the monster's mouth."

"So what are all these buttons here for?" asked Number 4.

"Press the yellow button next to you" replied Number Infinity, "it should create a raft, so that the capsule will be able to float on the acid liquid below."

"Got it" replied Number 4 after he pressed the yellow button, a floating device emerged from the bottom of the capsule, enabling it to float as it landed right in the acid.

"Good, good" said Number Infinity, "next, I want you to look for a red button, that also has the words launch on it."

"You mean this one?" asked Number 4.

"Yes, you'll be launching some missiles, filled with gas into this monster" replied Number Infinity, "it should make the monster quite ill, enough so that he would barf you up."

"Wait a second, are you saying I have to get myself all messed up here?" asked Number 4.

"Just press the button already" replied Number Infinity.

As Number 4 pressed the button, the missiles were fired from the capsule, like a mini-submarine. Yet while those missiles were heading toward their targets, Mal Verde was just about finish eating the burrito.

"That was delicious!" laughed Mal Verde as he then gazed around, he noticed that members of the Brazilian Kids Next Door, and also Sector V were coming out of their hiding places, "Looks like I still have room for more!"

"Quickly, to the tree house!" cried Number 777, "We have the best tree house on the continent, it'll be able to withstand the monster's impact!"

"You better be right about this!" replied Number 362.

"Come on, you think that's going to protect you?!" laughed Mal Verde.

As the Mexican monster was making his way toward the Kids Next Door operatives, the missiles filled with gas managed to hit an intestine, in Mal Verde, releasing the gas within. He stopped for a moment or two.

"What the heck was that?!" cried Mal Verde as he was feeling his stomach.

"Looks like he's going to blow, head to the tree house!" cried Number 2 as he was pushing his way toward it.

The gas within those missiles were working their charm on poor Mal Verde. He couldn't stand the gas that was coming out of the missiles, which acted like if he literally had gas problems after eating something as big as a burrito. Mal Verde, then finally couldn't take it and began to literally have the face he was going to barf.

"I don't feel so good" sighed Mal Verde.

Suddenly, barf then began to flow out of the Mexican monster, with remaining Kids Next Door operatives whom were swallowed began to flow right out. It was quite a complete, gross mess to see. The capsule, which Number 4 was in also flowed out of the barf. The only one whom seemed to be clean was Number 4, while everyone else were covered in barf from Mal Verde.

"This is worse than being covered in saliva!" cried Number 3 as she was literally gross out.

"Number 5 hears that" added Number 5 as she couldn't stand it either.

"You kids go clean yourselves up, I have no feelings within my stomach" sighed Mal Verde as he sat down to rest.

This even confused Father and the Delightful Children who were secretly watching it.

"Yuck, I hate watching something like this unfold" sighed Father as he turned off the computer screen, "come Children, let's go and watch something more tasteful."

"Now that you mention it Father, it wasn't a perfect plan after all" sighed the Delightful Children as they left the room with him.

Back with the Brazilian Kids Next Door, everyone were doing their best trying to clean themselves up, except for Number 4 who was gloating that he was the only one who was clean.

"Yes, you can all do work in cleaning yourself up" laughed Number 4 as he was heading into the tree house.

"Want to play some barf ball? It's like snowball except with barf?" replied Number 2 to his Brazilian counterparts.

The scene then ends, when poor Number 4 turns around, and gets pelted with Mal Verde's barf, sending him collapsing to the ground which the scene then promptly ends from there.