Before the Horror

Disclaimer: I do not own Rocky Horror whatsoever. Richard O'Brien and Fox do.

Frank felt a pair of lips caress his inner thigh, he moaned in response. Another pair of lips found their way to his neck and Frank lifted his hand to the owner's chest; it was a man. He let his hand slide down the man's chest and even further until he heard the man give a quick gasp.

Definitely male, Frank quietly chuckled.

There were many more moans emitted from various places on the bed. The silken sheets made rustling noises whenever someone moved. The lips that had been at Frank's thigh carefully moved over and Frank moaned loudly. Suddenly the door flew open, filling the darkened room with bright light.

The lips slipped off of Frank and the man pulled himself out of Frank's hand. He cried out in frustration and sat up. He was blinded for a few minutes and could only hear shrill screaming and feel soft skin brushing up against him. He blinked furiously in an attempt to regain his sight. Whoever had just barged in was dead; no one interrupted the prince when he was with his playmates.

"Prince Frank!" A voice boomed from the doorway.

Frank's eyes had finally adjusted to the light and he found that he was in front of the group of cowering playmates. He glared at them, angered that they did not rush to protect their prince, but rather offered him as a sort of sacrifice. He turned his anger toward the figure in the doorway. From the outline, he could tell that it was a guard.

Not anymore, Frank thought as he narrowed his eyes.

"Prince Frank!" The guard shouted once more.

"I'm right here!" Frank growled and slid off the bed. He found his discarded robe and slipped it on.

"Your highness," the guard bowed.

Frank was impatient, "Oh just get on with it!"

The guard straighted up immediately, "The queen requests your presence in the throne room at once."

Fury struck Frank and turned his face red. So it was his mother's fault that his orgy was ruined and now she expected him to go visit her? Frank crossed his arms.

"Tell her that I am much too busy and she will just have to wait," He said and turned on his heel to head back to the bed.

"The queen thought you might decline, so she took the liberty of issuing you a punishment."

Frank scoffed, "Mummy would never punish me."

"Are you so sure, your highness?"

The guard whistled and more guards appeared behind him. They all marched in, avoiding Frank, and seized his court lovers. All he could do was watch in disbelief as they dragged the struggling lovers out of the bedroom.

After Frank heard the door to his chambers slam shut, his manservant, Otho, rushed in. Otho bowed to the prince and looked up at him in panic.

"Your highness what just--"

"Dress me," Frank ordered.

"Yes, Prince Frank," he bowed again.

Otho followed Frank through the sitting room and into Frank's walk-in closet. Frank was lost in his thoughts and had a shocked expression plastered on his face. He could not believe that his mother would do such a thing. He was his mother's only child, she always gave him everything he wanted. She would never punish him for fear that he would leave, just like his father. When he had decided that he wanted to dress like a woman after watching a movie imported from the planet Earth, she was the one to give him his first pair of heels and order the rest of Transylvania to dress the same. When he wanted to become a scientist, she was the one who bribed the best school in Transylvania to accept him and threatened them to make sure he graduated top of his class.

Oh, Mummy, why? A tear rolled down his cheek.

Otho handed him a handkerchief which he absently accepted and dabbed away the lone tear with it.

"Have I smudged my make-up?" He asked Otho.

"No, your highness. It looks perfect, just like you."

"Thank you, Otho."

"Would you like me to go with you?"

"No," he tossed his hair and sighed, "this is something that I must do alone."

He looked at himself in his three-way mirror. Otho had put him in a red velvet corset, black underwear, fishnets, fingerless red gloves and his favorite shiny black stilettos. He blew a kiss at his reflection before turning back to Otho.

"I shall return within the hour. I intend to make my visit with her short," Frank announced as he walked out of the closet.

He made his way to the door and turned around to face Otho. He ran a finger under the manservant's chin and gave him a seductive smile. Otho's eyes widened and Frank leaned in close. He looked down to see that a bulge had grown in Otho's pants. He chuckled victoriously before pulling away and walking out the door. He loved the effect he had on others, and he loved leaving them dying for more.

Frank strutted down the great hall exuding utter confidence. As he finally approached the throne room he spotted a few of his groupies standing in front of the giant oak doors. They squealed when they saw him and rushed up to him. They bowed and giggled nervously before holding out pads of paper and pens to him.

Frank ran into his groupies wherever he went; he had groupies scattered across all the planets in the galaxy. Everyone might as well have been one of his groupies, though most refused to show it. Frank was such a big flirt that no one could help but feel some sort of attraction to him, even if they hated his selfish and arrogant manner.

"Oh, Prince Frank, would you please give me your autograph?" One girl cried.

"Of course," He winked at her and took her pen and paper. "Who should I make this out to?"

"Annabelle," She replied softly, mesmerized by his hazel eyes. "That's me."

"That's a pretty name for a very pretty girl," He handed her back her pad and pen.

She giggled and looked down in embarrassment. He reached out and took her chin in his hand. He studied her face for a few minutes, deciding what to do with her. She had soft facial features, strawberry blond hair, and green eyes. Her figure was quite nice as well and she, overall, pleased Frank.

"Why don't you stop by my chambers this evening?" He asked in a seductive tone. "I think I may have a job for you."

"I'll be there," her eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Good," He let go of her chin and walked through the crowd.

He heard jealous bickering begin as he walked away. Two guards were stationed at the doors and opened them as they saw Frank approaching. Before he walked in, he looked back once more at the groupies.

"Oh, Annabelle!" He called.

"Yes?" She stepped forward.

He lifted his hand and blew her a kiss. She fainted almost immediately and the other groupies refused to catch her as she fell. They glared at her unconscious body and Frank grew a satisfied smile on his face.

You are so naughty, Frank, he thought to himself as the doors closed behind him.