The class passed faster then most others and for that Harry was thankful he wasn't sure if he could handle the sent of Draco's blood for too much longer, when the bell suddenly rang. Harry stood quickly and nodded once to Draco showing that he had not forgotten the fact that they were to talk outside.

Harry got there first; the vampire banged his head against the car several times barely remembering not to dent the car. What was he doing! He had lured a human, a human! Out here, alone of all things and said human was hurt, then there was also the fact that he plotted the humans death a few times as well.

"I should have never teased Edward, this is my pay back, and since I can't go to hell right now I have to face this." He bemoaned softly.

"You're a drama queen." A soft voice said and Harry groaned miserably. "What do you want?" The voice questioned harsher then before.

Harry opened his eyes and saw the blond that called to him so much. "You are hurt." The dark haired teen told the blond.

Draco sneered, "Really now? I didn't notice." Harry's lips quirked a tiny bit, "Glad I could point that out." He remarked. "You need a doctor." Harry told him after a moment of silence.

The new teen shook his head. "No, I'm fine and going back to class." He turned to walk back but Harry placed a gentle but restricting hand on his shoulder.

Harry sighed, "You have two choices, one you go to the doctor and get better. Or I can go kill your guardian for abusing you. Take your pick." Harry released the teen and crossed his arms in a show of human defiance.

Draco's jaw dropped and he narrow his eyes after quickly snapping his mouth closed. "What are you blathering about you simpleton?" He spat angrily. Harry watched bemused, this little human was funny. "I gave you a choice Draco. Pick one." The golden eyed vampire said trying not to breath to much.

The blond scoffed, "You are an imbecile," he stated, "I'm going to class." The poor teen once again tried to leave but was lifted, very gently, from the ground. He gaped at the nerve of the Cullen boy, first dragging him from class then bodily picking him up and forcing in the car.

"I am very tempted to scream rape and see what happens." Draco told the other teen as he was being strapped into the car; Harry smiled dangerously at the blond. "Don't even. People who down play or make up that kind of stuff should suffer. No deserves that, and I will not tolerate people down playing that tragic occurrence."

Draco paused; that he decided was a bad idea. "Fine then, I'm sure I could scream something else to get other people's attention." Harry chuckled as his eyes darkened as he got closer to the blond; the smell was so sweet, so intoxicating. "I'm sure you could." He whispered, he noted Draco shuddered slightly.

Draco just stared forward and tried not to move, this was getting crazy.


Harry pulled out of the school parking lot faster then necessary, he looked at the still form in the passenger seat and almost groaned; he did something stupid. Harry got in a small enclosed place with someone who he planed to kill and then feast upon his blood. Why did he do these things?

"I'm sorry for my mood swings." Harry said suddenly startling Draco. "I know this confusing for you," The dark haired teen shook his hair causing his hair to become even messier then before. "This isn't easy for me either, I'm trying to stop." He explained poorly. Harry shook his head in frustration this wasn't coming out right!

"I….just know that I'm sorry alright?" Silence enveloped the car; neither Draco nor Harry felt the need to speak. The ride to the hospital was short and Draco had a question, "How are you going to get a doctor to see me when you don't have an appointment?" He questioned snidely.

Harry smirked, "My father is a doctor and he is free right now," Harry continued lying; truthfully he had no idea if Carlisle was busy; "I called him earlier."

Draco opened his mouth to argue but thought better of it. Harry didn't seem like the type to give up easily, so he settled for glaring at the infuriating teen hoping he would spontaneously combust.

The golden eyed teen chuckled softly as he got out of the car and went to open Draco's door, the human was very amusing that's for sure. Harry opened the door gracefully and made to help the blond out of the car but Draco waved his hands away. "I can manage myself." He sneered, unhappily.

Harry raised an eyebrow but conceded and watched the injured boy ease himself out of the car. Hr gave him a concerned look, "Follow me."

Draco trailed after the dark headed teen sullenly, they entered the hospital and Harry began speaking to the nurse at the front desk cheerfully. "Is Carlisle busy?" He chirped, smiling happily. The nurse blushed and fumbled to look at the computer and shook her head, "He's open right now you can go on down to his office." She flushed when Harry gave her another big smile.

Draco sat back and watched the women get dazzled by the mysterious teen, all the while wondering what was going on.

Harry smirked at the befuddled Draco and motioned him forward, "Come, my father awaits."


Harry paused at a door with the name Cullen on a small plastic container that held files next to it. He knocked twice and a musical voice bade them welcome from within.

Harry opened the door with flourish, holding the door open for the injured teen to walk in. Dr. Cullen seemed to know right away that he was hurt and stood gracefully. "Hello, Harry what brings you here during school hours?" His voice held a little disappointment but more amusement. Harry seemed to fumble under his father's gaze.

"He's hurt," He decided to say, pointing to Draco. "I think he broke at least one rib." Carlisle's doctor sense seemed to kick in when he heard that turned to the blond teen who was trying to become invisible. "Hello, I'm Doctor Carlisle Cullen, are you injured?"

Draco pressed his lips together but answered, "Draco Malfoy and I suppose."

"Come with me to my exam room, please." He asked calmly. Draco and Harry followed the doctor to another room with a chair and an exam table. Where Draco guessed he was suppose to sit. The silver-eyed teen glanced disdainfully at the table but sat, nonetheless.

Carlisle smiled and shooed his son over to the chair. "Are you having trouble breathing?" He inquired thoughtfully. Draco snuck a look at the teen, which looked like he was reading a magazine in the corner, but Draco had a feeling he wasn't, a hateful look, but nodded reluctantly. "Yes, I have been."

The doctor frowned, "How long have you had trouble breathing?" He questioned, placing a stethoscope to the teens chest, "inhale deeply and hold it for me, please," He paused a few seconds, "Let it out." Draco exhaled.

He frowned again, when Draco didn't answer. "Mr. Malfoy?" Carlisle smoothed his face suddenly and scribbled some thing onto a piece of paper; ignoring the fact, his question had not been answered. "You need an x-ray," he told the teen, "Your breathing is labored and I fear you might end up puncturing a lung."

Draco paled he couldn't pay for this with out his father finding out, "How much will this cost?"

Harry snorted, "Nothing I brought you here I will pay for it. Take it out of my account Carlisle." He told both the doctor and the blond. Dr. Cullen nodded and helped Draco stand, "Can you get him a wheel chair, son, I don't want him walking." Harry nodded and swept out of the room.

Carlisle took the time to speak with his patient. "Who is abusing you?" He asked bluntly.

Draco's face remained passive, "What are you talking about?" He almost sneered.

The doctor gave him a stern look, "Who is abusing you."

"No one," He insisted hoping the doctor would just drop it. The blond man closed his eyes, "Come little wizard lets get you x-rayed. And tell Lucius that he and I will be having a talk soon."

Draco's jaw dropped as Harry came into the room with a wheel chair he looked furious. Draco stared at both of them how did the doctor know he was a wizard or know his father for that matter? "What are you?" He asked in a choked whispered but only received smiles in return.