This story is a sequel to In My Heart so you might want to read that one first.

Both this story and In My Heart have a different time line than the show. Bones and Booth married when Parker was four, so that would mean sometime in season one or two. After a few months of marriage Booth had to go to war. Bones gets custody of Parker and I'll go into that more in this fic. He comes back when Parker is five which would be somewhere in between seasons two and three. Like I said it is an alternate universe story so I'm going to be pulling cases I like from different seasons regardless of when they really happened. If you don't like it just don't read it, it's not that big of a deal.

There will be a few new characters, and a few old ones we haven't seen in a while

Now having said all that, let's get on with the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones.

Title: Home

Author: ReadingRed

Chapter One: Falling Apart

"Parker, could you go get the mail for me?" Bones asked her step son.

"Mommma, I'm in the middle of my game." Parker yelled from the living room, dragging out the mama a few extra syllables to show how much this was inconveniencing him.

"Now please Parker." Bones was unmoved by the boys plea.

"Awe man. Fine I'll do it, just don't ever say I didn't do anything for you." Parker said with a grin as he walked toward her. On his way past her to the front door Bones pulled him into a hug and kissed the top of his head. "Thanks Park."

"Yeah yeah, I know." The boy said with a wave of his hand on his way out the door.

"Hey Bones you handled that well. He listens better to you than he does to me." Booth lamented from where he stood in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen. Bones frowned at Booth's words.

"Booth you knew it would be like this when you came back. He's just more used to me right now. It's like how he was with me when we first got married. Just give him time to adjust, he'll come around. He loves you."

"I know. I guess when I was over there I just had this idea that when I finally came home it would be just like it was before I left you know? And then I got back and it's like the world moved on without me." Booth looked so depressed when he said those words. Bones walked over and gave him a hug, it was a small gesture but she didn't know what else to do to try and ease his pain. Then she tried to change the subject.

"Are kids his age supposed to be that sarcastic?" Bones mumbled into his chest. It worked because Booth started to laugh; it was a sound that Bones hadn't heard enough of in the days since he got back.

"I don't know Bones." He said with a grin. Parker came rushing in waving a manila envelope.

"Bones! Looket here! You gots a letter and it's BIG!" When Parker reached Booth and Bones he thrust the letter into Bones' hands. He dropped the rest of the mail on the island in the center of the kitchen and leaned in closer to see the letter better.

"What's the letter Bones?" Booth asked. He too was curious to the contents of the envelope.

"I do not know. I wasn't expecting anything." Bones flipped the envelope over to look at the return address.

"Law Offices of Turner and Boyd?" She mumbled trying to remember any reason why they would have to get in contact with her. It wasn't the name of her lawyers' office and she couldn't recall any dealing with this particular office in the past. For lack of a better phrase, Bones was stumped. Bones opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. Reading the first few paragraphs quickly she then looked up at her husband.

"We need to talk." She told him while at the same time trying to keep her face from revealing too much. Booth nodded his head then looked down at Parker.

"Hey bud why don't you go finish up your game? It's probably missing you by now."

"But daddy, what's in the letter? I wanna know." Parker whined.

"Now Parker." Booth was firm and Parker didn't like it. He turned and looked at Bones, searching for an ally.

"Mama?" Parker looked up at her with a sad face. He looked like they were punishing him, not telling him to go play with his favorite toy. Sometimes she just didn't understand children. Later she would realize that he felt like he had no say in his life and that with all the changes he had went though in the previous couple of days he was just trying to find a balance in his life.

"Go play Parker." She hadn't thought it possible but his face fell even farther. His eyes started tearing up and instead of going to the living room to play he turned and ran down the hall and into his bedroom. She didn't know what to do. Parker didn't act like this often so she hadn't had much practice at working through a situation like it. She looked to Booth for help.

"What do I do now?" She asked.

"Give him a minute to calm down and then go talk to him. Comfort him. Let him know you'll always be here for him."

"Ok but we still need to talk. I'll go make sure Parker's feeling better. Will you meet me in our room so we can talk?"

"I'll be there, don't worry. Just go fix Parker." He said with a small smile. Bones nodded, as she neared Booth she gave him quick hug and kiss.

"It'll get easier Booth, I know it will."

It didn't take long to calm Parker; all he need was a few kind words and a hug. Soon Bones was in the master bedroom. She found Booth there pacing. She should've known he would assume the worst. He had probably spent all this time wondering what bad news could possibly be in the envelope.

"Sit down, this might take awhile." Bones said.

"Bones, come on. You're starting to worry me. What's going on?" Booth had a worried look on his face and Bones could tell that she needed to start explaining fast before he got any more worried.

"I'll try and get to the point as soon as I can. I'm not sure how to start, so I'll just start at the beginning." Bones was so nervous she was pacing, looking anywhere but at Booth's face. "When I was in college my roommate and I became really good friends. Her name was Grace and her past was similar to mine. She had also lost her parents at a young age, but she had no other family, and at the time I didn't know where Russ was so we became each others' family. She was in school to be an anthropologist too just not a forensic anthropologist. We both went on to get our doctorates from the same university and continued to be friends after we left school. About a year after she married her husband they started to try for a baby. It wasn't working so they went to a fertility specialist and found out that Grace was infertile. She couldn't have a child of her own but with the help of donated eggs she could still have a baby. They asked me if I would donate."

Booth stood and wrapped his arms around Bones trying to calm her. "What did you say when they asked?"

"I.. I said…"

"Mama Bones!" Parker's cry came from the living room and Bones was out of her husband's arms and on her way to the child immediately. She found him standing in the kitchen crying.

"Parker, Parker what's wrong?" Bones asked franticly. Kneeling in front of the child with her hands on his shoulders she quickly examined him and finding no injuries she calmed slightly.

"I tho… hiccup…thought you… left me" Parker cried throwing himself into her arms. Bones tightened her hold on the boy pulling him closer to her body. He must've come out of his bedroom to look for her and when he didn't see her gotten scared.

"Parker I would never leave you, remember like we just talked about? Me and Daddy are always going to be here for you. It's ok Parker, don't cry I'm here." Bones didn't know what to do. She looked around and then saw Booth. He looked almost as bad as Parker. She waved him over and then stood with Parker in her arms. Booth was soon at her side and she pulled him into the hug.

"Parker, it's ok, we're all here, and we're all going to be fine."