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Title: Home

Author: ReadingRed

Chapter Eleven: Home

The police officer, whose name turned out to be Sam Waller, sped the entire way to the Jeffersonian. Parker was even allowed to be the one to turn the siren on for the ride. Sam was determined to get these kids home safely and as fast as possible.

Ember fell asleep in the backseat of the squad car. She was so relieved to be safe and on her way home she let herself fall asleep from exhaustion. Even though she was asleep held Parker's hand tight not wanting to let go of her brother until they were both home.

Parker was sitting on the edge of the car seat, straining against the seat belt, one hand reaching back to his sister. His eyes glued to the windows. He didn't want to miss the Jeffersonian. The police officer tried to talk to Parker a few times, but Parker wasn't interested. He just wanted to go home.

Harper sat in Angela's office, this time she had made it safely. Angela had given her a pad of paper and a box of markers for her to color with, but Harper wasn't interested. She just wanted Parker and Ember back safely and for them all to go home.

Booth was going stir crazy. The Special Agent who had been questioning him and Bones had left to talk to the rest of the squad. The Agent had told Booth to stay in Brennan's office. He had never been on to follow rules, but he also knew that if ever there were a time, it was now. If he left to look for his children and the agents found out, they would assume that it was he who had hurt them in the first place, and focus the investigation on tracking down Booth, and not the children. So Booth was left to pace back and forth, in Bones' office, praying all the while, that his kids would be home soon.

Bones sat behind her desk and watched Booth pacing. She wished she had the words to comfort him, but she knew there were none, after all she was going through the same thing, and she could think of nothing that would help her to hear. She looked at the pictures on her desk. Some were brand new, and some were quiet old. There was a picture of Bones and her mother, when Bones was just a child. Next to that picture was one of Booth and Bones on their first day as partners, Booth was towering over Bones, both were red in the face. Bones had her finger pointed at Booths face, and his hand was coming up to smack hers out of the way. Angela had taken it and given it to her the night before she married Booth. The picture after that one was of Bones holding Parker. The boy had been three when it was taken, he had his little arms wrapped around Bones' neck and both had huge smiles on their faces. The last picture on her desk was of her new family. Parker, Harper, and Ember, wearing matching Superman shirts were standing in front of their house. Booth and Bones stood behind the children; Booth with his hand on Parker's shoulder, Bones had a hand on Ember and Harper. They were all wearing big smiles. That picture was what Bones had come to think of as home. Not so much the house but the people in it. Three smiling kids, two parents to love them, it was perfect, and it was something, Bones wanted back. She wanted her kids to come home.

The police officer drove the thirty minute drive to the Jeffersonian, in only fifteen minutes thanks to his siren. He parked the car in a loading zone outside the Jeffersonian and raced around the side to open the doors for the children because the back of the squad car didn't have handles on the inside, to prevent criminals from escaping. He opened the door and the boy calmly climbed out. He had expected the child to out of the car and up the stairs in two seconds flat. Instead the child stood patiently while Sam pulled the sleeping girl out of the car and into his arms. Only then did Parker start sp the stairs, pacing the officer step for step, making sure he stayed in arm reach of his little sister. Sam smiled, it was nice to see a boy so devoted to making sure his sister was safe. Soon they reached the set of double doors that led into the Jeffersonian. Parker opened the door and held it for Sam and Ember.

"Dis is where my mama works." Parker said with a wave of his hands in the general area of the platform. "Her office is 'dis way." He said. They walked in and Parker led the way straight to his mothers' office. The doors and walls of the office were made of glass and as they got closer Sam could see and woman sitting behind a desk and a man pacing the floor. Those must be the parents he thought to himself. He saw the man look up and a expression of shock come over his face. The man turned to his wife the woman looked up, joy was the only word Sam could think of to describe her face. The woman bolted up out of her chair and as one the couple raced to the door. Opening it with a swish they came through and ran to Sam, Ember and Parker. For the first time since he had met the child, Parker left his sisters side. The little boy ran into his mother's arms. The woman picked the boy up and wrapped him in the biggest hug Sam had ever seen. The man hugged the boy and his wife, before turning to Sam and taking Ember from his arms and into his own.

"Thank you" the man said with tears in his eyes. The woman looked up from her childrens faces and caught the police officers gaze.

"Yes, thank you for bringing my children home."