(A/N: This is just Leah and Jacob's thinking. Leah doesn't really love Sam more than Jacob and Jacob doesn't really love Bella more than Leah. And this was written for The Writing Game on the For all the Little People forum. The prompt was "1 + 1= two (sides to every story): take your favorite pairing and make it one-sided...from BOTH points of view." So that's what I did. That was part of the inspiration, and the second part of the inspiration for this story was from the song "Do you love me?" from Fiddler on the Roof. I love show tunes. Enjoy!)

Do You Love Me?


She loved Sam more than him. Or, at least, that's how it seemed to Jacob.

She was just tolerating Jacob until Sam came to his senses and loved Leah again.

Jacob could see it in her eyes when she looked at Sam. She could wait a whole life time for Sam. Jacob was simply a distraction, something to pass time by until Sam was hers again.

No matter how much Leah tried to convince Jacob that Sam didn't mean anything to her compared to Jacob, he didn't believe her. All the signs told him differently.

Jacob loved Leah.

But did Leah love him?


Jacob was still Bella's. Leah could see that.

Comparing Jacob's love for Leah to Jacob's love for Bella was like comparing an ant hill to Mount Everest.

Leah could read Jacob like a book, even through the unbearably sweet kisses and his promises to her.

He still had some hope that Bella would choose him. And Leah was certain that Jacob would choose Bella over her, leech stink and all.

"Do you love me?" she would ask Jacob, trying not to sound too desperate for his answer.

"Of course I do," Jacob would answer, smiling at her and stroking her hair.

It didn't convince Leah.

Leah loved Jacob.

But did Jacob love her?

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