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Chapter One

I sighed as I put my hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it, adjusting the strap of my backpack at the same time. I opened the back door and took a step into the kitchen.

"Where have you been?" I was swept into a hug and my backpack fell to the ground with a loud thud.

I gasped and struggled to get enough air into my lungs to spit out, "Can't…breathe…"

"Put her down, you big galoot," his girlfriend laughed.

"Sorry, sis," he set me down, ruffling my hair.

I rolled my eyes before receiving a gentler, but no less warm hug from my brother's gorgeous girlfriend. "It's good to see you, Bella."

I returned the hug and whispered, for Rosalie's ears only, "Back me up?"

"Of course."

I pulled away and turned back to my brother, Emmett.

"Well, where were you last night?"

"Do you want the long or short version?" I asked timidly and received a stern look in reply. I rolled my eyes again and continued, "Well, see…I was visiting Rosalie at the garage about a month ago and this guy came in—really nice, really friendly, really, really attractive, but only wanted the best to work on his car," I gestured to Rosalie and she inclined her head in thanks. "Rose thought it would be a good thing to start me on the pill, cuz you never know…" Emmett's mouth dropped open and Rosalie wiggled her fingers in a small wave of acknowledgment. "So I was there yesterday and he was picking up his bike, apparently it needed work too, I don't know."

"Bike…as in…?"

"Motorcycle, now let me finish, Emmett. So I rode off on his bike and spent the night having wild, hot, passionate sex with him that would put you and Rose to shame."

"Rose?" Emmett asked, wide eyes, his voice weak and an octave higher than normal. He turned to her, imploring her to dispute what I had just said.

"Please, don't be mad, Em. I thought you said you just wanted Bella to be safe… So I made sure she was being safe," she said, putting her hand on his muscular chest and tilting her head to the side.

Emmett began sputtering incoherently and Rosalie gave me a sidelong glance. Slow grins spread across both of our faces and soon we were doubled over in laughter.

At first Emmett was taken aback by our display of lunacy but I watched with amusement as the wheels visibly turned in his head. His facial expression changed from a mix of bewilderment and anger to one of shock and incredulity.

"You're joking!" he finally managed to say as he took a step back and pointed at us.

While he was just trying to gain clarity, his question caused both of us to laugh anew, leaning against one another for support.

"Oh my God, Em," Rosalie chocked out between laughing fits, "you shoulda seen your face!"

"It's not funny," he frowned crossing his arms.

"You look like a petulant toddler," I jibbed and Rosalie snickered before collecting herself.

"You've poisoned my baby sister, Rose."

"No, I haven't," she grinned. "I just gave her the tools to have a sharp tongue to go along with that sharp mind of hers." Rosalie winked at me before planting a short kiss on my brother's lips. Or, at least, it was meant to be a short kiss before he pulled her in for a longer one.

"Ugh! Get a room!" I moaned, covering my eyes as their makeout session became heated.

Emmett had the decency to blush slightly before turning back to me and putting the imposing big brother face on again. "Now if you weren't with…that…that…guy…or whatever…where were you last night?"

"Really eloquent, Emmett, you should sign up to write the governor's speeches," I said as I grabbed an apple and sat down at the table to eat it.

"I'm not kidding, Bella, where were you and why didn't you call? You gave both me and Dad a heart attack last night."

"Relax, Emmett, I left a note on the fridge for you guys saying I was going to be at Alice's."

"You left no such note!"

"Oh, really?" Rosalie raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. "Then what's that note behind you?"

I crunched happily on my apple as Emmett turned around and snatched the paper out from underneath the fish shaped magnet. I watched as he read the note, stared at it for a good minute and muttered a pathetic, "Oh."

I shook my head and got up to throw out my apple core when he asked, "Isn't Alice supposed to be here tonight? Where'd she go?"

I slapped my forehead, "That's right I was supposed to go unl-" the backdoor opened, cutting me off and simultaneously knocking me to the ground where I landed awkwardly on top of my forgotten backpack.

In the doorway stood my best friend, Alice, "Bella, where did you go? You were supposed to go let me in the front; you know how many bags I have!" It was true, Alice was supposed to be here for one night and yet she held three massive suitcases in her hands as she talked to me giving me a look that would have anyone afraid. A split second after she was done reprimanding me, she dropped her suitcases, one of which seemed to land on my foot somehow, and leapt at my brother. "Emmy-bear!"

"Hey, Little Bear!" he gave her a big hug.

Alice for some reason insisted on calling my brother "Emmy-bear". He was massive like a bear, it's true. But Alice always claimed that beneath the muscular exterior, he was as soft and squishy as a gummy bear, hence, "Emmy-bear."

I watched as Emmett and Alice shared a big hug and Rosalie perched on the kitchen counter. Here I was, with the three people who meant the most to me in the world, and I couldn't help but feel out of place.

Emmett was the oldest of us—he had just graduated from high school last year and was planning on taking classes at a community college until Rosalie graduates and decides where she wants to go to school. It was almost sickeningly sweet that the two of them were so much in love that they were going to go to college together. For Emmett though, it didn't matter all that much. After all, many schools had education programs and it wouldn't be too hard to find one on that would allow him to follow his dream of being a P.E. teacher.

To say that Emmett is huge is an understatement. Emmett is massive, behemoth almost. With dark, curly hair, bright blue eyes, a charming smile and a jovial nature, Emmett had his share of female admirers, but no one caught his eye until he met Rosalie and they have been inseparable ever since.

Rosalie Hale was really…something. She was tall, though not nearly as tall as Emmett, leggy, blonde…gorgeous. She had the most beautiful big blue eyes I had ever seen and it was hard not to be jealous of her. She was going to enter her senior year at Forks High School, where she reigned as queen bee. Although she and I were close, I never got anywhere near her status of popularity. I was still the quiet girl who liked to sit in a corner and read...

Except when my best friend, Alice Brandon was around. Alice was the most vivacious, bubbly and outgoing person I knew. She was addicted to shopping and tried to bring me along as her personal "Bella Barbie", which I absolutely hated, but it made Alice happy, so I put up with it…as much as I could. Alice was tiny and pixie like, with short, spiky black hair and sparkling brown eyes. Her parents had died when she was five, leaving her to live with her mother's brother, Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. Carlisle and Esme were like a second set of parents to not only Alice, but me as well. Of course, the fact that Carlisle was a famously rich doctor and Esme had made her own nice chunk of change as an interior designer didn't hurt Alice's shopping budget one bit.

So there I was, watching the three of them as I lay on the ground, feeling more than slightly inadequate. They were all stunning and perfect while I was average. I was of average height, had average brown hair and average brown eyes. I was just…average.