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Chapter Eight

We arrived at the Cullen house and Emmett held me back as we approached the door. "Wait for it…" he muttered.

I rolled my eyes, "Grow up, Emmett." I was about to reach for the doorbell when the door flung open.

"There you guys are! Come in and help, there is so much to do!" Alice turned on her heel and we followed. "What took you so long? Wipe that grin off your face, Emmett, I know it was your fault."

My brother threw up his hands defensively, "What did I do?"

Alice finally turned around to glare at him, "You, Emmett Joseph McCarty Swan know what you did." She then quickly climbed the stairs.

Emmett sighed, picked me up, and despite my loud protestations, carried me up the stairs. The sad part was not that he carried me, but that he probably carried me up the stairs faster than I could have walked them on my own.

When we reached the landing, Emmett set me down and Alice ushered me into what used to be one of the guest rooms. Sending Emmett back downstairs to bring boxes up, she flitted about the room, "All of his stuff got here and Uncle Carlisle let him roam around Port Angeles."

"Hello, Bella," Rosalie called from the threshold of the adjoining bathroom, red nail polish poised in her hand. "I hear you coming a mile away."

I grinned, "It's not my fault Emmett won't let me walk by myself."

"Rosalie!" Alice shrieked. "This is no time to be painting your toe nails! We don't have much time before he gets here!"

"Give me a break, Alice. You don't know where he's going to want everything anyway."

"I'm putting things in their logical place, why wouldn't he like the arrangement?"

I tuned out their bickering and surveyed the room. Last year, Esme had painted the walls cream and put in golden yellow carpet. I was wondering if this would be manly enough—surely the room with green walls would have been a better choice. Then I saw the black comforter that adorned the king size bed and felt it added the right amount of masculinity. I couldn't have lived near Esme for this many years without picking up a thing or two about interior decorating.

A new dresser rested along the wall with a new to this house, but obviously well loved desk. New shelving units, no doubt put together by Emmett or Rosalie, lined the other wall.

Apparently, Alice had won the argument because Rosalie was putting the nail polish way, grumbling that her toe nails were only half done.

"Where's Angela?" I asked.

"She had to go to some family thing," Alice sounded surprisingly disgruntled, "which is why I need you both right now." She ran to the door, "Emmett! Hurry up with those boxes. I'm not paying you to watch baseball, turn the TV off!"

"You're not paying me anything, Little Bear."

"Then what's the new car radio for?"

We heard Emmett jump to his feet and knock something over in the process. I laughed, glad it wasn't me for once.


"Chill, Alice, it didn't break."

"Bella, start unpacking the CDs and put them on the shelves."

I did as I was told and began alphabetizing them in the process. Most of them were in alphabetical order, so I assumed that was how he wanted them. I laughed to myself, realizing that I didn't even know his name.

This wasn't the time to ask Alice his name or any other question for that matter. She was in such a frenzy, trying to get everything unpacked and ordering Emmett and Rosalie around. I was glad I had a time consuming task and escaped that end of Alice's temporary insanity. She kept putting things on shelves and then moving them three or four times while trying to pick out outfits for us to wear when we met Esme's nephew.

Only Alice would be able to do that much mulititasking, I thought as she held an outfit up to my back and then ran back to her room, obviously not liking what she saw.

When Alice would run from the room for extended periods of time, Rosalie would attempt to paint one more toe nail. "After all," she said when I questioned her, "how presentable would that look? I think Alice would pop a blood vessel if I looked like that."

I shook my head and continued unpacking the CDs, impressed by the collection of music this guy had. Not only was it impressive in number, but also in content. There were albums from all different genres and time periods.

"Okay," Alice said, coming back into the room. "There are outfits for both of you laying on my bed. Rosalie! Why do I smell nail polish?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said slyly, opening a package of pens to put on the desk.

Alice glared at her before turning back to me, "As soon as you're done with the CDs, start hanging clothes in the closet."

"Alice! Stop being ridiculous! He should hang up his own clothes so he knows where the are!"

"I wasn't talking to you, Rosalie. Besides, I'm only doing what Esme asked. She wants her nephew to feel at home right away."

"Whatever," Rosalie rolled her eyes and turned around.

Alice and I both shrugged, knowing that Rosalie was just being difficult for the sake of being difficult. I did as Alice asked and was equally impressed with his wardrobe as I was with his CD collection. When I accidentally dropped a shirt, I quickly bent over to pick it up, bringing my face close to the pile of clothes that still needed to go in the closet. I was caught off guard by how good the clothes smelled. A furious blush spread across my cheeks when I realized that I was hunched over smelling some stranger's clothing.

I stood up as Emmett came upstairs carrying an electric keyboard. Alice followed with the stool and they bickered about you to set it up until Rosalie came over and fixed their wiring mistakes in less than a minute.

"Have I ever told you how amazing you are, babe?"

"Only every day," Rosalie smiled.

"There's no time for that! Rosalie, unpack the books. Bella, don't give me that face, you would end up reading instead of unpacking."

I sighed, knowing that what Alice said was true. I was hanging up a nice green button own when Alice ran into the room, "Everyone needs to change quickly! Esme texted me and said he will be here soon!"

Rosalie and I shook our head but obediently changed. I was now wearing a nice pair of jeans and a chocolate brown sweater. Alice brushed my hair and told me to go put on music. I pulled out a CD and put it in, closing my eyes.

"Seriously, Bella, what is this?" Rosalie asked. She was wearing black pants and a white sweater.


"Claire de lun is great," I voice from behind me said. Before I had the chance to turn around and see who the owner of such a beautiful, velvety voice could be, there was a loud thud.

"You creeper! Stay the hell away from my sister! Quit stalking her!" Emmett was on top of someone who I assumed was Esme's nephew, attempting to pummel him.

"Emmett! Stop!" I tried to pull him off, to no avail.

"What the hell, Emmett!" Rosalie joined me as we each grabbed an arm and were jerked around wildly as Emmett tried to shake us off.

"Emmett Joseph McCarty Swan, get off of him!" Alice shrieked as she and Esme came into the room.

Emmett stood and beneath him lay the bronze haired boy from the library. Even with a look of bewilderment in his emerald eyes, he looked like an angel. I couldn't help myself, I gasped softly.