~Terminal City, a few hours later~


Max didn't kill him.

Alec still almost died – from embarrassment, when Mole caught sight of Dean's masterpiece and laughed so hard he had trouble breathing afterwards. The X5 seriously considered making the black knitted cap he usually wore for heists a regular accessory to his attire.

Ben's appearance and the subsequent explanation as to how it was possible that he was even still alive, much less sane, went over better than Alec could have hoped for.

Sure, there was the expected anger and bitching and yelling from Max, but after she got over her tantrum (and pushed aside her lingering doubts about the existence of the supernatural for the time being), she broke down into tears and hung on to his twin's neck for dear life.

Alec found he didn't begrudge Ben Max's rare show of emotions, of showing she wasn't the ice queen so many of their fellow freaks believed her to be. It wasn't exactly easy having thrown accusations into your face for something you didn't even commit. It was even worse when the one doing the accusing was a beloved sister you hadn't seen for over a decade.

So, no, Alec didn't begrudge Ben the unexpected closeness. Even though he couldn't deny the twitch of jealousy the picture caused in his heart; right up until the moment that Max untangled one of her arms and pulled him into their embrace with a firm hand on his neck.

The arrival of two ordinaries was no less sensational to Terminal City's inhabitants. Especially the nomalies were wary and hostile. Mole grouched to rival Dean the day Ruby had come for a visit back in '07.

Funny enough, Mole was also the first to warm up to the Winchesters when Dean sneaked a peek at their armory and blurted out, "This is magnificent is what this is!"

Later that night, when the medical supplies they had brought with them were all accounted for and stowed, Ben caught a hold of him in a quiet corner of their makeshift infirmary.

Face earnest, a hint of sadness glimmering in his eyes, he told Alec quietly, "I owe you."

He did.

But Alec didn't voice his agreement. After all this time, he was starting to feel charitable towards his twin.


~ The End ~




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