"What the hell?" Sam thought. 'where the hell am I?' all Sam could see was pure darkness and the last thing he remembered was asking for a cheeseburger, then his world went black.

He took a deep breath trying to clear his throat, and then realized that their wasn't much air. He then felt around and realized he was in some sort of box.

He fumbled around in his pocket and found that he had a knife, so he grabbed it and stabbed through the box in order to free himself.


Castiel sat on the bench in Murphy Park. He felt like crap. He and had been to almost every state trying to find a way to make Dean into an angel again. He'd ask Bobby, but nooo Bobby was dead.

"Hello angel" He heard a calm voice say, he then turned to see who it was. 'of course'

"What are you doing here Blackheart?" He asked.

"I have every right to be here, just as much as you do"

"The only right you have is going back to hell....where you belong"

Blackheart chuckled, "So, what would you do if I told you precious little Sammy was back in town...hmm?""What? impossible! how?" Castiel then glowered, "Your lying"

"Oh, I don't lie Castie, and you know that"

"Go. Back. To. Hell" Cas growled.

"Thanks for the offer, but...I don't think so. You see, I've been there and it's quite hot, and I like it here much more better where it's...what do you call it? cooler."

"I don't know what you want and neither do I have it"

"I don't want anything from you! especially not you. I just...wanted to spread the word that cute little Sammy boy is back in town...and it's the damn truth"

Castile's eyes widened, "How?"

"Oh, just some fairy dust, magic, hellfire, pain, lots a pain" Blackheart smiled.

"Why the hell would you do that for?"

Blackheart smiled. 'damn this angel asked too many questions...just like Sam' , Oh I just felt super bad for Dean so I wanted to make him feel better, and well, Sammy was annoying the hell out of me in hell. But don't worry, Sam doesn't remember anything, all he remembers was asking for a cheeseburger"

"So his powers are gone too?"

"Oh he still has his powers alright, he will certainly come in handy when I need him, but not just yet"

"What do you mean, not...just...yet?" Castiel asked.

"And why would I need to tell you hmm? Can you tell me that?" Blackheart asked knowing the angel wouldn't answer him, he didn't really if he wasn't answered though, it was better if no one knew.

Castiel shook his head and looked away from the demon, not wanting to make eye contact because he knew what would happen. He then looked back to where Blackheart was standing, and he was gone.