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Authors Note: This is another story I wrote many years ago and posted on the site that has recently shut down. It is my earlier writing, so it's a little disjointed, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! It's not exactly the happiest story on the planet, but the ending will look up I hope!

It hurt that was the only thing going through her mind as it felt like her life was quickly draining out of her. She could feel the blood soaking her, but it compared nothing with the dulling throb that constantly beat at her side. Her long golden hair pooled around her on the ground. She was on her hands and knees, looking down at the spreading blood that seeped into her hair. Her mind screamed at her, but she somehow new that this was it.

She looked up at them now, seeing them still pounding as hard as they could on the barrier that blocked her from them. They were screaming, but she couldn't hear them anymore. All she could hear was the pounding of her heat as it tried to keep up with her loss of blood. She had tears running down her face she knew, but it didn't matter. She still saw the look of horror that passed across his face, her only love, and she knew that it was finished, but she wouldn't go out weak.

Beyond all possibilities, she stood up, to weak to even see straight anymore. She straightened her back and looked towards the demon, the man that stood smiling at her knowing that he had won. The fight was over, but she wasn't going to simply give up while she was still breathing. And so he saw that, for he raised his eyebrows and his smile faded and his face changed into a picture of admiration. Something changed then, when he was looking at her, and an idea formed in his mind.

He walked towards her, she couldn't even raise an arm to block herself. Her face was pale and her body almost covered in her own blood. She could feel it still dripping from her arm, from her side and from her head. She could feel her head sway as the light around her brightened to white. He took his sword in his hand, and in one final swoop, she was on the ground again, with no hope of getting up again.

But it didn't stop there. The man looked at her companions, the ones who were trapped outside the barrier that he had created to hold them. He was only after this one, the powerful one. He leaned over her carefully, still looking at them with daggers in his eyes. He lifted her body, taking the almost dead girl in his arms and giving a cocky smile to the man that he was sure was her lover. He could see the other man seethe in rage. He concentrated for a moment, and then he disappeared from their world, and back to his with his new prize.