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Authors Note: This is another story I wrote many years ago and posted on the site that has recently shut down. It is my earlier writing, so it's a little disjointed, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! It's not exactly the happiest story on the planet, but the ending will look up I hope!

The day of the ball finally came, and the prince Darien along with several other important people of earth came. When they arrived there, they were greeted by people from all corners of the solar system. The royalty or government from every planet, and some stars.

Darien was surprised that so many royal families still lived. He said Amy talking with another girl from mercury, who he later found out was her sister from thousand of years ago. Lita had four cousins from Jupiter that were still alive as well as an aunt, and Mina had both her mother and brother.

He noticed also that there were more scouts than usual. The inner sailors had been joined by the outer sailors to protect their princess. Sailor Pluto was a tall, beautiful girl with long dark hair and a amused grin on her soft face. Sailor Saturn seemed younger than the rest, but her short dark hair did nothing to hide the intense wisdom that shone through her serious eyes. Sailor Uranus was a very tall, very boyish looking lady. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes that smashed with everything she looked at. Sailor Neptune was a smaller girl, with very pale skin and short hair. She was very delicate looking, very lady like, but would not be mistaken for being powerless. Her eyes were soft and serious and ever watchful. Their families from their planets joined all those girls.

But Darien cared nothing for studying who was who in this enormous room. The princess Serenity was not yet in the room, and he cared for nothing else but waiting for her. There were so many people here that he feared he should miss her, but when the moment came there was no mistaking it.

The great doors at the end of the room opened lightly, and a man dressed in royal garb walked in. There was a soft music that played and everyone looked towards the man, as it was obvious he had something to say.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privilege on this celebrated night, to introduce you to her majesty, the princes Serenity of the Moon." He said loudly enough so that everyone heard.

In the moments that followed, a tremor of excitement ran like electricity through the room. Every eye was on the two white doors that the man had come through. Darien held his breath.

The doors swung open slowly, revealing to everyone the lady in white that was walking gracefully down the hallway and into the room. Her white satin gown flowed majestically around her, and her long blonde hair was pinned up perfectly, letting small tendrils of curls travel down her back. Her skin was pale and smooth, and her blue eyes flashed brilliantly. She smiled to the crowed, her white teeth showing their beautiful straightness. She was more beautiful than anyone could have every expected, and more beautiful than anyone could ever be.

She bowed lightly to everyone, and everyone in the room bowed back without exception. She didn't make a speech, for none was needed. She signalled the music to start up again, and then disappeared into the crowd.

Darien panicked when he lost her, and for a few minutes he thought he would never find her again. He felt a lightly hand rest delicately on her shoulder.

Darien turned around gently, knowing one person could only create the shock that shivered through his body. He turned to face her, and her blue eyes captured him. He stood there in front of her, just looking. They didn't say anything, neither one of them.

Finally Darien moved. It was smooth and swift, and it came from nowhere. But she was not surprised. She took his move and met him in a passionate kiss. The whole room stopped as they watched them, and only happiness, and somewhere jealousy was felt in the room. It was the start of something great.


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