Greetings. This is the Nine Tales. Each chapter is a story about an ancient Ninetales known as the guardian. However, the tales are told by a Ninetales who, because of clan law, has to become mates with this human girl.

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Also, Blood and death. But mainly lemon. Hear that? LEMON. This chapter. There are warnings where it starts and ends.

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The Nine Tales 1-Meetings/The Guardian

The Ninetales was practically asleep when it happened.

It was in a forest, in the west of Sinnoh. Near a small town, the village of Fuego, an ancient community that was rarely visited by outsiders.

At least, outsiders with friendly purposes.

It happened in the forests just outside the city, a few minutes walk. There were no trails to get to where it was, just the woods and the trees. But here they opened into a small clearing, enough for maybe two or three people.

One Ninetales currently occupied the place. One slightly drowsy Ninetales.

Noises started coming from the forest. The Ninetales groaned in annoyance. All he wanted was a nice quiet rest.

Oh well, he thought.

What was that noise?

It sounded like a chase was going on.

Yes. Yelling.

Humans, he recognised their words.

He sighed.

He was going to have to do something. He couldn't just let someone get attacked.

Without warning, the voices got very close, and a girl, maybe seventeen years old by the looks of her, ran out of the trees and promptly tripped over his tail.

He groaned. There was going to be hell to pay for that.

A pair of Team Galactic members ran out into the clearing, which was suddenly very crowded. They paled at the sight of the Ninetales.

He spoke, and they heard.

"I suggest you leave here and never return." said the Ninetales, calmly.

The girl, stunned on the floor, didn't wonder why they could understand him. She had bigger problems, namely the Team Galactic members.

"We won't." said one of the Galactic members, slightly nervous.

Ninetales sighed.

And spat a powerful fire blast at the one who had answered him.
When it faded, there was nothing left. Not even ashes.

The other grunt gulped, and ran.

Sighing, the Ninetales turned to the girl.
"Are you alright?" he asked.
"Uh… yeah." she said. "Thank you for helping me."
"Don't thank me yet." said the Ninetales. "There's one problem."
"What?" said the girl, standing up.

The Ninetales sighed again.
"You touched my tail." he said.

She looked confused.

"Its clan law among my clan." said the Ninetales sadly. "No-one may touch another's tail. It is not permitted. It has to be punished." he said, apologetic.

"What… what is the punishment?" she asked, apprehensive.

"Normally, a curse." said the Ninetales. "A curse on you and your family for a thousand years."
"You can't!" she said.

There was a short silence.

"What's your name?" asked the Ninetales.
"Jenna." she said. "Do you have a name?"
"I have been called Keibei." said the Ninetales. "And there is one other thing I could do."
"Well… I said no-one may touch another's tail. That's almost true. No-one except a blood relative or a mate can touch another's tail. By clan law, I have the right to claim you as a mate." said Keibei.
"And… if you don't you have to curse my family?" asked Jenna.
"Well… what would it mean?"
"It means like a partner…"
"That's what I thought… what would I have to do?"
"Well…" said Keibei. "There's no polite way to say it…"
"Just say it." she said.
"Well… I have to…" he started, before breaking off.
"Just say it!" she almost shouted.
"I have to cum in all three of your holes." he said shortly.

There was silence. Jenna took a deep breath.

"Is that all?" she asked.

"Technically you have to become a member of the clan as soon as possible." said Keibei, quietly. "You have to learn the Tales."

"Ok." said Jenna. "Where should we start?"

* * *
Lemon Warning
* * *

"There are three… holes… and nine tales. Maybe spread them evenly…" he said, standing up.
"Well." said Jenna. "Have to start somewhere." she said, walking over to him, and lying under him.

Her tongue reached out for his cock, licking the tip gently.

He started slightly.

She licked again, wrapping her tongue around it, as it hardened, growing to its full length. She got closer.

She licked out again, pulling herself closer and closing her mouth over it, drawing a happy growl from Keibei. She moved her mouth further up his member, darting out her tongue to the very end.

He moaned, and Jenna smiled to herself, sucking on it gently and swirling her tongue around it.

He moaned again, louder, and she felt something.

He came, crying out in pleasure, his seed spurting into her mouth. She gave a start of surprise, swallowing it.

She backed away, a slightly satisfied grin on her face.

"You've done this before." was the first thing Keibei said.
"Yes." said Jenna.
"You don't have any problems with this?" he asked.
"No." she said. "I thought I would, but… I don't."
"Ok." he said, slightly relieved. He lay down, and she sat next to him.

* * *
End Lemon Warning
* * *

"I should start. The tales… a long time ago, our clan kept to itself among the trees, until one day…

* * *

On that day, something happened that would change everything, change the clan and the small village of Fuego forever.

One young Ninetales, Kikanmaru, was passing through the outskirts of the town when it happened.

He saw that there were no humans going about their business. Just one, standing there with a cruel grin and a sword, and the people of the village were cowering in front of him.

The man with a sword darted forwards, grabbing a girl from crowd and dragging her out.

"Alright." he said, an uneven grin on his face. "Are you going to give me what I want, or do I have to kill this girl?"

He didn't think. He just acted.

Kikanmaru leapt through the trees, out into the open, colliding with the swordsman and knocking him away from the girl. He bit down on the man's sword hand.

He laughed, and grabbed the sword with his other hand, kicking Kikanmaru off of him, and leaping forwards with the sword.

Kikanmaru, dodged out of the way, spitting an ember at the man. He dodged with inhuman speed, throwing himself sideways, landing in a roll and charging at Kikanmaru.

The fight went on like that for some time.

When the end came, it came quickly.

For the umpteenth time, the man lunged at Kikanmaru.

He didn't dodge, the sword stabbing into his chest. He winced in pain, then again as the swordsman wrenched his weapon free again.

The man's face twisted in shock from the actual hit, then turned to a grin of victory. A split second later, Kikanmaru's Overheat struck him.

His charred body hit the ground, melted sword falling from fingers burnt to bone.

Kikanmaru fell forwards, his eyes closing, as blood seeped from the gaping wound in his chest.

* * *

The clan attended the funeral. All of them, except for the Elder, an old Ninetales named Rikou. He was inside the town hall, along with the Village Elder, one Jonathon Pitch.

They had agreed to make a pact.

It is said that Mew herself came to seal that pact, and since that day, the people of Fuego understood those of the Clan, and those of the Clan were sworn to protect the village.

None more so than the Guardian.

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