The Nine Tales 4-Curse

"This one's a cautionary tale." began Keibei.
"By which you mean it's to scare kids into not doing something stupid." said Jenna.

"…pretty much." admitted Keibei. "Anyway, it was long ago…

* * *

When the stars still shone bright over the clans and the village, when the Guardian was a Nintales named Sekimu.

And it was a clear night when the people of Team Brightfire attacked.

* * *

"Team brightfire?" asked Jenna sceptically.
"Long wiped out." said Keibei. "No interrupting. Sekimu entered the village like a shadow,

* * *

A shadow unseen by either side of the conflict slunk through the village, through the lines of trainers battling attacker, into the camp hiding the higher ups of the team.

Where he suddenly appeared, unleashing a Fire Blast upon the tents, setting them alight and slaying most of the leaders of the team instantly.

He slunk back into the shadows. But he was followed.

One of the admins of the team had been out of the tents, and had seen him attack.

Her name was Jian, and she leapt at him. He dodged out of the way, but she just caught his tail.
He fixed her with a sorrowful glance, and said.
"You do not know what a mistake you have made. Now, you have but two choices."

She stared at him, almost hypnotised by the authority in his suddenly understandable voice.

"The traditional punishment is a curse on you and your family or a thousand years." he said. "But, by the tradition of my tribe, you may instead become my mate."

She snorted.
"Not a chance. Curses… how stupid do you think I am?" she said, before turning and leaving.

Sekimu sighed.

* * *

Jian stumbled back into the camp-tripping over the guide rope of a remaining tent. She stood up, cursing, and walked back towards the main tent.

Where a hail of bullets were promptly fired at her.

"Fuck, idiots!" she cried, as they all missed.
She glared at the guards who had just appeared from inside the tent.

They paled.
"If you're going to shoot without looking, at least hit." she hissed, walking in-hitting her head on a beam.

She scowled, daring the other surviving leaders-all two of them- to say something.

They didn't.

* * *

Two hours later she had two fractured ribs, and the camp had been burnt down my an uncontrolled fire.

"Please take me in…" said Jian to Sekimu.

* * *

Jenna laughed.

"Did he?" she asked.
"Not sure. I think so." said Keibei.

"Does it matter?" he asked.
"Not really." she admitted.

"Well… shall we go for the next bit?" asked Keibei shyly.
Jenna smiled, turning around, stripping, and then kneeling down, waving her ass in the air.

Keibei smiled, and pushed gently into her cunt.
She moaned gently.
He pushed again, harder. Then again.
And again, each time faster, and harder.

Jenna was moaning, murmuring, screaming, expressing purest pleasure aloud.
Until he managed to come into her, his seed spurting deep into her body.

She collapsed under him, folding down.

He stayed in her.

"So… let's stay here as we move on." he said with a smile.

* * *

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