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Chapter One

UPOV – (unknown point of view)

Renee Swan was a… charismatic woman. She was a different person, or "character" (as her eldest called it), for different people. To each of her four children, she was a different mother.

To her oldest, Emmett Swan, she was irresponsible, and slightly crazed.

To her second oldest, Cara, she was an unfit mother who hated the world.

To her second youngest son, Jeremy, she was irrational, and on the verge of insanity.

But to Renee Swans very youngest child, a girl named Bella, she was not even a mother. No, to little Bella Swan, Renee never so much as glanced. Everything in Bella's world was black and white, bad or good. To Bella, Renee was the cause of all bad things. Bella realized this devastating element one damp, September morning, which consequently made her lose her one confidante in the entire world. Emmett. Little did young Bella know, there would be a vast grey shade in the world, and little did she know of just how colorful the world would one day become.

EMPOV – (Emmett's point of view)

Shit. Renee toyed with the phone cord mindlessly, as if Jeremy weren't trying to get her attention. That crazy bitch. She couldn't even put down the damn phone and stop talking to her boy toys long enough to answer Jeremy's question.

I sighed, annoyed, because I knew very well that I was more of a parental figure than Renee ever could, had, or would be. I jumped off of my Dad's old recliner, picked Jeremy up, and placed him gently on my shoulders.

"Hey, Big-Jey! What do ya' need?" I asked him, hoping that he wasn't hurt or anything. He smiled deviously, and yanked on my neck, signaling that he wanted to get down. God, I missed the days when I could play practical jokes on everyone, laugh freely, and just… have fun like my eight-year-old brother.

Jeremy continued to run up the stairs with me in tow, until we reached the upstairs bathroom. I sighed, assuming that my 'Goth' sister, Cara, was sitting on the bathroom floor, painting her nails black.

"Emmy, will you help me take a bath, please? I need you to help me find Mr. Ducky though, so we can splash around. Pretty please?" He begged, looking up at me with large doe eyes, and a puppy-dog pout. I ran my hand through my thick, dark hair as I attempted to refuse my little brother. After mere seconds, I gave in to his devilishly convincing ways.

"Alright, Jeremy. I'll help you find Mr. Ducky, and help you take a bath." He smiled at me, assuming that he had gotten his way quickly. He turned and ran down the hall, but he didn't get far before I picked him up in the air. He squealed loudly with the loss of gravity, as he acted, yet again, like the six year old he wanted to be, rather than the responsible eight year old I knew he could be. (A/N: Jeremy acts a lot younger than he is because he doesn't want to have the responsibilities that Emmett does.)

"Not so fast, little dude. I didn't finish. I'll help you, as long as you don't splash me, or wake up Bells. Got it?" I asked him. It was a well known fact to all members of the family that I preferred Bella to Jeremy, not that I didn't love him.

Jeremy pouted, nodded, and ran off in search of his beloved, Mr. Ducky.

I walked carefully down the hall, trying to not wake up Bella, until I reached the toy bin. Nice. Here I was, a good looking, eighteen year old man looking for a rubber duck. My thoughts continued down that path as I was rummaging through the toy bin, until I felt water trickle across my ankle. What the hell? Where is that water coming from?

I ripped around quickly, only to see a trail of water across the now-damp carpet. I followed the trail, which led to the hall bathroom. I could clearly see the water pouring out of the crack at the bottom of the door, which immediately got my guard up. I opened the door carefully, and my eyes took in a scene that I knew I could never forget. The disheveled form of my little sister, Cara, floating. Face down. Not moving.


Emmett Swan screamed, and ran to the edge of the tub. He hauled his sisters body out of the water, disgusted with himself for not knowing what she was really doing in the bathroom earlier.

He ran down the stairs screaming to his mother, holding Cara in his arms.

"Mom! MOM! Cara! She's... I don't know what happened-" Renee Swan glared at poor Emmett, and told whichever boy toy she was talking to that she had to go.

"Well, what's wrong with her?" Renee asked her son lazily.


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