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Chapter 2


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER? SHE'S FUCKING DEAD!" Emmett screamed at her. Renee glanced swiftly down to her daughter in Emmett's arms, and shrugged. Her apparent nonchalance at her oldest daughters death infuriated him.

"Well, shit, boy. Now I have to pay for a damn funeral. What the hell did you do to her?" Renee asked him. Emmett knew he couldn't handle the responsibility any longer. He knew he needed to get out. Quickly.

Emmett ran into his family's living room, and gently laid Cara on the couch. He ran back into the kitchen, and grabbed a piece of paper. He wrote down a decent sized note to his beloved sister, Bella. He explained to her what happened, and explained why he was leaving. He told her why he was leaving, and told her of how much he would miss her. He scribbled her name on the front of the paper, and ran up the stairs. He ran into Bella's room, and he saw that she was still sleeping and dreaming her peaceful, seven-year-old dreams. He stuffed the letter into her jewelry box, and prayed that she would someday find it.

Emmett then kissed Bella's soft forehead, and ran out of her bedroom. He then went into Jeremy's bedroom, and said goodbye to him, and told Jeremy that he would never forget him, and that he loved him. Emmett ran faster than he ever had before, as he felt his heart crack. God, Emmett wondered idly, why do I have to have so much on my plate? Why couldn't I just flirt with girls, and not have the responsibilities of a forty year old man?

Emmett sobbed, and started to run. Emmett was a built young man, but he hadn't been out of the house in a while. So by the time he had reached the other side of the interstate, the sobs had overtaken him, and he was passing out.

RPOV - (Rosalie's point of view)

I jumped into my new red BMW convertible, and sped down my long driveway. I smiled to myself, enjoying the cool breeze running through my long, blonde hair. I turned up the radio, and sang along with the lyrics, knowing that I only had so long until I needed to get back to Carlisle and Esme.

As soon as I hit the interstate, I sped my car up to 120, feeling my possessive need for speed. After only two minutes of this, I turned the car around, wanting to get back so I could finish opening my presents.

I looped back towards my home, and slammed on my brakes at the sight that I saw. A boy, about my age, lying on his back on the side of the road. I quickly pulled over, and jumped out of my car.

I ran over to the boy, and knelt down next to him. I checked his pulse; shocked when I realized how fast his heart was pounding. It was as if he had just run a mile, and was catching his breath. But, by the looks of him, he should've been a body builder.

I whipped out my cell, and dialed my house number.

"Hello?" Edward giggled out. I sighed, very quickly growing impatient with my seven year old little brother.

"Edward? Quick, sweetie! Hand Esme or Carlisle the phone! It's an emergency!" I growled in frustration at him as he started to sing 'happy birthday' to me, and was about to start yelling at him when Alice's voice interrupted him.

"Sorry, Rose. What's up?" GAH! Why couldn't ten year old girls listen?

"Aly! QUICKLY HAND THE PHONE TO MOM OR DAD! PLEASE, IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" I could hear her panting as she ran through the house in search of our parents. I sighed in satisfaction when I heard Carlisle's breezy voice over the phone.

"Yes, Rosalie? What is it?" He asked me. I was suddenly thankful that he was a Doctor.

"Dad? I need you to get in the car immediately. I was circling around the interstate to head home and I found a boy lying on the side of the road! Please, I need you out here! I can't lift him into my car, he's too heavy!" I practically screamed to him my location.

"Alright, Rose. I'll be there in less than two minutes. Edward and Alice are coming too, since Esme's not home." I heard his car start, before he said goodbye to me.

It felt like hours before Carlisle reached us, although it was only a few minutes. He jumped out of the car, and was quickly followed by Alice and Edward. Both of their eyes widened, and they sat down, far away from us.

"Dad? Can you help me lift him?" I asked him, completely panicking. He nodded back solemnly and we both reached down to the boy.


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