A/N: This is mostly based off of the movies because I really cant remember the books. I haven't read them in a long time. And most of this chapter is right out of the movie, so it really isn't mine.

New A/N: Hey, this is a rewrite of my original story, just because the first one didn't have enough detail, and I think I'm going to make it quiet a bit longer. I didn't like how soon I finished the first version. Hopefully you like it!!!!

They never spoke of it. What was the point? Everyone knew that they would never see her again, never see the chaos she caused. Never see the way she looked at Peter one moment, only to turn her eyes onto Edmund the next.

So why speak of it?

The last few years of the Golden Years weren't as golden as they seemed. There was an on going battle inside the castle, a battle most knew not of. And it was between the two Kings of Old. High King Peter, the Magnificent, and King Edmund, the Just.

But now they were back in England, back to being two teenage boys. What was the point of dwelling on the past? Neither of them would ever see her again anyway. It wasn't possible.

Or so they thought.

Edmund was in the train station when he heard the commotion. He smirked slightly. Just some other guy, getting in as fight. He let his smirk grow as he headed towards the noise. This was a source of entertainment- something to pass the time.

He looked around, trying to spot someone he knew. Finally, his eyes fell on his two sisters, Susan and Lucy. Both were towards the middle. He sighed, then started pushing his way through. He was almost to them when he finally looked up, seeing the fight. Peter.

Edmund took in the situation quickly. It was two against one, and Peter was losing. Badly. Edmund didn't even think about it, he just threw all of his things down and pushed the crowd aside to help his brother.

"Edmund!" He heard Lucy's high pitched yell.

He ignored her and tackled the guy that was coming after Peter. The guy retaliated, hitting him once in the stomach. Edmund felt the air leave him momentarily, then moved to slam his shoulder into the guy. He heard a whistle blow only a moment later and found himself being pulled away. "Act your age." The man growled, his eyes on Peter.

Edmund smirked slightly at the glare on Peters face. He still thought of himself as a king, but he wasn't. Not in England anyway. And who knows if they would ever be back in Narnia? If they never went back, Peter was just going to have to get used to the way things are now.

Edmund grabbed his things from the ground, and went to sit on the bench, waiting for the train. His brother and sisters followed. "You're welcome." He said to Peter, knowing he wouldn't get a thank you. He never did.

"I had it sorted." Peter snapped, glaring at his younger brother. Edmund just rolled his eyes, leaning back against the wall.

Susan and Peter started arguing about Peter getting into a fight. Edmund watched, amused, as Susan acted like Peters mother- something Peter certainly didn't appriciate.

Suddenly, Edmund heard Susan gasp. She looked over at them, her eyes wide.
"Pretend you're talking to me." She said softly.

Edmund rolled his eyes once again. "Uh, we ARE talking to you."

Susan glared, but Lucy jumped up from her seat before she could say anything. "OW!"

"Quit Lu." Susan snapped, glancing over her shoulder once again.

"Something pinched me!"

"Stop!" Peter snapped, glaring at Edmund.

"I'm not touching you!" Edmund protested.

Suddenly a huge wind rushed around the four children. "What is this?!"

"It feels like magic." Lucy answered, a huge smile plastered on her face. Edmund was on his feet instantly.

"Everyone hold hands!" Susan ordered, becoming a mother once again.

"I'm not holding your hand!" Edmund snapped. Peter sent him an annoyed look and grabbed it anyway.

Then, they were transported back to Narnia.


"I don't remember in ruins in Narnia." Edmund said, glancing up at the ruins before him. But, they did seem…familiar, somehow. His brother and sisters followed his gaze, and all four stood still, staring before them.

Peter started out of the water first, followed by Lucy, then Susan, then finally, Edmund. Edmund felt a forboding in his stomach, a feeling that he didn't want to know. They all made their way up the cliffs, then started wandering separately around the ruins.

This all looks so familiar. Edmund thought to himself. Like I've been here before…

"I wonder who lived here." Lucy's voice drifted towards him. Edmund stopped looking as he listened.

"I think we did." Susan said a moment later, her voice hesitant.

Edmund frowned slightly, then walked down to where his sisters were standing. Lucy was staring down at something Susan was holding in her hand, a stunned look on her face. Susan looked just as shocked. Edmund walked closer, then looked down. "Hey, that's a piece from my chess set." He said, taking it from Susan instantly.

"Which chess set?" Peter asked, coming up beside them.

Edmund scowled, rolling his eyes at the idiotic question. "Well, I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, did I?"

Lucy was staring in front of her, that amazed look still on her face. "It can't be." She said suddenly, running forward.

Edmund looked at Peter and Susan, and then they all went running after her. She really needed to stop running off all of the time. But Edmund forgot all about his annoyance with his sister when he saw what Lucy had seen. It couldn't be…

"Cair Paraval." Peter whispered only moments later, when Lucy had placed him in the space his throne had once stood.

Edmund got off the platform quickly and started wandering. How did this happen? And what happened to her? His heart started pounding, imaging what could have caused this.

He knelt down and frowned at the marks on the grass. They had been attacked. He clenched his jaw. Had she gotten out? Was she alright? But, then again, it looked like the battle had taken place quiet awhile ago.

It wasn't long before Peter and Edmund opened the door to the treasure room, and everyone made their way down the stairs. Edmund immediately went over and opened his chest, which was placed in front of his statue. He took out his sword, then helmet, and was reaching for a tunic- one that could fit his small frame- when he felt something small. Something cold. He frowned slightly, wondering what it could possibly be, and pulled.

In his palm was silver ring with a jewel in the middle, the ring was on a silver chain. Edmund blinked away sudden tears, and swallowed hard to stop the burning in his throat. How had that gotten there? Did that mean she knew he would be back? He looked around quickly, but no one was paying attention to him. Good. He slipped the chain around his neck and under his shirt, that way no one would be able to see it...he wouldn't be able to see it.

Then he started to remember….