Present, Edmund

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Edmund woke from a deep sleep, insanlty alert. He had a feeling something was wrong, but he didnt know what it could be. Sitting up, his hand moving toward his sword, he looked around the now dead fire. Susan and Trumpkin were still asleep, but Lucy and Peter weren't anywhere to be seen. Edmund frowned, then moved over to the still sleeping Susan.

"Susan. Sue! Where are Lucy and Peter?"

Susan woke up slowly, blinking her large eyes. At first she looked confused as she noticed the now empty spots her brother and sister had been in the night before. Then she stood, glancing around, and frowning. "I don't know." Her voice came out higher than normal, the only thing to betray that she was in fact worried.

There was a loud clanging noise, like two pieces of metal being hit together. A sound that was very familiar to both of them. Edmund and Susan looked at each other for only a moment, then they grabbed their things and ran towards the sound.

"Stop!" They heard Lucy scream.

Edmund ran faster, his heart pounding. Susan was right behind him. "Peter!" Susan yelled.

They came to a stop right in front of an entire group of Narnian's, most of which had their weapons pointed at their brother. Edmund grabbed his sword, not knowing what was going on, but not about to allow them to attack.

"High King Peter?" A young man in the middle asked softly, the same young man who's sword- not wait, that's Peters sword- was pointed at Peter's throat.

"I believe you called?" Peter said. Edmund fought off rolling his eyes. Trust Peter to still sound like he was the most important thing with a sword pointed at his throat.

"Yes, well, I expected you to be…older." The stranger muttered, his eyes sweeping over all of them. Edmund rolled his eyes when he saw the young man stare at Susan.

Peter looked offended, then his eyes narrowed. "Well, if you want, we'll come back in a few years."

Now Edmund rolled his eyes yet again. His brother really was to much sometimes- and not in a good way. He kind of tuned out as Peter started making some speech. He noticed people pledging to him, but he didnt care. Thats why Peter was the high king. Edmund couldnt be bothered with all of that.

Peter and the Caspian person, who Edmund guessed was a prince or something, started to walk, and Edmund fell into step beside Susan. "So, we're in another war." Susan finally said, softly so no one else could hear her.

Edmund shrugged his shoulders, not really caring in the least. His mind was elsewhere, on someone else. Being back here, even hundreds of years later, just made him remember Alyssa all the more. Made him remember just how much he loved her. The pain in his chest doubled just by being here. "Apparently so." He finally muttered back.

He became aware of all of the eyes on him, and he looked behind him and raised his eyebrows. The Narnian's started whispering, still shooting him looks. He turned back around and sighed, running his hand through his hair. "This is almost as bad as being stared at for being a traitor. Now I'm being stared at for coming back from the dead."

Susan laughed slightly, shooting her brother a wink. "I think coming back from the dead is better than being a traitor, Ed."

Edmund looked behind him. "So you would think."

"What?!" Peter yelled, making both Edmund and Susan turn to him instantly. They saw their brother staring at Caspian, his face in shock. He had been walking only a moment before, and now he stood frozen, staring at the man in front of him.

Edmund walked forward quickly, ready to fight if something had gone wrong. Susan and Lucy followed him. "What is it?"

Peter glared at Edmund, his eyes hard. "Stay out of this." He snapped.

Edmund took a step back, a frown on his face. He clenched his jaw angrily."What did I do now?" He demanded.

Prince Caspian stared at Peter, a frown on his face. "She's helped us a great deal the last few days."

"I'm sure she did." Peter muttered, still glaring at his brother.

"Peter, what's going on?" Susan asked impatiently, though she had a sinking feeling in her stomach when she saw the way Peter was looking at Edmund.

Peter didn't say anything, just started walking once again, his motions faster than before. "What is it?" Lucy whispered to Caspian, staring after her brother in shock.

Caspian looked at Peters back, then turned to the other three. "We were talking about different things we had accomplished the last couple of days, then I mentioned Alyssa-"

"What about Alyssa?" Susan broke in, glancing at Edmund who had gone completely still, his eyes on Caspian. Like a cat watching it's prey.

Caspian frowned at them. "What is wrong with Alyssa? She's been great."

"What about her?" Edmund growled. It sounded more like a statement then a question, his eyes staring straight at the other man's.

Caspian took a small step back from the Old King, confused. His hand moved slowly toward his sword, as every cell in his body was screaming danger. "Well, she led the attack to get our weapons. And she's been telling me about the old Narnia."

"Where is she?" Edmund said. He wasn't looking at anyone any long, insead he had turned his eyes at the trial, glaring after his brother.

"She's waiting for us to get back." Caspian said, once again stepping away from the boy.

"Then let's go." Edmund growled, stomping down the path after his brother.

Lucy and Susan glanced at each other, then hurried after their brothers, both of them knowing this wasnt going to be good. Caspian followed them, bewilered.


"It might not be what you're used to." Caspian told Peter as they looked around the sanctuary. Peter glanced around, his eyes narrowing as he saw what the Narnians had been reduced to.

"Peter, you might want to see this." Susan's voice called, startling him for a moment.

Edmund was standing next to Susan, looking at the carvings on the wall. There was one with all four of them next to their thrones, one of Aslan….and one of Alyssa. Just seeing that painting made him catch his breath. He had to fight to turn his head away, only to meet Lucy's eyes as he did. She looked at him in sympathy and he turned away, not wanting to see it.

"Alyssa was in a bit of a shock when she saw these too." Caspian told them softly, once again bringing the tension to the group.

"Where are we?"

He looked slightly surprised, his gaze traveling. "You don't know?"

They all shook their heads and Caspian grabbed a torch off of the wall, leading them down the dark hallway. When they got to a big open room, he went over and lit it up. All of their eyes followed the room as the flame lit it up. There were carvings everywhere…and of everyone. Everyone from the first battle. Then Edmunds eyes found something else. Someone else.

She was asleep on the broken stone table, one arm flung over her face. Edmund stared at her sleeping form, his heart pounding. He swallowed hard, trying to get some moisture in his dry throat. He turned away, only to glance at Peter. Peter, who was not looking at Alyssa, but looking at him. Edmund flushed and looked away quickly, not liking the look he saw in his older brothers eyes.

Caspian hurried over to the sleeping girl and shook her shoulder softly, his eyes watching the two kings warily. "Wh- oh, Caspian. How did it go?" Alyssa said soflty, then she followed his gaze and froze. Her eyes fell first on Peter, then Susan, Lucy, and, finally, Edmund. She looked at him a moment, longer than she had looked at the others, then looked at Caspian.

"Hello, Alyssa." Susan said softly, breaking the awkward silence. She came forward and kissed her on the cheek.

"Susan." Alyssa greeted just as softly, trying to smile at her old friend. Susan didnt return the smile, only nodding slightly. Then Lucy came up and threw her arms around the older girl.

"Hello Lucy." Alyssa laughed slightly, glad at least one of them seemed happy to see her.

"I missed you." Lucy whispered. Alyssa just smiled.

"Alyssa." Peter said stiffly, his eyes cold.

"Peter." Alyssa returned, though she internally winced.

He looked at her a moment, then turned and walked back the way he had come moments before. Alyssa didn't care, she was focused on the last member of the group. But Edmund didn't say a word. Everyone stood in an awkward silence for a moment, looking from one to the other, then Susan grabbed Lucy's arm. "We'll just be going then." And they followed their brother. Caspian followed them out, still with the confused look.

"Hello Ed." Alyssa said softly, her stomach suddenly feeling like something had exploded in it.

Edmund didn't look at her. He knew if he did, he would just break the promise he had made himself. That promise that said he wouldn't ever betray his brother again. So, he did the only thing he could. He walked away, and he didn't look back.