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Following chapter 26 (vol. 6), page 10: Kaname just tasted Yuuki's neck and offered her to become a vampire and spend eternity by his side; she agreed. Yet noticing her tears he canceled the offer, saying: „Sorry, I got carried away… I won't do anything to you. I'm sorry fo scaring you..." Yuuki just looks at him, surprise in her wet eyes…

„What? Are you going to leave me, just like that?" All the excitement for nothing? Her quick breath suddenly couldn't find a way through her throat, she was affraid she would suffocate.

„And what would you have me do?" Kaname said, worried for her.

Yuuki put fists to her eyes, wiping the tears, and peeped: „At least… If Kaname-sama… kissed me or… or anything…" She got scared of his stunned face, but once she had said that, she went for it: „Please, please, Kaname-sama, just one little kiss, I'm begging You…"

He frowned now. Covering her mouth with his hand, he said: „Do never beg me like this. You can ask me nicely, you can be rude to me, you can even order me around; but Yuuki, I never want you to speak like this to me… Or anybody else. Do you understand?" She nodded, but didn't know what to do when he removed his hand. „Just say," he shifted his fingers across her lips, which made both of them feel intoxicated, „‚Kaname, kiss me.'"

„Kaname, kiss-", her shuddering breath was interrupted by his eager mouth. He stayed still for a while before he started those microscopic movements of their lips. ‚Just one little kiss,' her tiny voice reminded him, and he had to squeeze a pillow so hard that he tore it apart to be able to pull away from her.

But she didn't let go – she gave out an unsatisfied moan and dragged him back to the kiss. Surprised at first, he felt her kissing him inexpertly. Then he started giving her messages without using words, just by caressing her sweet mouth: ‚I love the touch of your skin,' ‚I love the scent of your quickened breath,' ‚I love the taste of your creamy lips…' He was just about to give her an ‚I love you' with his eyes, when someone knocked on the door.

Kaname froze and listened to Ichijou's voice saying: „Excuxe me, Mr. Constantine has arrived."

Kaname sighed. „It'll be just a minute, I swear."

„No," she whined shortly, but then reminded herself who Kaname-sama was and just silently watched him. He was sitting on the bed, rearranging his tie, when she got an idea: „Kaname, kiss me," she said softly. His eyebrow flicked and he couldn't hide a little smile, but he tilted to her and gave her a gentle kiss. Second request came after he checked himself in the mirror: „Kaname, kiss me." Without a shadow of hesitation, he stepped to her to share a more passionate kiss. He led his hand up her hip, continued on the inner side of her arm and ended up kissing her hand like a prince.

„Will you wait for me?"



Unfortunatelly, Mr. Constantine took more than just a minute. When Kaname returned, he found her in that infamously deffenseless position of hers: Asleep. He had to admit it made him defenseless too. He neatly shut every curtain in the room, kept his trousers and an open shirt on and laid down next to her. He covered her face with butterfly-like kisses before he joined her in dreaming.


They were dreaming of each other – you could tell by the embrace they were sharing. Kaname woke up first, but didn't move, enjoying her small form in his arms. Suddenly, Yuuki pressed herself tighter to him, burrying her face in the hole of his neck and entangling her legs (those delicate ankles and knees) with his. He wanted to ask her: ‚Are you OK? Do you need anything?' But when he felt her covering his neck with kisses, the answer was clear: ‚You.'

He rolled on top of her, leaning his forearms on the sides of her head so he could kiss her till the Judgement Day. They started slowly, just pressing their soft lips together and tasting the skin everywhere around; then tenderly, savoring each other's mouth; then passionately, nibbling and crushing their lips. Yuuki was giving the pace – Kaname didn't hurry anything, always just responding to her lovingly. Yet it was her aroused breathing, her knee on his thigh, her fingers on his chest and finally the tip of her tongue tasting his upper lip, that made a bulge on his trousers harden and grow.

Knowing how to control himself, he started mute french-kissing lessons. She was so sweet when learning what to do with her tongue, God, he wanted to eat her alive. He didn't lose control, but after what the hot wet kisses had done to him, oh my, she had to notice that pressure on her lower abdomen. She froze.

He parted their lips and gave her a calming little smile: „Look what you're doing to me." He said that, so she could ignore it and just keep on kissing him; he said that to give her an opening to back off; he said that to give her a free choice. But tonight, ‚stopping' wasn't a word you could find in her vocabulary.

Yes, there was fear in her eyes, when she looked at him, there was hesitation; but there was also curiosity, determination, need and… love? He hoped he didn't make himself see it. She gave him this look and reached down to his trousers. „Yuuki-" he blurted out but then fell silent, because her fingers found the bulge. Her eyes widened in disbelief that her own hand stroke such an intimate place of Kaname-sama's. A surprised sigh escaped his mouth, he never felt like that with anyone but her; for everytime she touched him, his senses went crazy from hypersensitivity. He burried his face in a blanket next to hear ear; he didn't know it was his sighing that made her want to discover more. He suddenly felt quite submissive - another thing he would never allow, with one and only exception: „Yuuki," he mumbled as she tried to open a button on his trousers.

„Could you…?" she peeped because she didn't succeed.

„Jesus," he murmured, embarassed, his face still hidden. He hastily reached down and opened it in a break of a second, returning his arms to their place. Before she took another step, she had realized something. She lifted his face with her left hand and held it, her eyes saying: ‚Let me see you.' He blushed, but would grant her any wish at the moment.

Her right hand slowly slid down his chest and abdomen, ending up in his pants. Her touches were so innocent and tentative it was driving him insane; he let it know on his face, but stopped himself from doing aynthing more. After a while, when she found out what works the most, she retreated, looked searchingly around and pulled her hand up to their eyes: „Umm, I need something to…"

He didn't utter a word, just started licking her palm immediately. It tickled, she giggled, but then it got quite exciting and she felt like joining his tongue. She did so… and when the hand was ready, their tongues continued on their own, kissing again. Soon he started moaning in her mouth, then he had to break the kiss, groaning hardly. She held his face and watched it, amazed and flattered by his expressions. She released him for the very last moment, letting him hide in the sheets and casually kissing his shoulder.

When first thoughts returned to his purificated mind, he felt somehow ashamed; as if he disgraced her gentle hand for his pleasure. Yet in her face he found absolute gratification. „Now," he said hoarsely, a mysterious smile growing on his lips, „It's your turn."

„…What?" She wasn't ready for what was to come. She was soo not expecting what he was about to do with her…


He wanted to undress her but she resisted; having a little more patience left, he started with kissing, his hands stroking her body, his mouth swallowing her whimpers. She was obviously OK with giving, but went shy when receiving – well, let's work on that thing. His hands grew hungrier, yet she kept on struggling till the last drop of his patience vanished. Her skirt, shirt and the vest underneath were suddenly in pieces by a single lash of his claws. It was fear in her tearful eyes that calmed him down again.

„Yuuki…" he gave her a soothing hug, which allways worked – even when he'd just attacked her and she felt uncomfortable only in her underwear. „I won't do anything bad to you I swear... Let me return the favor… Please, Yuuki, look at me… Yuuki. Look at me." Influenced by his luring vampire voice in the last few words, she finally let their eyes connect. She relaxed her arms and let Kaname pin them beside her head, blushing oh-so-deeply. „You're beautiful," he breathed out.

„No," she whimpered when he reached for her bra. Then she screwed her eyes and gave out a cry, as his hand slid under it and captured her small breast. Bra or no-bra was quite insignificant now; she didn't even notice when it disappeared. ‚I must pay some attention to these,' he thought, feasting his eyes on her bare chest. Her breasts were still half-childish, but he just loved her cute pink nipples.

He kissed her assuringly one last time before he moved his lips lower. He licked her neck only briefly, the beating puls underneath was too tempting for him. His hands had been already playing with her bosom when his tongue arrived in the shallow valley in between. He paused for a while to check her face: squeezing fabric on his shoulders with eyes shut she shivered with anticipation. Minding his fangs, he carefully took her left breast in the mouth, so that the first touch was soft and wet. Sliding his long tongue over a sweet pink bud, he made her skin cover with goose-bumps. Her nipples instantly hardened and she sobbed.

Kaname licked, stroked and kissed her breasts untill her body melted. He then tossed all the work away with a single graze of his teeth. She cried out, shivering greatly and gasping for breath, when he carried on in such a predatory way. She thought that the nibbling would drive her crazy… Until his free hand groped for her lap.

„No!" she protested and tried to fight again. Kaname had no itch to repeat the long scene of persuading. So he skipped the exploring phase and touched the very most intimate place. Once his finger met her clit, she screamed with no voice; her knees knocked together, but that couldn't stop Kaname's hand in her pants. She tried to pull him away, but she lost even the little of her strength. He decided to pay her back that ‚Let me see you' wish, so he returned his face to her – but ceased smiling, when he found her struggling for air, tears dropping and heartbeat dangerous. His finger stroking the same place again and again was bringing her on the edge of sanity. Doubts hit him, but at the same second her arousal must have had crossed some line, because her arms suddenly pushed him closer. When she finally connected her desperate eyes with his, he realised she had never had an orgasm.

Kissing away sweat from her skin, he led her to the top and over it, until she collapsed and cuddled up in his embrace, crying. Hadn't he known that some girls may react like that, he'd be confused; but confusion was something Kaname hardly felt, being mysteriously experienced in everything. With a deep silent voice he asked her to assure him she wasn't hurt. She couldn't answer, not even with a nod; she felt so many things she hadn't even known of and she felt them so strongly it paralysed her. She just stayed in his arms, curled up as if she was 8 again, soothed by his presence to sleep.

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