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Following the end of chapter 32 (vol. 7): First time Kaname pushed on Yuuki, saying his infamous words: „Will you be my lover?"

Not another school morning. For the first time, when keeping black uniforms apart from white, Yuuki was actually affraid of seeing Kaname's face.

„Good morning, Yuuki." His voice would soothe her even if he was killing her at the same time.

„Kaname-senpai…" Her voice trailed off right on the first letter of his name. Thoughts flooded her mind so she looked worried again, like almost every time they met.

Disappointed, he said in a low voice: „I wanted to hear your answer today after school, but perhaps you need more time? To think about your feelings for me… If there are some."

She looked at him as if he was crazy. „There's really not much to think about… Either I love you or not. Actually, it's the only thing I'm certain of…" She didn't know how thrilling her words were.

She took a deep breath, looked up from her feet in Kaname's eyes and said with a big blush: „I love You, Kaname-sama. I've been in love with You since I remember. Umm, I…" She wanted to explain her formal behaviour – that his presence always quickened her heartbeat and perplexed her tongue, so she didn't know what to do. She wanted to explain her sad face – that it was the obstacles between them that made her sad, which is also a proof of love. But poor Yuuki's tongue became tangled again, so she dropped her eyesight, sighed and peeped rather for herself: „I just wonder how you can possibly take me when I'm already yours…"

Kaname's fanclub that stayed behind to watch an ‚enemy' endanger their ‚prince', couldn't believe their eyes, when they saw a small smile of happiness growing on Kaname's lips.

„But there are other things that bother me-" started Yuuki, but was interrupted by his fingers on her lips. Still too shy to meet his eyes for his reaction, she just savoured the touch.

„So you love me?" His voice was different, moved.

„Umm," the sound tickled his fingertips.

„Kiss me, then. Right now." She looked at him and found that unknown expression – so different from the mask he was wearing when he asked her to become his lover. How could she say no to this lovable side of Kuran Kaname?

They closed the gap between them, she wrapped her arms around his neck, he bent forward and she stood on tiptoes so their lips could finally meet. She kissed like never-been-kissed girls kiss when they try their best: lips relaxed, only slightly parted and soo soft in the motionless touch. He let her fulfill his wish, but couldn't help himself from adding his own kiss in the end.

(A girl from Kaname's fanclub got a heartattack and the others were too shocked to resuscitate her.)

„Now," Kaname leaned his forehead against hers and smiled again, „you said you wondered how could I take you… Let me show you."

„But… I have some questions…"

„Not now, we didn't get there in our dialogue yet."


„We're still at your confession. First I will answer the question about taking and being mine; then you can ask more." He lifted her bride-style and carried her back to the Moondorms. „I also want to know some details of that ‚I love you' part, using visual demostration please…"


Kaname's rooms were far away from the Day Class's standard (or any dormitory standard in the world). She couldn't resist a little tour around his place: a little, yet impressive reception room… a door to a quite singular bathroom… an enormous bedroom! And what is this door? She peeped in the picture gallery, but only a glimpse of those portraits made her back off. Some of those black-haired people were okay, a few brought a feeling of familiarity to her, but there was one picture that scared her out of her wits – a man with eyes of different colours…

Her back was stopped by Kaname's chest, she curled up to him and let him bring her to the bed. Wow, does he always sleep in red silk sheets with candles everywhere or did he think of this situation? She was getting nervous.

„Yuuki. Give me a smile, please." She saw doubt in his eyes. He wanted to make her happy so much.

She stroke his cheek. „I love you," articulated her lips with a loving smile.

„Yes, about that," he smiled back, „and about ‚being mine'. Could you tell me what exactly I possess?"

„Umm…everything? Just the uniform belongs to the Academy," she answered in the same joking tone.

„Oh really? Well, off with her. Time to inspect my property."

‚Come on, you knew this was coming…' Yuuki was trying to calm herslef down when unbuttoning her jacket.

„Need some help?"

„Done!" But that was just the jacket. Kaname decided to take care of the rest personally.

First, he slid the shirt off one of her shoulders, placing a kiss on her white skin, and asked: „Is this mine?"


He bared her other shoulder, asked the same and got the same answer, so he opened his mouth wide and printed his jaws on it.

„Is this also mine?" He freed her arm of the shirt and started a serie of kisses from her wrist up.

„Yes, Kaname-senpai…"

„And this?" Second arm was out and her shirt fell to her waist, displaying a plain white bra.

„Of course…" He used his teeth again: nibled her fingertips, grazed her palm and placed a few light bites on the way to her collarbone.

„And…" He was about to ask about her neck. She turned her head so he had the best access to it. Even if she hadn't loved him, she'd owe him her blood – Aidou-senpai told her. Though scary, she was probably OK with that idea since she was little.

„All yours, Kaname-sama."

„Oh, I love you so much," a spontanous confession escaped his mouth just before he licked her neck. His breath on it was giving her goose-bumps.

His head dropped in her cleavage and his hands stuck to her bra. „Please tell me these are mine too."

„Um, yes," she blushed. He laid her on the bed. He caressed her breasts for long minutes, using both gentle and teasing ways. Then his snake-like tongue continued down the ticklish ribs, round and round the navel and ended up at her lower abdomen, adding some teethwork. The skirt was gone in a second; getting rid of her over-knee socks was fun; but when he reached for her pants, Yuuki eyed him seriously.

„Oh, is your underwear not my property?"

„Not unless I give you some," Yuuki burst to laugh, fortunatelly.

„But what's underneath…" Kaname trailed of, taking the edge of her pants in his teeth and slowly sliding it down.

„…is yours again," Yuuki gasped.

He started at her toes; when he got to her thighs, she was already writhing with pleasure. His lips, tongue and teeth were writing a symphony on her skin. Her moans were like chocolate and her gasps were like sips of refreshing wine to him; they were enough for him to feel the pain of erection against his trousers.

Inner sides of her thighs must've been her weak spot, for she almost screamed at his tongue sliding nearer and nearer her centre. Finally he moved to the only place his mouth hadn't visited yet…

When giving Yuuki pleasure, the pain in his crotch made him think ahead. He had been picturing this moment so often when going to sleep, in his dreams and even during days… Deflowering Yuuki like a princess, using everything good left in him… Or giving himself to Yuuki, expressing that he also belongs to her, allways did and allways will… Or making love to her like Kaname Kuran, showing her his whole personality, even the side he was keeping from her… Or taking Yuuki, making her utterly his, marking her…

„Ah, Kaname-sen…!" Her pleading voice brought him back. Not removing his tongue, he entered her with two fingers, adding a third one to prepare her. It didn't feel so nice, but she knew this was what her body was wriggling for.

Suddenly she felt his breath back on her face and an uncomfortable pressure down there. She screamed out as he penetrated her. He paused, showering her pained expression with kisses, waiting for her to adjust. Only then did he realize how small she was next to him, how fragile humanity made her and that she probably wasn't prepared to this yet.

But he couldn't stop. Once he pulled out, the scent of blood filled his nostrils and his ferocity awoke. He had this sweet girl in his arms and all he wanted to do was take her, take her, take her! She could feel his claws extending, as he hauled her legs and pinned them around his waist. A growl escaping his mouth warned her, but too late. He started thrusting to her intensively, slowly and deeply, getting faster and faster, ignoring her sobs and crying, lowering his open jaws to her neck.

Though he was causing her so much pain, she didn't defend herself; in fact, she reached his arms to him for comfort. Maybe it was this gesture that made the red hue in his eyes retreat. „Yuuki," he groaned apologetically, but couldn't stop yet, ao close to cumming. „Aah…" he let her see those few seconds of his vulnerability and then collapsed on her naked sore body.

Red sheets hid most of Yuuki's blood, but he could smell it better than anybody. Every drop was a bullet for his conscience. „Yuuki, I'm sorry…"


A few hours remained til the start of Moon classes. A few hours for Kaname Kuran to damn himself alone in his chamber. And he could continue also during his classes, as Yuuki didn't come to fulfill her evening prefect duties. Thousands of thoughts were fighting in his mind:

‚I screwed up. God, I screwed up so much.'

‚Actually I showed her what she needs to know if she is to be my lover.'

‚And now she will never trust me anymore.'

‚Jesus, no silk in the world can compare to her skin…'

‚I've lost control. But she knows that doesn't have to happen, she knows I usually CAN control myself, doesn't she. Doesn't she…?'

‚I will never forget her sweet moans…'

‚I will never forget her pained sobs… '

The classes were over; Ichijo had to clear his throat to wake him out of his inner quarrel. Approaching the meeting point with the Day Class, Kaname again remembered how intoxicating it was to have Yuuki in his arms. Then, as he saw Yuuki's small figure in front of other students, he realized Yuuki is a drug he's addicted to. Fatally.

Her body was still sore, he could tell even from affar. But she was standing strong, his Yuuki the warrior princess. Until a bunch of fangirls pushed her legs and caused a sharp pain pierce her body. He caught her fall as he allways did, supporting her shoulders. But he didn't ask whether she was OK as always, he just stared at her.

Suddenly he found himself on his knees, hugging Yuuki's waist and burrying his face in her school uniform. „Forgive me," he whispered so that she could barely hear him.

„Let go, Kaname-senpai," Yuuki was embarassed by everyone's eyes on them.

„No, you have to forgive me…"

„K-Kaname-senpai…" She looked around, disrupted by everybody watching them as Kaname-sama kneeled before her and begged for her forgiveness. She closed her eyes to find her answer, took a deep breath and slowly said: „…I forgive you." Keeping her voice down, she told him: „I am yours, Kaname-sama. You can throw me away, you can hurt me, you can betray me. You can kill me. You can tear my body to pieces -" At that moment he pushed her face down and silenced her with a kiss. She obediently kissed back.

Speaking with all his heart, he technically contradicted reality: „I'd never do anything like that. Don't forget I love you. I'm just as yours as you are mine…"

„Yes?" She smiled with a memory of yesterday's dialogue. „About that… I'd like to know some details." He stood up and lifted her, bride-style again, and she giggled.

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