Author Note

I've to be honest; I've never been a fan of posting author's notes that look like a chapter updates. This is one first one ever but, well, this isn't a chapter update strictly speaking. Sorry.

I have posted a new outtake here:-


It is Edward's point of view of what occurs between chapter 16 and 17. Consider it an glimpse of his state of mind going into Bella's first day back at school. As it is Edward's POV it won't get into the main story but it does give some explanations for his choices in leaving Bella on her own (to her perception) in Chapter 17.

As to updates, chapter 16 and 17 have been revised. I am currently working on 18 and 19 at the moment, but they need to be completed, and then all four need to be beta read. I will post 16, 17 & 18 at the same time when they are ready. I don't have an ETA for this posting.

So, the story hasn't been abandoned, honest.