*Woman appears struggling with a blanket*

Woman: Argh! Why is it so hard for me to pull on a stupid blanket?

Director: Because it doesn't have sleeves.

Woman: What does that have to do with it? And why is everything gray? *Keeps trying to cover herself with the blanket*

Director: Be quiet, we're filming.

*Woman finally gets the blanket on*

Woman: Hurrah!

Phone: Ring! Ring! Ring!

Woman: ?!$%!!!

*Snuggie magically appears*

Woman: OMG! I can use my hands! And the world has color again!

*Woman walks across floor to pour coffee. Snuggie makes her trip*

Woman: Augh! Curse you, Snuggie!

Director: No, no, the viewers have to believe that the Snuggie is good.

Woman: But we'll get sued.

Director: Moving on.

Woman: Hey, how did we get to this football game!

Random Person: Do the wave!

Woman: I wore a blanket to a football game. And they're filming this! How much are you paying me?!

Director: A lifetime's supply of Snuggies.

Woman: AUGH!!!!

*Transports to a campfire*

Woman: I'm still warm! Wait, I'm really warm. Uh-oh, this giant sleeve picked up the fire!

*Runs away screaming*

Director: This is a disaster! Wait, I've got an idea! I'll include a free book light!

Old Guy In Snuggie: Yo. I is eatin' popcorn. IN A BLANKET! WOOH!

Voice: Similar products sell for huge prices.

Woman: There are similar products?

Voice: Now you can get the Snuggie for just 19.95!

Woman: I'm getting out of here! *Pulls off flaming Snuggie. World becomes black and white again*I'll take it!