Fallen From Grace Idea: I borrowed this concept from VegHead07's story fallen angel.

Summary: What if Bella was an immortal but not a vampire and is forced into tons of things because of "duty"? (I really suck at summaries.)Pairing: Alice and Bella. Bella and Jessica in beginning chapters

Sad part: I don't own any of the charters but if I did it would be kick ass.


This is where its going to end. Blood dripped off of my back as I stared over the cliff. The jagged rocks on the bottom was going to be my final resting point. Tears escaped my eyes as I remembered what, or I should say, who I was leaving behind. All of this was apart of the reason why I had to do this. It was for her everything that I have done was for her. Never again will she cry for me or be hurt because of me.

I took the last breath that I would ever take and stepped off…. Good bye forever. "No," the angel's voice screamed. "No"

IN later chapter there will be drinking, a little sex, and pls this is my first fanfiction review.