I snapped up still in pain from the surprise attack. The attackers must not have known that you can't kill an vampire by just snapping my neck, it only knocked me out for a little while. I looked at the sword, my eyes opened wide. I tossed the sword on the ground and began to run towards Bella's direction.

I would explain to my family what happened later, as long as I was okay it shouldn't matter what happened in the past. Visions of Bella began to flash before me as I continued to run through the woods. When the final one passed my eyes I pushed harder knowing that I couldn't let her do this to herself. I stopped at the LaPush line waiting for someone to meet me there.

In seconds a brown wolf was in front of me glaring at me. "Please let me cross," I cried. "Bella's in trouble. If she doesn't see me she'll kill herself even if you go and stop her. She isn't going to want to live without looking at me and knowing that I'm alive." At Bella's name the wolf's eyes grew big. "You must be Jacob, she talks about you all the time. Jacob you understand that she is going to kill herself if she wants to. Please Jack I don't want her to die and nor does you." He moved to the side and howled signaling that I had his permission to step on their land. "Thank you."

I sped towards her smelling her blood and it was getting stronger and stronger as I got closer to her. She wasn't going to die today I wasn't going to allow it. I finally caught up to Bella and seen that she was out of it because of the lost of blood. She ran forward as quickly as her tired body could.

"NO," I screamed still running toward. "No..."

She jumped off ignoring my screams. I followed her off the cliff falling faster then she was. I grabbed her by the waist and held her close to my body. "How cruel...why torture me before i die? I failed you, I know. I'm sorry."

"Bella shut the fuck up" I growled. My mind began to race as I tried to think of how we were going to survive this.

A hand grabbed me by the waist and another grabbed Bella. We were quickly back on top of the cliff the arm released me allowing me to turn around. Victoria smiled softly. "How do you ever deal with this girl?"

"She's a hand full but she's my hand full" I answered turning to see Tonya place Bella on the ground. "You?"

"Don't you me," Tonya said rolling her eyes. "She's a great person and a even better leader. And an even a better friend and soul mate. I can't stand by and allow knucklehead to kill herself because she's and idiot."

"But how?

"She's my responsibility. I just used my connection with her to see where she was," Victoria shrugged.

I knelt down on Bella's side. She was almost completely out of it from the blood lost. "Am I dead yet," She coughed. Blood leaked out of her mouth as she looked at me with glossy eyes.

"No you idiot! What were you thinking?"

"That I can't live without you..." She smile softly reaching up to touch my cheek. "Your the only reason why life is wroth living. I understand why Amelia turn...turned out like she did." She coughed again and more blood. "Losing this love would make life unbearable to live."

"Bella what did you do to yourself?"

"She cut her wings off," Victoria answered rolling Bella on her stomach. She ripped Bella's shirt off exposing the wounds. She poured a clear liquid on the wounds causing it to stop bleeding and the stubs of what was her wings to return into her back. "She'll be fine, make sure she pushes them out daily to give them some air."

My nose scrunched up when I smelled a wolf really close. I turned my head to see Jacob still in wolf form looking at Bella. "She's okay but she lost a lot of blood," I said to him softly. His eyes scrunched in pain and then he was in his naked human form.

"You Cullen's aren't that bad," He started. "Thank you for saving Bella, You and your family are allowed on our land whenever you want."


"Don't mention it." He turned back to his wolf form.

I nodded my head and picked up Bella bridal style. She had passed out after talking. I listened to for her heart beat, finding a faint one. I smiled softly running back to my family's home, to explain everything that happened.

After explaining everything and getting hugs from everyone I carried Bella into our room and closed the door behind me. I placed her in the bed and I began to watch her sleep hoping that she was really going to be okay. I couldn't believe that she really did this because she thought I was dead. I never wanted her to do this to herself, she was such a idiot sometimes. But maybe she knew that she was going to become a monster if she lived without me. If that was the case I respected that she didn't want to become the monster that Amelia had became.

She groaned in pain before turning over reach out to me. "Alice," she said sounded as if she was pleading with me.

"Yes, my Bella," I answered softly.

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be love."

"No I'm sorry for worrying you. If I would have-" I placed a finger on her lips cutting her off.

"Vampires can only die by fire. Now you know don't over react anymore."

"I won't."

"That's my girl." I kissed her forehead. "Rest now. We have the rest of eternity to talk and what now." She nodded her head and drifted off to sleep.

I sat back and watched her sleep for the next week straight. Of course I woke her up to eat and do the wing thing but she slept mostly. I couldn't blame her she was drained from the fighting and her attempt at suicide. My fairy deserved a rest...

She woke up by herself for the first time in a while. Bella stood up and pushed her wings out which had grew a decent amount but they still weren't they're old size. She chuckled before picking me up. "Bella don't push yourself," I said giving her the a look.

She snorted before putting me down. "Pushing myself? I'm feeling better then ever before."

"Really now?"

"Hell yeah! Is there something you want to do," she asked setting herself up.


Her eyes went big but quickly went back to normal. "Well okay, it been a long time and besides I love you."

"I love you too."

"When do you want to go?"

"Right now Fairy."

"Then let's go Pixie."

I know what you guys may be thinking the ending isn't the greatest but I think it's a good note to end on. Um I have another story I have another story to finish but I have this fic idea that I want to use before it floats away. So ten reviews and it's poster. Thanks for all of your support!!!! Love you guys.