As I pulled into the parking lot at school I suddenly remembered why it is I had thought of skipping today, well not just today but all week. Valentine's Day. Pink and red hearts were adorning signs all over the place advertising the stupid masquerade ball that was to be held in the gym on Saturday.

UGH I hate it. I never had a boyfriend in Phoenix not that I had wanted one. I just hated watching all the lovey-dovey couples exchanging stupid gifts and spouting sonnets. I got out of my truck and slowly made my way into my first class.

Great, Eric is staring. Please don't let him ask me to the Valentine's Ball.

"Hey, Bella, I was just wondering if you'd like to go to the ball with my on Saturday?" his voice was beyond hopeful. I tried to smile but failed miserably. "I'm sorry Eric, but I'm not going to the ball, I don't dance." He looked at his shoes said I understand and walked back to his seat.

I pray that he passes this information onto Tyler and Mike. I don't know how if my patience for them can hold out all day. I'd hate to flip out on one of them.

No such luck.

Tyler pounced on me the second I entered second period.

"Bella, I assume you haven't got a date to the ball yet since I haven't asked you yet. I know you've been holding out for a real man to ask and well here I am. What time should I pick you up?" (A/N) I made Tyler a little arrogant and pushy because of how he assumed a prom date with Bella in Twilight.

I looked at him in disbelief and replied "well since I'm not going to the ball at all I guess never would be a good time." I was starting to get really annoyed by all of this unwanted attention.

He didn't respond in any way. He just took his seat and stared at the front of the room until the bell rang and he hurried out of class.

I got strange looks from Mike during third period but he didn't approach me thank god.

I took my usual seat beside Angela at lunch and laid my head on the table.

"Are you okay" she asked. I sighed as I raised my head.

"I suppose but I get the feeling that my day is going to get a whole lot worse. Eric and Tyler asked me to the 'I'm in love with you but I'll only act like it today because I'm supposed to' day dance and Mike has been staring at me and I just know he's planning to ask me to. Why can't they just leave me alone?" I ranted.

She smiled and said "I take it Valentine's Day isn't your favorite holiday." I shook my head and smiled a little. "No I guess not. I just think if you love someone you should show them everyday not just a day designated by the greeting card companies. Not that I would know, I mean I've never had a boyfriend but I do love someone or at least I think I could love someone." I blushed and stole a glance at the bronze haired god sitting across the cafeteria.

Angela just smiled but didn't respond. I put my head back on the table and didn't move it until the bell rang to go to class.

As usual Mike walked me to biology but today he seemed to bounce with excitement as we walked. When we got to the door he stopped and held me in place by my arm.

"What is it Mike?" I asked angrily already knowing the answer. He looked at me like I was water and he'd been trapped in a desert.

He cleared hi throat and began. "Well, I heard that you shot down Crowley and Yorkie today by saying you weren't going to the ball and well I was wondering if maybe you'd change your mind if I was to ask you. I mean I am asking you. We have something here Bella and I'd like to start exploring it this Saturday and I know you do to." He looked at me expectantly and waggled his eyebrows.

It was too much. I exploded in laughter, did he really just say that?

"I-I'm sorry Mike, but the answer is no." I tried to reign my laughter in as I walked into class and with great effort I finally succeeded just as I got to my seat.

Edward was already in his seat when I got there. He looked as if he was fighting laughter himself but he didn't even look at me the entire hour. I sighed inwardly, why couldn't he ask me to the ball, I would gladly risk dancing and all related injuries just to have him hold me close like that.

I spent all of biology day dreaming of what it would be like to be at the ball with Edward Cullen. His scorching golden eyes staring lovingly into mine as he gracefully twirls me around the dance floor.

Him leaning down to kiss me as the song ends. Him holding my hand as he walks me to my door at the end of the night stealing a goodnight kiss before Charlie opens the front door. And then the bell rang.

Mike didn't even look at me in gym, which was great. I ran to my truck as soon as the bell rang. Miraculously I managed not to trip even once. I sighed as I got in.

Tomorrow has got to be better right. Right?