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I could barely contain my breathing and my heart was thundering in my chest as I reached the gym doors. Edward didn't speak as he took my hand. I gasped as we entered the gym. It was beautiful. The lights were dimmed and the ceiling was decorated with thousands of twinkle lights to look stars. Potted trees dotted along the walls and around the room. It looked like a park at twilight. Edward chuckled when I gasped.

"It's beautiful" I said.

"No where near as beautiful as you" He replied.

I was three shades of red I was blushing so hard. This god like man beside thinks I'm beautiful. I looked up into his eyes and was dazzled by the intensity of his gaze. There was a deep emotion there that I didn't understand.

"You didn't seem surprised that it was me waiting for you. When exactly did you figure out it was me?" he inquired.

"Well, I hoped it was you from the first clue." I stated honestly. He smiled a breathtaking crooked smile. I was dazzled even more now. Ugh, how does he do that? "Um, well, I didn't know for sure it was you until the one about ignoring each other."

He looked a little upset by this and then turned his head releasing me from his gaze.

"What? What did I say?"

"Nothing, Bella. I'm sorry I really am not a good friend for you. I should stay away from you. It seems that you have enough friends anyway." He started to walk away.

"Wait, please!" I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I didn't understand what I had done. Why he would say these things?

He didn't turn around he just shook his head and kept walking hurriedly towards the door. I tried to catch him but he was too fast. I made it to the parking lot before I tripped over my dress. I closed my eyes preparing to meet the concrete but it never came.

"You should be more careful, I would be so very disappointed if you tore that dress. It took forever to find the right one." Alice said as she helped me to my feet. Once she helped me steady myself she smiled a sad smile. "I tried to get here in time to stop him from going, Bella I am sorry. He's very stubborn. He is also a little angry. Could you please tell me what happened in there."

I gave her a run down of the conversation that we had. She seemed to be deep in thought and she sort of zoned out for a second. She shook her head like she was shaking out the cobwebs and then laughed.

"Oh that boy has lost it. Come on Bella, let's go fix this" she took my hand and led me to a red BMW. She drove us out of town at a very high speed ignoring all of my protests and requests for her to slow down. She parked on the side of a dead end road surrounded by forest.

She took a deep breath and then started to speak.

"Ok, now Bella before we get out there are a couple of things you need to know. One, for some reason Edward believes you have some secret boyfriend. Two, he doesn't realize just how much you care for him so you're going to have to tell him. And three well, I guess he should really be the one to tell you that so just sit tight and I'll go get him." She stepped out into the darkness.

"Are you okay?" Alice asked looking in the window. I nodded not trusting my voice.

"Alright, I will be back in just a second. I'm going to go get Edward. He's just over there sulking." I nodded again and she was off.

What did she mean he doesn't know how I feel, wait, how does she know how I feel? Do I have the strength to tell Edward that I am falling in love with him? Yes, I think I do. I will tell him the next time I see him. Can I do this? Yes, yes I can. I love Edward Cullen.

I made this decision and I am definitely sticking to it.

Just then I looked up to see Alice dragging Edward by the arm out of the forest. I opened the door and stepped out slowly. I looked at the ground not sure what to do. Alice flitted to my side and kissed my cheek.

"Bye Bella, I will see you soon. Later, Edward." She said as she jumped in the car and drove away.

Edward and I just stood there not looking at each other for god knows how long. Neither of us wanting to be the first to speak.

Finally the silence be came too loud and I said "Would you say something" at the same time he said "what are you thinking?'

I took a deep breath "I was wondering why you left the dance? What did I do? Alice thinks that you have some ridiculous idea that I have a secret boyfriend or something like that. You know that's crazy right? In fact, I've never had a boyfriend. I never even wanted one until I met you" I was crimson I was blushing so hard. Why am I telling him all of this?

He laughed once without humor. "If you don't have someone then why didn't you know right away it was me? Evidently there is someone holding by their side right? You know what never mind just forget it I'm sorry. Let me take you home it's cold out here and I don't think you're boyfriend would like it if you got sick."

I didn't even realize it was cold until he mentioned it. I shivered once and then I couldn't hold it in anymore; I busted out laughing.

"Oh, Edward, really? That's why you're upset. Honestly, we have a lot to discuss but first you are right it is cold out here. I'd like to get somewhere warm but not home just yet if you don't mind."

He walked by me without saying a word and I followed. We walked around a curve in the road and there set his Volvo. How did I miss it before? I guess I was preoccupied. He held the passenger door for me and once I was settled he went to the driver's side. He got in, turned on the heat but didn't start the car. He just looked at me.

"Where would you like to go?" He said through his clenched teeth. He seemed braced for something but I wasn't sure what.

"I don't really know or care I just want to talk to you." I was hesitant but he needed to understand. "I'd like to explain about 'being held' if I could."

He nodded curtly and I sighed.

"Well you see I've never been what you'd call coordinated and well I guess you've never seen me in gym. Well, I fall a lot" I blushed and looked down.

"You see Mike always volunteers to be my partner and he ends up holding me up a lot so I don't do face plants everyday. I was afraid that maybe it was him or that maybe this was just a cruel practical joke. I was also afraid to believe it was you. I didn't want to get me hopes up just to get them crushed because part of my brain was yelling out at me that you really did hate me." I whispered the last part and looked up. He was staring at me with an unfathomable expression on his face.

"What?" I asked.

"I don't like the idea of Newton touching you. It makes me angry. I assure you that this is in no way a joke for me. And just so you know I do not hate you; I could never hate you. It's just the opposite actually." He said with a small smile.

"Frankly, I don't like it either" I laughed nervously, "so, um you don't hate me? You did mean all of the things that you've been saying in the notes this week then?"

"Yes, I meant every word" He turned the full force of his eyes on me and I forget where I was. "I know I shouldn't, God help me I've tried not to but I can't deny it anymore Bella. I love you, no more than that I adore you."

I just sat there stunned for I don't know how long. Edward Cullen loves me.

"Please say something, anything, tell me what you're thinking? I didn't mean to scare you. I'll take you home." He rushed through the words.

"Edward, I'm not scared and I don't want to go home. What I'd like to do is go back to the school. You see the man that I'm in love with has been sending me anonymous notes all week professing his love to me and I need to get back so I can feel him hold me close as we dance." He took my hand, kissed it and we headed off to the school. Tonight is the turning point for Edward and I, we are in love but I know he's keeping a secret from me but I'm more determined than ever to find out what the love of my life is hiding.

The End Possibly?!

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