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This wasn't part of the plan

Chapter one

Friday 9:04 A.M.

'How did this happen? This wasn't part of the plan ... well, that is, if I had a plan in the first place this would not be part of it.' Shawn thought to himself as he rubbed his sore jaw where Leikin had hit him with her gun. Everything had been so perfect he was finally able to prove that there was something more to this case and expose a dirty phoney psychic consultant from the federal treasury department before she got away with all the fake loot. Well that was until she took Shawn hostage and forced him onto the waiting plane. Mildred, bless her, she tried to stop Leikin by rolling her portable stenographer's desk to trip Leikin, but Lindsay saw it and was able to move out of the way. She had made Shawn pick up her carry on with all the counterfeit money inside, all the while using him as a human shield.

Lassiter and agent Ewing had tried to flank her and Shawn while O'Hara and Chief Vick held Leikin's attention but just like before she had seen the trap for what it was and quickly got on the plane dragging Shawn with her. Lindsay had shoved her gun painfully into Shawn's side and ordered him to shut the plane's hatch. Shawn tried to stall so he could come up with a plan as he reached down to pull the cords, that ran on either side of the steps, that would shut the door. Shawn paused and looked out at the tarmac when he heard Gus frantically calling him and for just a moment he had thought about jumping out of the plane and hoped he got away fast enough that he wouldn't get shot, but quickly dismissed the idea. Leikin had seen his hesitation and dug the gun into his ribs insistently, "if you don't shut that door right now I will shoot him." With that she turned the gun to point at his Gus. Fear for his best friend prompted the fake psychic into action. He had seen the panicked realization on Gus's face as he saw Shawn pull on the cords and close the hatch. Gus had been yelling at him to stop and started to run to the plane, but Lassie intercepted him and held him back.

As soon as the hatch was closed and locked, Leikin shoved Shawn toward the front of the plane. The door to the cockpit shot open and slamming against the wall startling the two pilots, who had up until that point, been blissfully unaware of what was going on. The copilot, a man well into his fifties with gray hair and in good shape for a man his age, which Shawn noticed was named Milliken, began to stand up and demand what was going on but was stopped mid rant as Leikin swung the gun around and pointed it straight at the guy's face.

At the time Shawn had been more annoyed and angry with all of it then scared. It wasn't until she had forced the unsuspecting pilot and copilot to take off that he started to get a little worried. He had told her that she was crazy if she thought she was going to get away and then began to tell her why her plan was not going to work at which point she had promptly slammed the butt of her gun into his chin to shut him up.


"Don't you move," Leikin ground out aiming the gun at the fake psychic once again as he tried to get up from behind the pilot's seat where he had fallen when she hit him.

Shawn ignored her and continued to slowly rise 'til he was completely upright he smiled at her innocently, "I..uh...don't think the 'seatbelt sign' has been turned off yet so maybe we should go take a seat and belt up and wait? You know landings and take offs are the most dangerous part of the flight."

He had hastily come up with a plan if only he could just get her out of the cockpit and shut the bulletproof door then the pilots could land somewhere. Then all they would have to do is wait for help. Shawn knew there were a lot of holes in that plan, holes, that may very well end up with him sporting around some unwanted new holes of his own if things went south. 'Oh well, at least it was better then no plan at all.' Shawn thought with a mental shrug.

Lindsay stepped away from the doorway and further into the cockpit, "Not another move Shawn. I don't want to shoot you but I will if I have to." She then flashed him a mocking smile, "besides we have already been in the air for more then thirty minutes now. We're not taking off or landing right now."

'Had it really been that long already?' Shawn thought as he again ignored the threat and casually leaned up against the back of the pilot's chair, Shawn felt the tension rolling off the blond haired older man. "It's pretty cloudy out there, we could still hit turbulence and that would be very bad. So lets go buckle up, come on, the seats are right out there." Shawn started to move forward and herd their kidnapper out of the cockpit.

Leikin taking exception to this move brought the gun up once again to hit the young man as he got closer but Shawn saw the action and quickly jumped back avoiding the blow, "Alright, alright, jeez so much for safety first. You know I was just..."

"Shut up," Leikin spat out angrily bringing the gun to bear squarely at Shawn's chest. Lindsay began to shake slightly with barely concealed rage as she started to lose control of her temper. She cast him an accusing glare, "If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be in this mess right now. Why couldn't you just leave well enough alone? It was working perfectly then you had to go and screw everything up."

Shawn rolled his eyes and gave her a well duh look. Shawn leaned further into the chair and heard the two pilots whispering. Though he couldn't really hear what was being said he got the impression that they were plotting something, perhaps a way out of this mess? Deciding quickly that his plan didn't seem to be working, so why not do everything he could to give his fellow hostages the time they needed to execute their plan. All he had to do was keep her distracted by doing what he did best.

He was going to annoy the hell out of her.

"My fault?! Oh I'm sorry I guess I should have known better then to partner up with a counterfeiter instead of putting him in jail and I really shouldn't have killed him when I found out he had double crossed me. And then to take three people hostage and hijack a plane when the brilliant and handsome psychic detective working for SBPD exposed me for the counterfeiting, murdering phony psychic that I am." Shawn paused for a moment feigning confusion, "Oh wait, that wasn't me."

Shawn held back a smug smile as Leikin lost it completely and began to scream at him.


Jim Milliken sensed rather then actually saw Paul Cox lean toward him, "you know, he has the right idea if we can get her out of the cockpit we all just might get out of this in one piece." The pilot whispered, Jim chanced a quick glance at the young man and their captor, "What about the kid? If we don't find a way to keep him in here with us, she'll more then likely shoot him when we start to land."

Both men winced as they heard the woman begin to scream and rant at the young man, "That is if he doesn't get himself killed before then." Paul shot Jim a worried look.

Jim slowly sat back in his chair and looked at the kid hoping to catch his eye and warn him to shut up. The kid almost immediately made eye contact and gave a slight smile, 'my word, he's doing it on purpose.' Jim thought with more then a little admiration as he leaned forward in his seat again, "The kid is keeping her distracted while we plan."

The younger pilot looked at him in surprise, "how do you know that? How does he even know we were planing anything?"

Jim smiled. "I just do, and I don't know, maybe he really is psychic. But however he knows, he is giving us the time we need, so lets not waste anymore of it."

After close to ten minutes of coming up with plans and discarding them, they had finally come up with one that might actually work.. They were going to put the plane on autopilot and Jim was going to tackle their hijacker, they now knew was Lindsay Leikin psychic consultant for the FTD, and push her out of the cockpit and if he could, get the gun away from her. Paul would grab the kid and make sure he was safely out of the way. Once Jim got her out of the cockpit he would run back in and shut the door effectively trapping her in the cabin and keeping them safe.

"Jim maybe I should be the one to take her down and you get that Shawn guy out of the way." The concerned pilot asked his older copilot.

"We've been over this. You may be ten years younger then me and can move faster but I'm the one that was in the Air Force and I'm the one who has combat training, not you. I'm the best chance we've got of getting that gun away from her."

The kid had done his part remarkably well, never once had he let her focus on anything but him, no one could have asked for a better diversion, but now it was their turn to take action.

Paul switched them to autopilot and placed his hand on top of the throttle and he slowly began to curl one finger down at a time. As soon as all the fingers were down both men jumped up. Leikin screamed in surprise and rage she swung the gun around at the two charging men and fired twice. Both bullets missed the men but hit the control panel behind them making the whole front of the cockpit erupt into a cascade of sparks.

Lindsay took a hasty step back to avoid Jim but she tripped on the doorjamb and fell out of the cockpit. Jim quickly kicked the woman's feet out of the doorway and began to shut the door. Leikin sat up and began wildly shooting at the cockpit.

Jim had the door almost completely closed when he felt something slam into his chest he staggered back a couple steps before he felt strong arms come around him and ease him to the floor.

Shawn rushed forward stepping around the pilot as he pulled the copilot away from the door, Shawn quickly grabbed the door and shut it. No sooner had the lock been put in place then he heard Lindsay slam into the door.

Shawn ignored Lindsay's irate screaming and immediately turned and made his way to the two pilots. Shawn knelt down next to Milliken. Cox now sat there next to his injured counterpart in only his white t-shirt already having taken off his dress shirt and pressing it to the gaping wound in Milliken's chest.

"Jim, I told you I should have been the one to take care of her. I should have ordered you to let me do it. I'm sorry Jim." Cox said clearly blaming himself for his fellow pilot's current condition.

Shawn just sat there not really sure what more he could do to help. He knew that the first thing you do in this situation was to try and stop the bleeding but Cox was already doing that and he didn't know what else he could do. The only first aid kit on the plane that he had noticed was in the main cabin with that gun happy psycho. A huge over sight on the part of the airplane designers and engineers as far as he was concerned.

Milliken put his hand on the pilot's arm, "Not your fault Paul it just happened...tell Jan I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise and that I love her... tell my girls I love them too..." Milliken gasped for air and began to cough up blood. Shawn and Cox tried to hold the injured man still so he would not hurt himself further.

Shawn felt so helpless; he knew the man was dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He couldn't even offer the dying man something to ease his pain.

The plane suddenly lurched and bucked under them. Cox grabbed Shawn's hand and pressed it down on Milliken's chest, "you stay here with him. I have to go. I think the autopilot just shut off. You just hang in there Jim, I'm going to land and get you some help." With one last look at his friend he got up and stumbled to the controls.

Shawn expertly kept the absolute terror he was feeling from showing as looked down at Milliken and he calmly began to ask the copilot about his family, "How many kids do you have?"

"Two. Both girls."

"What are their names?"

"Vivian...and... and May" Before Shawn could ask another question Milliken put his hand on Shawn's arm the same way he had with the pilot just minutes before, "I just wanted to say...you did...a hell of a job...how did you know?"

"Well I..." Shawn was interrupted when he heard a string of curses coming from the pilot. The plane began to shake and jerk again. Shawn felt Milliken's hand let go of his arm and fall limply to the floor. Shawn quickly reached over and checked the man's pulse and found nothing. Jim Milliken was gone. Shawn slowly pulled his blood soaked hands into his lap and looked over at the pilot, "He's dead." Shawn called out sadly. The pilot sat quietly for a moment then yelled, "Get up here I need your help."

Shawn unsteadily got up as the plane continued jump and shake and he made his way over to the copilot's seat and plopped down in the chair and put his seat belt on. He looked out the windshield for the first time and saw nothing but a forest as far as the eye could see; not a single sign of civilization in sight. A horrible feeling settled in his stomach as he thought of what it would mean if they were to crash out here.

"The computer has shorted and is now dumping all our fuel. I need to concentrate on flying, so I need you to get on the radio and see if you can get it to work."

He swallowed his fear and sorrow and in an attempt to lighten the mood, he saluted the pilot, "Aye, Aye Captain."

Cox looked at him and smiled weakly.

Shawn spent five very tense minutes trying to make the radio work before he punched the already damaged piece equipmant. He was about to throw the headset at the nearest wall as well when he heard it crackle to life he quickly put it back on, "Mayday, Mayday is anyone out there?"

"This is Mo...port...what...emerg...?"

Shawn smiled in triumph even though the connection was bad it was better then nothing. He promptly removed the headset and placed it on the pilot's head, Cox turned and looked at him surprised he had been so busy flying he had not realized Shawn had succeeded. Shawn smiled at Cox and gave him the thumbs up sign. The older man immediately began to explain their problems and give them their stats.

Cox was in the middle of giving their last known coordinates when the plane took a nose dive. Both men jumped when they heard Lindsay scream. They had somehow forgotten about her. Cox yelled above the noise of the dying engines, "We're out of fuel the engines are gone. Prepare for a crash landing."

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