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This was also chronicled by Lucy Pevensie, in a collection which she put together called "The Complexity of Noses and How to Steal Them".


Lucy POV (sort-of)

On Gale's second birthday, Helen Pevensie was probably in her house, doing something along the lines of housework, but it is unknown exactly what she was doing, as her children were in Narnia. She doesn't have much to do in the ongoing story of the stealing of her childrens' noses. Lucy, however, found the reactions of Jaer's children so funny when Gale's nose was kidnapped by her brothers that she had to add this chapter as the last one in a book that was never published.

It came to her attention when Susan approached her, giggling. "Lucy, it's the funniest thing! Ed and Peter have "stolen" Gale's nose. Remember how Dad used to with us?"

Lucy's eyes grew wide, and she followed her sister to the courtyard, where Galen looked worried and was looking back and forth between her brother Edmund and his brother Gale.

"What's wrong?" She asked, looking as sympathetic as possible.

"King Edmund took Gale's nose, and Father isn't doing anything about it. Neither is High King Peter," he said sadly.

"Well, it happens to some people. We all had it done to us," Lucy said reassuringly.

"You did?" Galen said, amazed, while still watching his brother.

"Yes. We named ours, too. Does your nose have a name?" she asked.

"No. My nose is my nose," he said firmly.

"Alright. Mine was ......Sally Elisabeth Ella Violet the Third," Lucy said after a pause.

"Mine was just Anna," Susan said happily.

"What were the Kings' noses named?" he asked, wonderingly.

(to be answered in the next section. Scroll down if you dare.)


Peter POV

I had been brought out of my reading by my dearest brother coming up to me and yelling, "Peter, it's Gale and Galen's second birthday!"

He paused expectantly.

"That means we'll have a celebration tonight and-" He cut me off.

"No, no, no! It means we have to steal Gale's nose!" Then he sighed. "Pete, you can't tell me you forgot!" Edmund rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Don't you remember what Dad used to do?"

I racked my brain desperately, thinking, 'I can't be that old! I have to remember this!' "Oh! When Dad stole our noses, then we had to spin around three times and-"

"Yeah! I was worrying about you Peter, you aren't that old!" he said, running off to find Gale.

When I finally caught up, his search had been successful. I must have been very out of shape to let my little brother beat me in a race. I made a mental note to not mention that to Orieus.

Edmund had already taken Gale's nose, and instead of screaming or crying uncontrollably, he laughed! He acts quite a bit like his uncle Jaerin. Gale seemed to find it hilariously funny that his nose had been uprooted from his face and was now in the grasp of King Edmund the Just.

Edmund was looking quite flustered now, as Gale didn't seem to care that his nose was gone, and seemed intent on laughing until he was blue in the face.

"Gale!" My brother yelled to be heard.

"Yes?" Gale stopped immediately.

"Does your nose have a name?"

Gale now looked confused. "My nose? What does that have to do with anything?"

Edmund stared at him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lucy and Susan come walking 'gracefully' up to Galen, who was terrified.

"I just stole it!" Ed said, even more flustered than before.

"You did?" Gale asked, probing the 'missing' member of his face.

"Yes!" Edmund said, showing the now two-year-old his nose in between his two fingers.

"Really?!" Gale squealed happily.

"....Yes! What is your nose's name?"

He thought for a moment, his face scrunched up. "Liulfr!" Gale finally said with finality.

"Isn't that your uncle's sword's name?" Ed asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Well, don't you want it back, now that you named it?"

Gale turned and said angrily, "He's a he, not an it!"

"Alright," Edmund said, trying not to laugh, "Do you want him back?"

Gale's answer was interrupted by Galen yelling, "Take it, Gale, take i-him! You can't breath without your nose!"

"Okay," Gale said, holding out his hand.

"Now, turn around three times, then I'll say the magic words, that you can't hear because they're magic. Got it?"

In answer, Gale spun around, almost tripped, slammed into Galen instead, so that his brother ended up on the ground. Galen then shrieked, causing his sister Saera (named after her grandmother) to look up from a book she had been reading and begin to make her way towards the sound. Edmund, during all this, had made up his own tuneless song and then declared Gale good as new.

By the time Saera got there, all that she saw was Galen, sitting on the ground sniffling. He wouldn't tell what happened, but he swore years later that seeing his brother without a nose had haunted his dreams ever since.


The End!

By the way, Gale and Galen are obviously two, and Saera's six. They talk so well because I think that in Narnia, children start learning proper speech early, and the same goes with why Saera was reading a book. And in case anyone is confused, they are Jaer's children.

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