This story is based off of the Disney movie Mulan. It is set in 1918 in the prospering United States. The army is gathering in Chicago. There is no emperor to save, instead it is the President, who is not going to be the actual president that reigned at that time. They are fighting with Germany, and this war is also a war of complete fiction, made up to fit the story line i have been inspired to go by.

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Chapter One: Meeting the Matchmaker


I woke up to the bright white light of the sun streaming through my bedroom window. I lay there, pondering the upcoming events of the day when I heard the shouts of my mother calling for me to get out of bed, and into clothes decent for todays activities. I groaned as I shifted the covers away from my body. Today, I would be meeting the matchmaker. I know it even sounds stupid when I think it.

My mother was Renee Swan, my father Charlie Swan, and I was their only child and a girl at that. Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella. We lived in the newly developing town of Forks, Washington, and today I was off to town so some lady in a fancy dress could tell me wether or not I would make a suitable wife. Ha. Me married, I was a free spirit and no way in hell would I be tying myself down any time soon.

Walking down the stairwell in our family's modest two story house I could hear my mother talking excitedly to the mothers of my two bestfriends in the entire world, Alice Cullen, and Rosalie Hale. As I came into the living area of the house I was assaulted with hugs from he two girls previoulsy mentioned. Alice was bubbly as always, with way more energy for this time in the morning than she had any right to be. Roslaie was next, looking gorgeous in a simple red silk dress. They too would be coming to have the 'matchmaker' determine the future of their love lives. Although unlike myself, they thought it would be a fun experience. They didn't have to worry about she said, because they were already being courted by the ohers brother.

Jasper Hale was tall, blonde, and incredibly calm. He had sharp blue eyes, a matching set to his younger sisters. The moment he had seen Alice almost 10 years ago, he swore he was in love, and Alice swore the same. When she first set eyes on him, she looked at me and Rose and exclaimed " That's the boy i'm going to marry!" And anyone could see that she meant it. She didn't even look twice at other boys.

Emmett Cullen was another story altogether. Tall and seriously muscled, he intimidated anyone that had the fortune to be in his prescence for more than 10 seconds. He had short brown hair that had a slight curl, and was funloving to the extreme. You knew something was up when Emmett wasn't being a goof. That's why Rose loved him. Plus the fact that he wasn't intimidating to her, rather SHE intimidated him. It was so cute how he would do anything for her, and they weren't even officially together yet.

Ahh, 17 and in love. I sighed, there were times when i felt alon, and times when i couldn't be happier i was single and able to do anything i wanted.

All to soon our mothers announced that it was time to go, and so we followed them out the door and down the streets of Forks talking about what we thought the matchmakers reaction would be to each of us.

"Rose, you're going to do great, you're gorgeous. If she even thinks of turning you down me and Alice will come beat some sense into her, kay?" I tried to reassure Rose. She knew she was prtty, but she couldn't cook all that well and she was freaking. I don't know why she cared what this lady thought anyway, she already had the love of her life waiting for her back at home.

"I know, i know," She told us. "It's just i don't want to let mom down."

Rosalies mom, Caroline Hale, wanted Rose to be the perfect daughter. Ever since Rose's father had died, her mom had raised her standards even higher. It was taking it's toll on Rose, and she was always worried what her mom would think of everything she did.

"You could never dissapppoint your mother Rose," Alice told her. " Now Bella on the other hand," She continued, nudging me in the side and giggling.

"Hey hey" I tried to defend myself, "No fair, you guys know i'm the most clumsy person on the face of the Earth." It was true. I, Bella Swan, could trip over any given surface. Even if that surface was as smooth as glass and devoid of any natural or unnatural obstructions. In fact, i bet i could trip over air.

They just continued to laugh as we got into the line of girls waiting for the matchmaker to call thier name. We each carried an umbrella, and tried our best to look proper. Rose and Alice had their umbrella's perfectly positioned, while mine just wouldn't cooperate. As the doors to the House of Matchery slammed open, i grasped my umbrella firmly and got it to stick in the required place by my side. Madame Victoria stepped out, and strutted down the steps to stand directly in fron of us. She looked us all over, eyeing our clothes, our poise, and of course, our umbrella's.

I stuck my free hand behind my back and crossed my fingers as she pulled out a clipboar that had all our names on it. I DID NOT want to go first.

"Rosalie Hale." She called in a clear voice, a hint of a British accent lacing through her words.

Rose stepped forward and followed Madame Victoria into the house and i waited for her return with baited breath. I shot a quick glance to where Alice was standing, and saw that she too had her fingers crossed in the folds of her gown. A full 20 minutes later and then Rosalie walked carefully down the steps and over to her mother, a huge smile plasrtered on her face as she told her mother all of what happened in the house and showed her the paper with Rose's score on it. Her mother smiled and hugged her as tight as she could, as Victoria looked at her clipboard to call up the next person.

"Alice Cullen."

Alice danced gracefully to the steps and glided up to the doors. Not even 10 minutes later, half the time Rose's took, and Alice was dancing back out smiling charmingly. You could tell she had passed just by the amount of confidence she exuded. I was happy for the both of them.
I turned swiftly back to give my full attention to the next name that would be called off, and almost completly froze when the words left her mouth.

"Isabella Swan."

I swallowed the nervousness that was building up in my throat and stepped carefully up to the steps. I ascended them with no trouble, thanking my lucky stars that no one had seen fit to make me trip on my way to the doors. I stepped in and closed the door behind myself, turing to look at my assessor.

"Madame." I greeted her politely.

"Speak when spoken to Miss Swan." she told me sternly, never looking up from the sheet of paper she was marking on.

"Pour the tea." She commanded quietly. I did as i was told, carefully taking the tea pot by the handle and pouring it into two cups. I went to hand hers to her, but fate had other ideas and when i leaned iver, my elbow hit the table causing the tea to cascade from the cup and into her lap. Needless to say the tea was very hot.

"AHHHHHHHGGGHHH!" she screamed, jumping up and holding the scalding piece of cloth away from her body. Though as she jumped up, she knocked into the brazier which was lit to provide a little light to the otherwise dark setting. The brazier tumbled onto it's side, catching a hold on the back of her dress and lighting it on fire. Trying my best to be of some help i grabbed the nearest liquid to pour over the fire, and ended up splashing the remainder of the tea into her face.

"I'm so so sorry" I tried to plead with her, but my plea fell on deaf ears.

"Get out." She ordered.

I scrambled to obey, standing and rushing out of the doors while she followed directly behind me. I stepped outside, my whole face red from the intensity of my blushing and ran down the stairs. I made it quickly over to stand beside Rose, Alice, and our mothers. Meanwhile, up on the platfrom near the stairs, Madame Victoria called out to me for all to hear, "You will NEVER make it as a bride."

I didn't care about that, but the disappointment on the face of my mother hurt. I hitched up my dress and ran home, sailing into the arms of my father, and crying on his shoulder. I apolagized over and over, and each time he said that he would rather he had a daughter to be proud of, than a daughter that wanted to be wed. I smiled a watery smile and we sat together on a stone bench in front of our pond, watching small ripples glide across it's surface.

All too soon though, the piece was disturbed when the sound of hoofsteps echoed through the town, and piercing horns blared over the walls that hid our home from view. Something was wrong, and i wanted to know what. But when my father left the gates to go see, he told me to wait for him to return. But i would not wait like a good little girl. No, i would find out the meaning of this disturbance in our small town. Good, or bad.


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