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Note: Harry Potter/Twilight crossover

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Summary: Vernon and Petunia Dursley didn't see the letter Dumbledore left and brought baby Harry to a hospital. Will compassionate Doctor Cullen be able to let Harry go?

The infant's cries echoed as the blustery wind got stronger and shook him roughly. Small hands scratched at a marred forehead as his eyes opened and looked desperately for familiarity but there was nothing. For a fraction of a moment, the baby's hand brushed against a rectangular envelope, but the letter was quickly blown away from his touch as another gusty wind passed by and blew it far from view. The door opened and a large man looked down, disgruntled. His eyes widened in horror and immediate recognition. This couldn't be. "Petunia," he called, demanding his wife at his side. After bickering and cursing, it was decided that once morning came, the babe should be delivered to an orphanage or a hospital.

They took the boy in and cruelly stuck him in the corner like a broken toy. His cries died when Vernon silenced him violently by picking him up and shaking him until his small body couldn't take the stress anymore.

The sun rose and hit the child's eyelids softly, but he didn't wake. Petunia came down, dressed and ready to get rid of such a nuisance. She sighed in irritation, picked up the basket and walked to the car. With a bit of pity and the small amount of love she still held for her sister, she decided to take the child to a hospital. She walked in, embarrassed, and wondered what people would think of her once she made her intentions clear. She cleared her throat and went up to the first nurse she saw. "This child was left on my door step."

The nurse's face fell into confusion. "And-"

"And I don't know whose child it is. I have no obligation to take care of him. The only thing I was told was that his name and that his parents died," she quickly lied, looking down as if she were sad. She had no idea why he was on her doorstep, actually. She just hoped in vain that the nurse would just believe her so she could leave.

The nurse nodded sadly, thinking that maybe Petunia wanted to find the child's parents. "His name?"

"Harry Potter."

"Dr. Cullen!" A loud voice shouted in dismay. He looked up just as his office door was opened. "Doctor, I don't know what to do! She just came in, gave me the basket and left! Now, I know this has happened before but it's just never happened to me and-"

"What is it?" He asked, trying to calm her. She gently gave him the basket and he held his breath as he looked down at the small baby boy. "And this is…"

"And abandoned child, Doctor. He was left on someone's doorstep and she wasn't sure what to do so she brought him here. All she knew was that the boy's parents died."

"Does he have a-"

"Harry Potter."

Carlisle sighed. "My shift is over but… I'll give him a proper medical exam. Call Child Services so they can contact an adoption agency."

"Yes, Doctor, thank you sir."

Carlisle nodded softly. He turned back to the baby. "Hello there, Harry," he cooed. Harry opened his eyes and the vampire was shocked to see the emerald eyes that Edward once had. He smiled affectionately. "What a beautiful child."

Harry giggled. "Medi!" he exclaimed.

"Hmm?" Carlisle hummed as he walked Harry down for his checkup.

"Medi-wi'rd! Medi-wi'rd!" He laughed. "Mungo, mungo!" Carlisle laughed at his child gibberish. He set Harry down on an examining table and began to look over the boy to make sure he was okay. "Mama?" he suddenly asked, as if realizing his parents weren't anywhere near. "Ma? Da?"

Carlisle gave a soft smile as he closed his eyes and listened to Harry's heartbeat. "I'm sorry, my child, but they're gone." Harry tilted his head, obviously not understanding. "Don't worry. We'll find you a family that will love you just like your ma and da."

Harry looked away and Carlisle could tell the babe wasn't satisfied with his answer. Of course, as young as Harry was, he wouldn't understand. He let out a deep breath before continuing.

"Well, young man," he said, "You seem to be quite a healthy baby!"

Harry giggled and stood on top of the table. "Da say Haw'y man! Grr!" The raven haired child raised his hands, shaping them into claws, and began pawing at the air. Carlisle laughed as he took the child into his arms once more.

"Come now, let's-" a shrill ring sounded and Carlisle looked at the phone on the wall. He grinned at Harry before someone called him and asked him to pick up. He quickly made his way back to his office and the secretary transferred the call. "Hello?" he asked, setting Harry down onto his lap.

"Carlisle…" A hesitant voice asked.

"Esme? What's wrong?"

"Alice has had a vision… of Harry."

Carlisle was shocked into silence. The family knew? He looked down. "And?"

"She sees us adopting him…."

"What?!" He shouted harsher then intended. Harry flinched and began crying. "Oh, no, no, dear child. I'm sorry, don't cry." Carlisle set the phone on speaker and got up to bounce Harry in his arms. He began to hum a quiet tune, something he heard Edward play once before. His humming slowed as he realized what he was doing. A few minutes with the baby and he was already becoming attached. "How is it possible Esme? We could put the child into serious harm."

"Well," she started. By the sound of her voice, Carlisle knew his wife wanted desperately to adopt Harry. "Alice said we wouldn't," was all she said as they fell into another awkward silence.

"Jasper would have to hunt more," he said warily. "In fact, all of us will if Alice's vision is correct."

"Oh, Carlisle, I know how hard it will be and how quick this decision is, but think of it. A child… a baby to raise…"

He pinched the bridge of his nose and gave Harry a soft smile when the young boy placed his head on his shoulder. "I'll call child services."

Rosalie fidgeted in her seat. Were they actually going to do this? Was adopting a human into the family a smart decision? She scoffed. Of course it wasn't. The baby would seriously be hurt if one slipped. Then what would adopting him be worth? She glanced at Emmett who looked far too excited. She scoffed and covered her face with her hands.

Would it be so bad? It was what she always wanted, having a child to raise and call her own. Surely that motive alone could keep her in control. Alice was bouncing around in one of the rooms. She had gone in hours ago, telling everyone she had to decorate. Edward revealed that in Alice's vision, Carlisle's looks were persuasive enough to allow Harry to stay the night. Besides, as Alice stated, Harry was going to be adopted.

Edward, of course, was furious. He flew around the house, cursing everything in his way and shouting about the level of stupidity in the family. Jasper was letting out shaky breaths, as if he needed them. The tense atmosphere was affecting him deeply. In one moment he felt nervousness and anxiety flooding through him, but it quickly changes to excitement and overwhelming joy.

In an hour, Carlisle would be walking through the front door with Harry in his arms. Esme was in the kitchen, furiously cooking up a storm. The dining room table was already covered with sweets such as cookies and muffins. She finished desserts and went straight back to work on food that she thought Harry could eat for dinner.

The minutes passed quickly but it felt like forever to the surrogate mother. She wrung her hands together and looked at her children for support. Alice sat at her left, holding her hand with a giddy smile. Emmett came to the other, throwing an arm around her. Her unneeded breath caught in her throat as they heard Carlisle's car approach. A door opened and closed, then another. Carlisle said something in hushed tones to Harry and the baby giggled in response. "Car vroom!" they heard. Rosalie couldn't stop the laugh that left her. Emmett gripped Esme's shoulder tightly with a grin. He stood with her as they made their way to the door.

"This is my house, Harry. You'll be staying for the night, and hopefully, if they say yes, you can stay and be a part of my family." They heard Carlisle explain as a key entered the lock. Esme pulled Emmett's arm off her shoulder and gripped his hand tightly. Edward and Jasper were looking at each other anxiously and Alice bounced on her heels. Rosalie toyed with the hem of her shirt in anticipation.

The door opened and Carlisle set the child down. Harry took steps forward into the house. Esme watched in anticipation as Harry looked around their large house in awe. He lifted his foot to continue inward but tripped over the rug. "Harry!" Esme shrieked, quickly letting go of Emmett and Alice and making her way to the baby, Rosalie at her side. Carlisle shook his head and picked Harry up while Esme quickly began to swipe her hand over Harry's body. "Are you okay, little one?" she asked in concern.

Harry's giggle bounced off the walls, sounding like music to the worried woman. He pointed at Alice and proclaimed, "Fairy!"

Alice pouted as everyone laughed. The baby quickly wriggled his way out of Carlisle's arms and clumsily made his way to Emmett. "Hi!" Emmett roared. Carlisle laughed as Harry took the same pose he did in the hospital.

"Haw'y man too! Grrrr!"

Emmett's booming laughter sounded. He bent down until his face was inches away from Harry. He let out a loud growl, a real one, to amuse Harry. Rosalie smacked the back of his head angrily while Edward groaned in the corner. "What are you stupid?! You'll scare-" she slowly trailed off as she looked back at Harry. The boy was on his back, laughing hysterically.

"Moo'y! Moo'y!"

The tall vampire frowned. "Is he calling me a cow?"

Carlisle cleared his throat and cut in. "I believe his family may have had dogs. We saw a rather large black dog on the street and Harry pointed to it and called it 'pa'foof'. It could be that they had another that's name resembles what Harry is saying." Harry shook his head. "No?"

"Moo'y see moon. He go awooooooo!"

The entire family froze and stared at Harry. Carlisle sat on the ground next to him. "Can you say that again Harry?"

"Moo'y go awooooo! Pa'foof go arf arf!" Harry said proudly. "Haw'y right! Haw'y win cookie!"

If the situation weren't so serious, he would have laughed. "Not right now, child," he turned but not before seeing Harry's lip tremble. "Edward what do you see in-"

"Carlisle!" Edward shouted as the family gasped. Esme's hand flew up and pointed at Harry. Carlisle quickly turned back and looked at him. Harry was sitting there, swaying his head back and forth…as he munched happily on a chocolate chip cookie.

Emmett grabbed Rosalie protectively. "What the-"

"Emmett, language!" Alice scolded before Esme could.

"What is he?" Jasper asked, his face contorted in worry.

Edward quickly interrupted. "Carlisle, his mind is filled with so many things. Werewolves, people turning into animals, floating objects… he's just settled on one of his parents and their both holding twigs. Why are they holding twigs?" He gulped and nodded his head. "Oh…wands."

"Wands?" Esme asked in confusion.

"Well they're waving it around and jets of light have appeared out of them and-" He quieted. So did Harry. Edward's eyebrows shot up. "Last night was Halloween, yes?" They nodded. "Someone… someone went into their house and…" He trailed off and a look of horror crossed his face. "Carlisle, his mother was murdered in front of him."

"His father?" Carlisle asked hurriedly.

"Killed before them. He rushed them upstairs before the vile murderer came in."

"How was his mother killed?"

Edward looked up and glanced at every face in the room. "He raised the wa- stick… and a jet of green light came out and ran through her. She just fell to the ground. Oh God, Carlisle she kept screaming and pleading to spare Harry."

Esme gripped Carlisle's arm. "We can't let him go. What if that man is still out there looking for him?"

Rosalie picked Harry up and bounced him up and down. The emerald eyes stared up with a smile. Emmett came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. He smiled down at Harry comfortingly. Harry raised a hand and rested it on Rosalie's cheek before laying his head on her unoccupied shoulder. The vampires were quite soothing to be around, after all.

Alice's eyes glazed over for a few moments before she let out a smile. "Don't worry. The pretty little social worker will be easily swayed."

"Why is that?" Esme asked, not sure if she should be happy that they could adopt Harry so quickly or scared that a woman could be so easily convinced. Could it happen with others? Would she so willingly give the children away?

Edward shook his head with a laugh. "She will become…mesmerized by Carlisle's beauty."

"Why is everything centering on Carlisle today?" Emmett pouted. "I'm handsome too!"

"Of course you are," Rosalie said, stating it as if it were fact. She set Harry down and the boy ran into Esme's arms. The woman smiled at him.

"Is Carlisle gonna look extra handsome so we can keep you?"

Harry tilted his head. "Han'some?" He pursed his lips and raised his chin while flicking his hair back with the back of his hand. "Haw'y han'some!"

They all laughed happily.

"Well, Doctor," Miss Corel said, her eyelashes fluttering every so often. Carlisle tried not to squirm uncomfortably. "It's been a week and it seems that little Harry is exceptionally happy with your family. I'm happy to say you seem to be the perfect family for him!"

"Wonderful! My family and I shall celebrate now. Mail me the paperwork. Thank you!" He told her quickly before shuffling her out.

"Oh but-" He slammed the door and leaned on it as if she would break through. "Good God, the woman doesn't have any understanding of the existence of my wife."

Alice giggled and hugged the man. "Well done, daddy! Now let's go fine Harry and tell him." He rolled her eyes at her childishness.

Harry was in the living room, bouncing up and down on Jasper's lap. The vampire was looking away, his lips sealed into a think line and his chest unmoving. He was obviously holding his breath. Carlisle picked him up and smiled. "Harry, Miss Corel has agreed to let us keep you in our family! You're now Harry Cullen, the son of Carlisle and Esme."

Haw'y frowned. "Haw'y Potta? Whe' ma and da?"

Esme sighed and ran her hand on his back. "You see, sweetie. Your ma and da are in heaven now, so we're going to take care of you for them and we'll love you just like they would want us to."

"Heaven… with ga'ma and ga'pa?" They nodded. Harry's mouth shaped into an 'o' before he nodded. "Kay, you be ma and da now!" Carlisle sighed in relief. Thankfully, Harry was still too young to understand what happened clearly. At least he was accepting.

Harry was finally two. The family agreed on celebrating Harry's birthday on the first of November, the day that Harry came into their lives. In a few days, they'd be moving again, back to America. Jasper was slowly gaining more control and was able to carry Harry around the house. Edward was trying desperately to teach Harry piano, saying that starting at a young age would be better for him. Alice damn near bought every toy she found when she took Harry shopping and Rosalie and Emmett were settling comfortably into the position of Harry's elder siblings as well. Esme and Carlisle enjoyed life with Harry, loving the feeling of taking care of a child.

"Mama!" Esme turned and looked at the mop of black hair that was flying furiously at her. She opened her arms as the two year old jumped into them. She laughed and swung him around.

"What is it sweetie?"


She sighed. "Edward! Stop making your brother play piano!"

"But Esme," he said, quickly appearing by their side. "This is a good age for him to start learning."

"He's two," she said flatly. "His fingers are barely big enough to stretch a centimeter apart."

"Well now that's just an exaggeration."

She shook her head. "When he's four-"

"Oh, but Esme-"

"When he's four, you can start teaching him!"

"Fine," He muttered, striding away.

"Thanks, mama," Harry smiled. "Cookie?"

"I'm sorry, Harry, but you can't have cookies until you've finished lunch." He pouted but allowed Esme to sit him in his high chair and set a plate down filled with food for him. He reluctantly picked up a spoon and began picking at his food. "Start eating, young man or you aren't getting any cookies today." He grumbled and shoveled a spoon full of corn into his mouth, glaring at his mother all the while. She smile at him and tickled his chin. He giggled and turned away. "That's my baby boy." She walked over to the counter, poured milk into a sippy cup for him, and set it on his table.

"Juice!" He demanded.

"Harry, no. You're having milk!"

"Mama! Juice!"


"Da!" Carlisle swiftly appeared in the room and smiled at the boy. "Juice!"

"What did your mother say?" he asked calmly, already knowing the answer.


"Well then you're going to have milk."

"JUICE!" They turned and watched the top of the sippy cup blow off and rocket into the wall while the milk shot out and splashed onto the floor. The two stood in silence as their elder children walked in to look at the scene. Milk was slowly flowing through the pattern of the tiles and the cover of the cup was lodged into the wall. Harry blushed and hid his face, something he always seemed to do when accidental spurts of magic leaked through.

Esme sighed and grabbed a towel. "Harry Cullen, if you weren't so little, I'd make you clean this mess yourself!"