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Harry's eyes opened. He looked around wildly and found Edward staring at him. Quickly, he jumped up and growled.

Edward rolled his eyes. "Harry," he drawled.

Harry fell back onto the bed with a groan. "Ah man! Why aren't I a vampire?"

"Severus used a spell so that the venom would only be incased in the scar's area, and nowhere else," Carlisle answered as he walked into the room. "It's wonderful to see you up and about, Harry."

"Daddy, I wanted to be a vampire!"

"Don't whine, sweetheart," Esme said. The boy sat up and smiled at his mother.

"Where is everyone?"

"Rosalie is down in the Great Hall with Emmett. She's been terrified that the spell wouldn't work so she's obviously much too anxious to be coming here."

"Didn't Alice tell her I would be okay?"

Alice giggled as she hopped onto the bed with him. "I wanted to keep it a surprise."

"What song were you singing this time?"

"That double double, toil and trouble song that the Hogwarts Choir sings. I thought it would be funny if I hinted that you would be turned. What's wickeder than that in the mind of one Rosalie Hale?"

"I'm sure Rosalie didn't appreciate that," he laughed.

"Oh she really didn't. Jasper had to stop her from strangling me one day."

Harry sighed angrily. "Will I ever be a vampire?"

"Let's not talk about that right now," Esme answered.

"Oh but mother!"

"Harry, I just told you not to whine. Besides, you're much too young to be turned."

"Oh that means there's hope for my change!"

Edward smacked the back of his head. "No there isn't, so cut it out!"

"Mom did you see that?! Dad, Edward hit me!"

Before the two could do anything, Edward was shoved away by Rosalie, who pulled Harry into her arms. "You're alive!"

He groaned, his eyes popping out and his arms flailing wildly.

"Rosie, he can't breathe!" Emmett laughed as he pried her arms off of their brother.

"Oh no! My lung…it's collapsed!" Harry said, falling back and holding a hand to his heart. "You'll have to turn me to save my life!"

"Harry," Edward growled, glaring at Carlisle who wasn't helping by laughing in his seat.

"Quick! Before I die!"


Harry rolled his eyes as Ron and Draco pretended to coddle him like their mothers would. "Awww our cute little Harry munchkin pie!" Draco cooed. "Wook at you wid yow wittle salutatorian sash."

"Can you talk like 17 year olds please?"

"Come on, mate!" Ron grinned. "Smile a bit, why don't you? We're graduating today! No more Flitwick yelling at us for our terrible charms or Snape criticizing our already perfect potions."

"I disagree with that statement, Ronald," Severus hissed as he walked into the room. "Are you three quite ready? All of your classmates are lined up already. Of course, you three would be late."

"Hermione's gonna kill us," Ron said, horrified, as he picked up his cap and ran out of the Room of Requirements.

"Come on, Dray," Harry smiled as Severus left right after Ron. "We can't be late to our own graduation!"

"Mother, please," Harry said with a groan. Esme brought the camera down with a sheepish smile. He was now nineteen and a fully trained Auror. Ron was standing next to him proudly. The two were able came out as the top second and third of their class. Molly was crying into Arthur's shoulder as Ginny leaped forward to hug her brother.

"I can't believe it!" she said with a laugh. "When did you become smart?"

"Shut up, Ginny!"

Charlie and Bill were talking with Fred and George. Percy was off, bragging about how his brother had finally come into his own after years of goofing off at Hogwarts.

"Where are Hermione and Draco?" Luna asked as she presented a crown of lilies to Harry. He chuckled and placed it on the top of his head, kissing her cheek before leaning over and doing the same to Ginny who had given Ron and him a new wand holster.

"They're taking a final today," Ron said, bending down so Luna could place his own daisy crown on him. "They were supposed to finish by the time that we-"

"We're here, we're here!" Hermione shouted as she hopped on one foot, trying to put her heels on the other. "Sorry! Oh gosh, I really didn't want to be late! Draco wanted to stay and see if we passed because our professor has them automatically graded by a-"

"We passed with flying colors, yay, one step closer to being the next mediwizard and mediwitch of St. Mungo's, woohoo, alright," Draco drawled.

Ron snickered at the pout on Hermione's face. He kissed her softly and her frown turned into a bright smile as they hugged tightly. "Congratulations, Ronald!" she said happily. "I have a surprise for you!" Quickly, she reached into her bag and pulled out a wrapped present. "Now I know it's not much but…"

She trailed off and her eyes widened when she turned to find Ron on his knee, holding a tiny box up.


He opened it and a sparkling diamond stared into her eyes. "I have a surprise for you too."

She dropped her present and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she fell back into Arthur, unconscious.

Ron stood, panicked. "Was that a yes or a no?!"

Molly's sobs grew louder and Esme hugged her, smiling happily. "Wedding! I love weddings! Oh this is so exciting!"

"So as best man-"

"Co-best man-"

"You're ruining my speech!"

"You're ruining my spotlight!"

Hermione stood with a glare. "You're ruining my wedding!"

The two gulped and smiled nervously. Harry cleared his throat and started again. "So as Ron's best men, we want to say congratulations! You two may be completely different but it's obvious how much you love each other and that's what love really is. No matter how different you are, no matter how much you change, you two will always love each other. We all can only hope that we will be as lucky as you two."

"He read my part of the speech," Draco cut in jokingly. "The part that I wrote."

Hermione and Ron smiled as they got up and hugged the two while everyone clapped for them.

Neville and Ginny were smiling at each other, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. Out of the corner of Harry's eyes he could see that most every couple there was acting exactly like Ginny and Neville.

His smile quickly vanished when Esme appeared in front of him, crying her eyes out. "That was a beautiful speech! Oh darling, when are you going to get married?"

"Mother, now is not the time to talk about this!" He groaned in annoyance.

"I'm sure Luna will say yes to you!"

"I'm not getting married to Luna!"

"Well get married to someone! I'm your mother, Harry Cullen and I deserve to plan a wedding!"

"You've planned 20 of them! You've married father 5 times, Emmett and Rose have married 6, and Alice and Jasper 9!"

"I didn't get to plan ALL of those!"

"Well how many did you plan?"

"…15 of them? Oh, Harry please!"


"Ow, o-ow! OW, DRACO, OW!"

"Would you grow a pair?" Draco snapped in irritation.

"Whatever you are doing to my arm hurts!"

"You've been an auror for three years! I'd think you should be accustomed to pain by now, mate."

"I demand a new mediwizard. Where is Hermione? There has to be someone here who is much more caring than you."

"No, I'm the only one at St. Mungo's right now, so shut up and take it."

"How could you do this to the Savior of the Wizarding World?"

"Oh please! You've never once taken the glory and basked in it. Now would you just shut up and let me heal your wounds?"

Neville walked in and handed Harry a vial. "Drink it up. It's a new potion Severus just developed a few weeks ago, to numb pain but keep your motor skills. You're screaming so loud that you're scaring the kids in the Children's Ward, Harry."

"I wouldn't be screaming in pain if Draco wasn't literally poking my wounds with his wand!"

Draco scoffed. He picked up a muggle alcohol swab and pressed it onto one of Harry's cuts. Hard.



Their eyes widened. Draco and Harry began to snicker while Neville glared at them. "You got Neville to swear," Draco giggled.

"No you did! You started it!"

Neville growled and turned away. "No matter how old they get, they're always going to act like twelve year olds!"

Savior of the Wizarding World: Taking his last breaths?

Harry Potter Cullen, age 23, is known as the undefeatable Savior who freed the Wizarding World from the evils of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but has he finally met his match?

Auror Cullen led an amazing attack against runaway Death Eaters that have their names down for a cell in Azkaban, but the mission was not as successful as everyone hoped it would be. While in a duel, an unseen Death Eater hurled an unknown spell towards the man's back. The death eater was fortunately caught, but Auror Cullen was quickly taken to St. Mungo's Hospital.

Is this Harry Cullen's last day, or will the mediwizards at St. Mungo's be his saviors? The Wizarding World is keeping Harry, an admirable and selfless man, in their thoughts and prayers.

Carlisle and Esme were waiting in front of the room, staring through the glass as they frantically worked over Harry's body. Edward was pacing behind them while Hermione and Ron were sitting quietly in a corner. She had her hand over her rather noticeable bump and Ron, who was fearful that she was getting overstressed, wanted to take her home before she could hurt herself and the baby. Alice was sitting a few inches away with Jasper, her eyes clasped shut as if trying to find something deep within her mind. Emmett was holding Rosalie in his lap who looked like a child that needed comfort.

In a moment of fury, Edward kicked a chair out of his way, growling as it made a large hole in the wall. "How long is this going to take?!"

"Calm down, son," Carlisle tried to say soothingly, but his voice was wavering. "They're doing the best they can."

"Come here, Edward," Luna cooed. The vampire looked at her. She had been so quiet they all forgot she was there. Rolling his eyes, he walked over and fell into the chair next to her. She took his hand and drew circles on it with her thumb. "He'll live. Just not the way you want him to."

Alice looked up, as if Luna had just answered all of her problems. "What?"

"There is still a great uncertainty in your family, my dear, that's why you're blind… but I know he'll live."

"We're here, we're here!"

Sirius, Remus and Severus were running down the hall towards them. Severus, surprisingly, got to them first. "Is he alright? What's happening?"

Before anyone could answer, the door opened and Draco came out, a sullen look on his face. "What is it, Draco?" Esme asked. "What's happening to him?"

"Esme… he can't be saved… not by our magic. We have no idea what curse was used on him. I…" He broke off as a tear fell down his cheeks. "I wasn't even the one operating on him. They pushed me in the corner of the room in fear that seeing my friend lying on the bed would make me lack concentration. I don't know what to do."

Esme bit her lip and brought Draco into a hug as he sobbed into her shoulder. Hermione began crying as well and Ron picked her up. "I'll be right back," he promised. "She shouldn't be here. The stress on the baby…"

"We understand, Ron," Carlisle told him.

Hermione shook her head, fighting against her husband. "B-but Harry-"

He gave her a sad look before taking her hand and apparating them away.

Sirius, with a desperate tone in his voice, turned to Remus. "There has to be something, anything to save him!"

"Auror Cullen's family?" They all turned to look at the mediwizard in the doorway."

Esme rushed towards the man. "Please… Draco told us that there's no hope for my son… is that true?"

The mediwizard hesitated. "He… he can't be saved by our own hands. There's no way we can use magic because we have no idea what the curse was, only that it is moving through his systems at a very rapid speed. I'm sorry, but we can't save Mr. Cullen."

Carlisle grabbed Esme before she could fall to the floor in hysterics. "Please, sir, there has to be something we can do."

"Well… this has never been suggested before, but due to the circumstances that Mr. Cullen is in, it is important to take into consideration that you all are a family-"

"How is that relevant?" Edward growled impatiently.

Carlisle held his hand up. "Please, continue."

"Yes, well as I was saying, you all may be a family but you're also a coven… of vampires."

Rosalie gasped and glared at the man. "Absolutely not! There has to be some other-"

"As I've explained, there isn't anything we can do to save him. Trying to turn him might possibly not work. There have been cases where vampire venom was strong enough to break through any spell that a person is under. This is because vampire venom has the amazing capability of killing and then giving life once more. There is no magic that can raise the dead. Vampire's venom is the closest there really is. I don't know if the venom will actually work because we don't know anything about this spell… but either way Harry will die. With the venom, there's still a chance."

Draco was sitting horrified on the ground. There has never been any suggestion about turning patients before, mainly because vampires were dark creatures… but what else was supposed to save his best friend? "Do it," he said weakly. "We have to try something…"

"No," Rose said firmly. "No, we can't!"

"I'm sorry, Rosie," Emmett whispered, "but I'm not ready to let him go yet. We have to try…"

"Please, Carlisle," Esme whispered. "Let's do it before it's too late."

"Death is better than this life and I will not damn my brother to this," Edward said sadly, standing next to Rosalie.

"You guys," Alice started. "What other hope do we have?" Jasper nodded, holding her hand.

Remus nodded his head slowly. "I… He's too young to die. To think that he might suffer the same fate that his parents did… we can't let this happen to him. Turn him."

"At least try," Sirius said earnestly. "It may not work… but we'll always wonder if we didn't do it."

They all looked at Luna, who was already nodding her head.

Severus sighed. "Lily… would've wanted him to live."

"Hey!" Ron came in, this time with Neville instead of Hermione. "What's going on?"

Edward zeroed in on the mountain lion in front of him. It had to be a good few yards away. He waved Jasper and Emmett away so that they didn't close in on the animal. Like a perfect predator, he sifted through the trees without making one noise. Alice was on Rosalie's back, giggling in her hand. He stopped for a brief second and looked at Esme, who was standing next to Carlisle.

Esme nodded with a smile. "You ready, darling?" she whispered to the wind.

A lean, sparkling figure leaped out of the bushes and caught its prey. The mountain lion fell to the ground, letting out cries of despair as its attacker devoured it. Finally the poor animal became immobile and the vampire stood, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

"Harry Cullen!" Esme scolded. "How many times do I have to tell you not to get blood on your clothes!"

He grinned widely, his amber eyes shining bright with mirth.