I Don't own Rurouni Kenshin, and this applies to any and all following chapters. Thisfirst chapter is a recount of chapter 251 in the Manga – Hurry Go Round (from Enishi's POV). Enishi is one of my favourite characters, but so sad… in that tradition then, this will end up fairly angsty. I was originally going to call this Smile For Me, but someone had already titled a fic 'Smile for me Hikari' – look it up, it's really good. Instead I called it…

The Real Tomoe

Chapter One, Hurry Go Round

Enishi felt… numb. His left hand held his sister's diary, because he was not quite able to bring himself to throw this last remnant of her away. In his mind, Tomoe was not smiling. She hadn't smiled since he began Jinchuu.

"You're a new face around here." Enishi didn't look up, but his good ear heard someone sit down beside him. The other was still crusted with blood from the Ryumeisen.

"Hmmm…Is it just I my head, or have we met somewhere before?" Enishi doesn't respond, wishing that this irritating old man with his too-cheerful voice would go away. The man didn't seem to need an answer though, continuing with a quiet laugh.

"Ah, sorry, it must be my mind playing tricks." Enishi did look up now, and would have felt surprise if he'd had the energy. The old Geezer did seem familiar…

"My mind must be playing tricks too. I've seen your face before…" he said quietly, letting his eyes drop downwards, and once again, they rested on Tomoe's diary. He hadn't read it yet. It seemed like a violation of his sister's soul. Merely having it, and feeling her close was enough.

"Hmm…This is interesting." Said the old man. Enishi could hear the smile in the fool's voice as they gazed out over the fallen village. "We are acquainted by a mind trick." The small birds fluttering around his head, chirping brightly, painful to Enishi's ears. The sound was so happy. Even here, in this village for the lost, even here there was happiness…But still, she wouldn't smile…

"What you have lost, and why you are so beat up…I have no intention of asking such things. You will not throw that away, and so, like him, you will not become a resident of this filthy village, and someday will stand up and leave this place.

"Until then, think of this as kind fate, and take your time and rest." The old man fell silent, and Enishi let his eyes slip closed. But he did not fall into slumber. That would be to easy. There is no rest for the wicked, and there would be no rest for him; not until she smiled for him once again.

Over the stench that permeated the village, so faint that it must have been in Enishi's imagination, was the scent of hakubaiko

This was mostly an introduction. I'm not quite sure where this is going to end up yet, but please bear with me till then ^_^ ~Ratpigeon.