Chapter Four, Hakubaiko

Enishi closed the diary, holding it so tightly that his hands ached, he looked at the geezer.

"Who are you, old man?"

"I'm just an old man. All I have is my kindness. Who are you, Yukishiro Enishi?" The old man's eyes were piercing as he looked at Enishi. Waiting for something, exactly like his sister's eyes…

"I am a fool." Murmured Enishi quietly to the diary. Tomoe's eyes softened, but she still did not smile. "How did you know my name, Old man?"

"I heard of a young ma named Enishi causing havoc recently. It was a lucky guess." The old man said, smiling behind his cracked glasses. "Why did you do it?"

"I wanted to bring justice to the man who killed my sister." The Geezer was silent for along time after that. Enishi had begun to think that he'd left before he finally spoke again.

"Did you?"

"No." The Geezer stood up when Enishi answered, and began rummaging though his tattered robe.

"Here, I have a gift for you." He said quietly, pulling out a tiny glass bottle. " The scent soothes the mind. The last man to come here, who was also not yet ready to cast away his hopes; I think he also found some measure of peace from it. Unlike you though, he gripped a sword…" The geezer uncorked the bottle with a clink, letting the waves of Plum blossom fragrance drift over Enishi. "You should visit her grave, I'm sure she misses you." With that, the old Geezer turned and left Enishi's side for the last time, but Enishi didn't notice. Shortly afterwards though, he corked the bottle, holding it and the diary to his chest. He had realised, in the instant that the hakubaiko scent washed over him, who the old man was, but even so, he did not follow. There was only one person that he still cared about, and she was finally smiling at him. Standing up, Yukishino Enishi stood up, and left the fallen village. It was time to visit his sister's grave.


That's the end. I hope you like it. I don't think I could make it any longer – angst is really hard. I hate sad stories! They're so sad...~_~ and the third chapter was a pain. I didn't have the right manga with me to figure out what it should say. Ah well, water under the bridge. Thankyou for reviewing this story, which I do not own. (Those of you that bother at least. You are the bread and butter of insecure authors like myself) ~ Ratpigeon.