Title: New Life, New Caprica

Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst

Rating: K +

Alt!Universe Y/N?: from the groundbreaking ceremony on New Caprica onward.

Characters: Most of Galactica's crew, mainly Adama, Roslin, Tigh, Lee, and Kara

Pairings: Mainly A/R, little L/K

Status: fic in progress

Chapter 1: An Officer's Proposal

"You are out of your fraking mind."

Adama resisted rolling his eyes at his old friend, just barely, as Saul Tigh gaped at him or, more appropriately, at what he carried in his left hand.

The ring was a slim band of gold in which someone had set a sapphire. It was roughly made, but elegant in it's own right, the result of a lot of searching and one generously donated earing. It had even looked to be sized for the small, delicate finger it would hopefully adorn that day, as the way it was battered into form suggested.

"And why is that?"

"You're thinking of marrying the woman everyone is going to want back as President once they realize what a fraked up moron Baltar is. Don't you think thats a problem?"

"We don't know that for sure, and if they want her, well they'll have to decide if they can trust us. But Saul..." Adama sighed. His mind wasn't even really with the conversation, so he didn't quite know what to say to vocalize his feelings on the somewhat tricky situation of wanting to marry Laura Roslin.

He instead saw her red skirt and wrap in his mind, her smile, the way they danced at the groundbreaking ceremony before his crew, her laugh and how wonderful she'd felt curled up next to him that night they both got stoned out of their minds.

And to be honest, what he planned had been building since they sat near each other in that camp on Kobol. Having her so close, waking from sleep to find her still dreaming, had sparked something in him. He remembered her face, calm despite the mass of damp auburn hair around her face, and how he'd suddenly realized how long it'd been since he'd woken near the soothing presence of a woman. The groundbreaking had only finalized his feelings for her, feelings he had long sensed she shared.

"Oh what am I doing, trying to talk to you with that look in your eye. How long?" Saul said with a sigh, flopping down into the only chair in his tent.


Saul smirked," Right. Like you weren't checking her legs out too before the worlds went to shit." He laughed loudly when his old friend threw him a look of shock, stopping to wipe a tear from his eye.

"You son of a.." Adama started, only to break into a grin.

"Just...go do it before Ellen gets back and tells the whole planet before that ring is on the lady's finger. I'm going back up to Galactica, since someone will have to run the ship for a week or two!" He laughed again, loudly and with abandon at the redness that had suddenly colored the Admiral's cheeks at his pronouncement. Stopping at the tent flap, Saul Tigh took a look back at his long time friend and calmed down a bit, a small smile gracing his worn features.

"And Bill?"


"I hope it works out."

Saul left and William Adama looked down at the ring he hoped would be on Laura's finger by noon. For the first time since he was a child, he looked up towards the sky beyond the tent's roof and said a prayer.

"Lords of Kobol...hear me..."


Laura Roslin felt giddy. Perhaps it was the sun, or the warmth of the day, or even the remnants of her high. More than likely, thought, it was the alcohol she'd consumed in a misguided attempt to prove to a group of Viper pilots that their 'old lady' could drink them under the table.

She looked back, grinning at Anders, Tori, and three pilots she didn't know the names of. Poor little children, but they shouldn't of tried to outdo a Roslin in the drinking department. She made a mental note to challenge Saul Tigh sometime.

"Good going, Ma'am." Spoke Kara from her seat at the edge of the outdoor canteen. She too looked a bit giddy with drink, but like Laura seemed to be able to control the effects a bit better than their unfortunate companions.

"Had an uncle in the Fleet. A Commander. Man taught his favorite niece a thing or two about drinking properly." She replied, taking a seat across from the ace pilot. Kara giggled a bit and shook her head.

"Would of liked to know that man. Sounds like my type of drinking buddy."

"He was."

The two women lapsed into silence, enjoying the feeling of just being there Laura had spoke of to the Admiral three days beforehand. The Admiral. Laura let out a sigh. Somehow between their first argument over the computer systems aboard Galactica and his appearance of Kobol, William Adama had become more to her than an Admiral should be to a President. And it scared her. She didn't do love, didn't let anyone posses her completely. It was why an affair with Richard Adar had worked so well, until his passions had overlapped into their political relationship. To love Adama would allow no classifying, no borders in her heart. He was a man who deserved no less than the full support of a partner, and she feared not being able to be that.

"I saw you the other night, you know." Kara said suddenly. Laura turned to see the younger woman laying with her head cradled in her arms, face turned towards her.

"You and the old man. Since when do the former President and an Admiral get stoned? And Can I have some?" The childish pleading in her tone sent Laura into a giggle fit, partly shocked and partly amused at the young woman's guts.

She leaned sideways so as to whisper without being overheard, "Since the world went insane. And only if you can smoke it discreetly. He'd lecture me to second doomsday if he knew." Kara giggled in response and the women exchanged fond smiles. This planet really had done wonders for friendships (among other things) and she found her new status as a simple teacher had given her room to really know the crew of Galactica better.

"Uh oh, old man at two 'o clock." Kara whispered back, tossing her head towards the figure of Adama himself, who had turned around the corner and spotted them giggling.

Laura frowned after a moment. At first glance, she only saw her friend, military coat unbuttoned so that the typical undershirts of the Fleet were visible, and face set in a relaxed yet somehow alert expression.

Then she got a good look at his eyes. They were alight with emotion in a way his face never was. It was this that caused her to frown in curiosity.

"Thats a new expression." Said Kara in a low voice, cautious yet curious at the new sparkle his serious face was failing to suppress.

"Whaddya hear ladies?" He said, and Laura beamed with pleasure at being included into the long standing banter.

"Nothin' but the rain, sir." She and Kara said in perfect chorus, despite both women being somewhat drunk.

"The grab your gun—or your airlock switch—and bring in the cat." He replied without a thought.

Kara snorted at the addition, standing up to hug her CO before pouring a third glass of Ambrosia from the carafe on the table behind them and inviting him to sit.

"You're looking rather strange today. Not in a poor way though. Something up Admiral?" Laura said once they'd all taken a generous sip of their drinks.

Adama set that piercing look on her and she suddenly felt shivers crawl up her back. Yes, there was something different about the man today. Kara sensed it to, and turned her own gaze from her drink to her sort-of father. He stared back and Kara made an 'o' of surprise with her mouth. He smiled at her and made an odd expression and she grinned back.

"Ok, stop that you two. No psychic conversations." Laura laughed, waving her hand between them. She'd noticed it ages ago that the bond between pilot and officer ran deep, sometimes leading to them being able to read each other's thoughts by just the nuances of expression.

"I should go find Lee. If I'm this plastered, Gods know he's worse." Kara said, rising from her seat with a yawn.

" See you both later?"

"Mnn..yeah. Go sober up, Kara." Laura replied. The young pilot saluted them both before walking somewhat unsteadily towards the tents in search of Lee and their friends.

"So whats with you today, Admiral?" She said once Kara was out of earshot.

"I.." He said, then trailed off, looking suddenly nervous," I'm not entirely certain."

She giggled, feeling the effects of her victory begin to lay a bit heavier on her body, "The Great William Adama, speechless. The world has ended once again."

He shot her a look, which softened after a moment. He reached out and cupped her cheek in one calloused hand. Laura's breath left her at the feel of his hand; he'd never done something so obvious in public before, though that may have been due to the people around them being either asleep or in a drunken stupor. At that moment, she really didn't care.

"You may want to save that for about...a minute. Laura..look down." She did so, the gentle smile on her face slipping into an expression of shock. It sent a warm, tingly feeling down Adama's body to see the delighted look of surprise shining in her gray-green eyes.

The ring sat atop the back of her free hand.

"Laura Roslin...marry me." He whispered, taking the ring between his thumb and forefinger and lifting her hand up. He kept the ring poised on the tip of her fingernail and stared into her eyes once she'd recovered enough to move.

"Bill...oh gods..." She stammered.

"Say yes?"

"Gods...yes. Yes!" The ring slipped on her hand and both of them looked down to watch her adjust it on her ring finger. A perfect match. She looked back up at him, tears beginning to seep out her eyes.

"I love you, Laura." He said, swallowing down his nerves and reaching out to wipe her tears away with a kiss to the cheek.

".Gods." The newly engaged couple jumped apart at the sound of Kara's voice. Both turned, blushing, to the mortifying sight of Kara, Gaeta, and a drunk (yet still conscious and gaping) Lee all staring at them.

"Lee Adama's getting a new mommy!" Kara laughed, patting Lee on the back. The Admiral's son just stared at his father and his former president dumbly.

Bill felt his nerves return in full force as he stared back at his son. He hadn't even thought to talk to Lee first. What would his son think? Would Lee be angry? Amused? Would he see this as his father's latest reckless move?

He didn't say it, but the thought of Lee being upset would hurt more than his son could know.

"Well, Lee, you going to wish your dad congrats or am I going to have to deal with your emo ass for the next however many years? Cuz, honestly, my husband is enough trouble."

"I.." Lee said, looking from one of them to the other," Wow." He finished lamely. Laura giggled in response and then Lee smiled.

"So...whens the wedding?"